work starts on repairing the water damage to my flat

2 Aug

london 2.06pm 20C cloudy monday 2021

so finally the workers from the flood insurance company are now here to start work on getting rid of the water damage to my walls in the kitchen and the 2nd bedroom. they have installed a dryer, a machine with sucks out the moisture in the air, and drains it into the kitchen sink. the idea i suppose is to make the air so dry that it cause the water in the walls to evaporate, and so they tell us we have to keep the windows closed to keep out the outside air. the machine is to be kept on 24hrs, and fortunately they are going to monitor the electricity used and compensate us for that. i am glad for that otherwise i shudder to think how much it will cost in electricity. i wonder how long it will take too, because whilst the work is going on, we wont be able to get free access to the kitchen, unless they let us keep the oven and fridge plugged on and we can use them after they finish work for the day… or stop work and let the walls dry before they come back. whatever , i dont know what they will do. there was talk of them stripping the wallpaper and the plaster off so that might take a few days work to do it. 

today i went to sainsburys to buy their reduced price medium fresh whole chicken. from £3.50 to half price £1.75. so i bought two intending to freeze the breasts and use the other bits in a stew. but with the workers here, i just have to delay the cutting up of them until they leave for the day. its a good value price, and i was expecting no chickens, all sold out, when i went to the store this morning, but there were some left, but i expect they wont be there for long. lucky i saw this offer when i went into the sainsburys website yesterday, otherwise i wont have gone there today.  it is not advertised in any of the freebie newspapers at all and not even in the store , so most people wont notice this unless they look specially for it. 


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