back to reading the papers in the library

7 Aug

london 5.32pm 19C sunny saturday 2021

in the past, before the covid began in mar 2020, i used to go regularly every weekend to the paddington library to read the papers. today i went there for the first time , 1 and half year ago. it felt strange , like seeing things anew.

first thing that was different was going up park lane, on the bus. it was a 3 lane road, now one lane has completely been cordon off and made into a cycle lane. it makes traffic much more slow , and on the way back i saw the effect, long lines of stationary cars starting right at the beginning of park lane at the hyde park entrance. all the while there are hardly any bicycles using the bike lanes. with the bike lanes it has replaced the bus lanes, and so our bus dont have a bus lane anymore to bypass the traffic jams. so in this way it affects us bus users, since we cannot sail past all that traffic jam and have a clear road . in fact, even bike users are inconvenienced, because right at about the middle of the course, the bike lane ends and gets to mount the pavement and run along a narrow strip of it , sharing it with pedestrians as it go over the entrance to the private car park that is built under the park. i thought it was very silly and dangerous to suddenly have the bike lane terminate like that and narrow down from a two lane bike lane to one narrow strip. 

whilst the other end was marble arch and a new thing there, an artificial hill covered with planted vegetation, that is not yet full grown. it opened recently charging people to climb it, and promptly closed again, when it got criticised for being so bare. since then it reopened and is free for people to climb it but only for august.

paddington station entrance is very jumbled , the whole entrance blocked with the road churned up. though the side is now clear, with two block like building housing the entrance escalators to get beneath the station. it was blocked with building works the last time i was there before the march 2020 start of the covid.

the library still looks similar to before, except that now instead of asking people to sign in to get the newspapers, they just lay them out on a table for anyone to take. to read of course, not to take home. i went about 1pm, but no one else was taking the papers, so i got my pick of the bunch. i took the dailymail, and the times, but i found that after so long away, i dont seem to enjoy reading them anymore.

i got out of the habit of reading them i think, preferring to read them online. there was only one difference in the daily mail between the print version and online. a news item about cats dying after eating a cat food . the cats got a blood disorder and have to have blood transfusion, but they are running out of cat blood and have to use dog blood, whcih is good only for 24hrs. people have to pay £2000 each time for the transfusion. so they have to kill the cat when they cannot afford it any longer. 

i thought it strange that the online version do not mention this ,(that is why i cannot give u a link)  which is very bad news for cat lovers, and i would have thought it should be publicised more, and people warned against buying that cat food and the company exposed. are the papers afraid of being sued by the companies if they were to tell people about it? and why hasn’t the govt put out a warning about it, or the supermarkets telling us they have recalled those cat foods, and warning people to return it , as they normally do with human food items. maybe they think it is just cats being killed, so that is unimportant… though if it were my family pet i would be real angry and sad about it. the british are usuallly very sentimental about their pets, yet these deaths seem to have gone unnoticed . i just ahve a thought, can those cat food be sabotaged, and someone introduced a poison into it? after all, i read a man was convicted for killing cats over a period of time. people are just weird really. 

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