dont sweat the small things

6 Aug

london 5.12pm 17C rain friday 2021

i read in the news about coffee prices may go up, bad harvest it seems. here is a link , if u can understand it. i was going to buy coffee from lidls anyway, so i bought two of their 200mg costing £1.38 each. though when i checked out, the bill included 10p . i dont know what it is for, and they did not give me a receipt so i dont know how it happened. i always get a receipt, but in this case, i press the button for one, but it never came out and i forgot it. it is easy to forget , if u are distracted from picking up the change, and the goods. it might well have popped out when i was busy packing the stuff into my bag, so i would have missed seeing it if it took some time to pop out. ah well, it does not happen often thank goodness. but i like to check what i bought and i could not when i dont have a receipt. they have gotten to ask people whether they want a receipt or not, instead of just printing it out. i dont think i like this change . they say it is to save on paper. it is a nonsense of course, when a small fraction of the receipt is the goods bought, 90% is their useless information. 

bought a pack of easy peelers too.



my friend have gone back today to bournemouth. though he said he might have to come back to london  again when he gets his appointment to get a visitor visa to russia, and have to go to the visa office of the russian embassy in london. he says he is going to visit some russians he made contact with via the internet. sounds dodgey to me, but hey he wont be the first old man to make a fool of himself haha.

i read lots of news articles about people getting trapped in a country due to a change in the traffic light system of travel, i dont have any sympathies for them. haha.

personally,  i have doubts that he can travel anywhere at all. starting with the russians refusing him a visa. 

my own feelings are if u want to travel , you deserve everything that they throw at you now with the need to quarantine and paying for the hotel stays during quarantine. but i daresay there are plenty of people who will like the challenge and go for it. 


in fact just today there is an article by a travel writer telling how you can avoid quarantine in uk if u return after sunday  from mexico. this is because spain do not consider mexico as a red list country, unlike the uk,(who are going to put it in the red list on sunday) so you could go to spain from mexico, stay in spain for 10days and then come back to uk, where u can say truthfully that u were 10days in spain, and avoid quarantine. what this means is that u have avoided having to stay 10days in a hotel in uk and still have to  pay £2285 for your stay; a lot of money , but spend those 10days in spain, where at least u are free to move out and about and not get trapped inside a hotel. lots of readers have criticised him for suggesting this ploy, but i think that is a good service that he is doing. it shows up how arbitrary it all is, this putting countries into a traffic light system . also i dont know why they insist that even if u live in uk, you have to go to a hotel for the quarantine. why cant u quarantine in your own home? after all you live here, and not a visitor. surely having to pay for a quarantine in a hotel is only for tourists and visitors who dont have a home to go to.

To make matters worse, the cost of hotel quarantine will increase from August 12, with the price for single adult travellers rising from £1,750 to £2,285 and a second adult paying £1,430 – more than double the current rate of £650.

we here in the west are relatively rich, so that these are the kind of problems we encounter brought about by the covid. our holidays are interrupted. rich people , even those who say they have to save for it for a year, can be considered  still rich to be able to get that money to save. 

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