a few freebies

4 Aug

london 1.17pm 20C cloudy wednesday 2021

sitting on doorstep of an abandoned building opposite the macdonalds , st martin lane.

my friend is in there, trying to get a free coffee that he gets from the macD app. he said it gives him a free offer everyday. today it is a free coffee. it is taking him a long time, but i think it is his fault, he does not know how to work the app in his smartphone. whatever it is , that shop is really busy, wiht queues to get in, and lots of people outside and inside. in fact everywhere in this street is busy with people. earlier, we were both at the covent gdn station, getting a free mochi icecream, two in fact. they are icecream wrapped in mochi dough. whilst waiting inthe queue, i saw two girls come towards us each carrying a small tub and i saw 4 of these balls in it. so i thought oh good they are giving us 4. but later i saw a friend who comes to these freebies, waving and she came to us and i asked her to join us, but she says she allready had hers. and they are giving away only two balls on a stick. the 4 the girls got was because they won it by playing a spin board. later, when the lady  carrying a menu card came and told us how it works, i ask her about the spin board and she said they had to take it away for maintainance (she was mumbling and i had to guess what she said). so we did not play spin it to win things. i got a passion fruit, and coconut . the dough keeps the icecream from melting… but the downside is that u have to chew the dough and that means you also can chew the icecream, and that can be very painful on the teeth. 

mochi icecream
MacD cheese burger

i went into the macD to find my friend , asked him what is going on. he said they were unable to access his app to get the approval of the free coffee , so instead they offered him a free cheeseburger. he asked if he can have two, and they agreed. so that is how we both got a cheeseburger to eat. haha. its a simple piece of thin meat patty with melted cheese between two buns. allright as a snack .

my friend also bought 2 egg custard, a spanish style one, saying he fancies it. later he said guess how much was it. i saw a offer on a board for £3.50 for one of these egg custards and coffee, so i guessed £2. and it was correct. he said in bournemouth it would cost 30p. but i think it is bought from a bakery, not from a cafe with sit down tables on the pavement. we ate it when we got back,he bought 2, so i wonder if that means he spent £4 on them. rather pricey i thought.  i found it very sweet , and decided i  prefer the chinese egg custard that u get in dim sum restaurants. there , it is not so sweet , and you get flacky crust. he said he would like to treat me to lunch , suggest mr Wu, his favourite all you can eat buffet lunch, whcih costs £7. i said thanks but no thanks. saying it would be wasted on me, as i cant eat a lot nowadays. he said he would have lunch there tomorrow, and i said he can use the £7 he would pay for my lunch treat to treat himself to another day , so he gets to have two lunches there. i would rather he do that and enjoy it a lot rather than treating me to something that i wont enjoy anyway. he likes what they serve in the buffet, but i have found that these all you can eat buffets have too much salt in their food, something which i just dont like. 

much earlier we were at the apple store in covent gdn, because my friend’s apple phone got a brown splodge right in the middle of the screen. it is on the screen because if u scroll up or down, the text moves up and down but the splodge stays in position. it happened only recently, and the staff made an appointment on that same day to see their expert, and ask us to wait upstairs for our turn . guess how much they charge to repair it… £280. sigh, now you know why apple makes so much money. i was thinking well if people are so silly to pay it, then they deserve it. my friend said he will see if someone else who kicked his phone in the past and cracked his screen  might have insurance to be able to claim from their insurance, and that means the insurance will pay the cost. i should imagine that is how all the costs of repairs are paid for by apple users and why the company can charge so much for repairs. when insurance pays, evrybody just disregards the cost. 

it was very busy on the street everywhere we went. so it looks like people are just coming out like they used to do before the pandemic. good for businesses i guess. 

even earlier this morning at about 8am i left to catch the bus to liverpool st, to try to get the free egg sandwich. i thought maybe the buses will let us use the freedom pass. usually i would use the tube, as it is quicker, but i was told the time limit was not before 9.30am. well the bus also have a time limit, but the driver waved me through when the machine refused my freedom pass. and this happened on another bus which i have to take , so all in all, it seems if u travel by bus, they wont stop u using it before 9am. i found out after 9am the bus machine will accept my pass and will operate as normal. and when i returned by tube, the gate will open with my freedom pass even though itwas before 9.30am, i think it was about 9.20am or so.

unfortunately i was not so lucky when it comes to getting a free egg sandwich. when i arrived at the van at about 9am, there was no one around, and i asked if i am too early and was told they have given all the 100 free quota allready. what! i said, what time u open, 8.30am, and you have given it all out allready at 9am!! secretly i was sceptical, as there was no one around, eating anything. if they had given out 100 some of those people would be hanging about and eating , and no one was around. so i think i was correct to think that they have changed their mind about giving away free sandwiches every day for 2wks and  are restricting it to only one day , the 14th aug. so lucky i did not tell anyone else about this offer. 

but today, i tested what was possible for travel using my freedom pass. and it looks like with buses you are able to travel free even before the deadline. well, it is only today that i have to use it so early. so lucky that there are very few free offers that open at 8.30am. in fact this is the only one. most eating offers open at 11am onwards. 

home, 3.15pm 21C rain clouds

there was a lot of banging going on , i can hear it in the flat, and i cannot trace where it is coming from, so i asked simon and he said i told you, it is coming from our downstairs flat, they are repairing her door. what was that , what happened. i said. i told you he said. well he told my friend, but i was not listening as i find it so hard to hear people. so he told me again. it seems her fire alarm went off , and someone called the fire brigade and when they came and got no answer to their knock, they broke her door down. thinking she was overcome by the fumes. instead she was not in. we have the same kind of door, and we know how difficult it is to knock it down so the brigade must have a big job breaking in. ah well, i said, jsut as well our downstairs neighbour is an old lady and renting from council, otherwise she would have hell of a money to pay for all this. her flat also got water damage from water coming from us , but she has her repairs all done , because council takes care of it. here in her case, council is quick to do repairs. 

the full on view of the burger with my hand to get an idea of its size. they gave two sauces . i only used the hot and sour sauce, the other was barbeque sauce.

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