5 Aug

london 3pm 20C cloudy thursday 2021

i have been out and came back. went out to get a free coffee icecream affogato from a new coffee shop opening in mayfair. its a cloudy day but very pleasant, as it is not humid, and the cloud prevents the sun from burning you . i know how it is like in malaysia, or any other tropical country, where the sun is merciless in its heat and the humidity makes u sweat just standing still. so this is very pleasant. and people are taking advantage of it, i see many out and about.

and the shop is busy , free affogato and for some free coffee too. those who tap in with their smartphones get free coffee too. whereas people like me who got the offer from the website only gets either the affogato or the coffee , not both. they obviously want more locals. they are in a small alley just off berkeley square, with other art gallery shops. now i am back, i see from the weather website that we are getting rain, yet no rain in that part of central london that i was in earlier, mayfair, and my area westminster. 

an unfinished mural in the subway passages under hydepark corner showing the crowds of olden day britain.everyone looks so well dressed with coat and all, unlike nowadays when if it is a sunny day, people wear t-shirts and light clothing.

i passed a japanese restaurant, in berkeley square, who are trying to keep up standards . they have a sign outside saying we have a dress code… smart. and there i was passing by in my garish shorts and t-shirt . so obviously that restaurant is not aimed at me. there are many car salesrooms, rolls royce being one of them, and i saw a rolls royce pass me on the street, with number plate MISS U. 

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