what is going on in my life now

3 Aug

london 11am 19C sunny tuesday 2021

yesterday the workmen came to do the repair fr water damage , and put on 2 machines, to dry the air in the room. well they have been on all day, and night, and this morning when i read the meter, i found we have used 28kwh. they are supposed to come back today, but simon got a call saying they wont be back for two days if not more. so simon told them he wont keep the machines on . even though we get the cost repaid, but it seems if they dont expose the walls, the drying out wont be so effective. anyway simon says he will switch them off tonight. i am glad of it, because it just really bothers me when all this electricity is used. even when they will pay us for it. i suppose if u really want to be logical, as far as the workmen are concerned the wall needs to dry out, and nothing can be done till it is dry. so let the machine do the work… so we should keep it on all the time, just to dry the walls. but it just seem so wasteful . when you consider we got all this trouble, when the water damage is nothing like being flooded out by rivers overflowing their banks, the damage to those buildings must be horrendous. 

on another note, a friend has come to stay. he called late last night saying he is stranded . he lives in bournemouth and is a friend of my friend john, who died earlier this year. he will be here till friday. he slept in the roll out ikea sofa bed in the living room, and may be able to shift to the bedroom, if simon says he will turn off the drying machines. ah well. i just let them do what they like its not terribly important really. i dont suppose there is anything going on for people to do . though looking outof the window, i can see it is a bright sunny day, so i might go out for a bit of wandering around. i dont even have any reasons to go out, like grocery shopping, as i got most things and enough meals . thank goodness for the internet, i can still surf the internet, and potter around in it. it is a great way to waste time.  i can see what others are doing, there is a webcam showing how people in various countries live, and from what i see, they live quite ordinary lives, eating, sleeping, and always fiddling with their smartphones. even the poorest families, like those in the phillipines, have smartphones. and to think i dont have one. no one have ordinary laptops, or chromebooks. why i wonder? do smartphones cost much less than chromebooks in those countries maybe? and i keep hearing apple making lots of sales of its smartphones. apple products are super expensive, so how can anyone afford them? yet they seem to be selling like hotcakes. so maybe the so called poor are not really that poor, it is just their priorities, they will spend on gadgets, rather than decorate their flats or houses, and sleep 3-4 in a room on the floor. 


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