are we getting back to normal ? will we ever get back to like before?

15 Aug

london 10.30am 20C cloudy sunday 2021

i thought today is monday, but it is only sunday. yesterday was the naked bike ride in london, started again after it has been cancelled in 2020. it was saturday, so i should have known today is sunday. but days merge into each other now that i am not working. it is not important any more what day it is. the naked bike ride sort of heralds things are getting  back to normal. it is strange isn’t it, to think of that day as getting back to normal, a day when anyone can ride naked on the streets of london. haha. 

but things are changing a lot now. so manythings that people  used to do they dont do anymore , or cannot do anymore. and i am sure this must apply to many people now all over the world. a whole year of corvid has changed a lot of things that we take for granted , and now cannot do the same way anymore.  its like a dish that has broken, it cannot be mended and used again. covid is like breaking a dish.  i just broke a dish that i have been using a lot of , and that is what prompted me to make this comparison. so just as i have to accept that the dish is gone, so i too must accept that lots of things in the past that i do, or many other people used to do , have gone. and just like the dish, we can replace it, so people will adapt and replace what they used to do , with other activities, or the nature of the activities may change, but whatever the changes, and they might be for the better remember, life will go on .

 i was at the paddington library this morning and it was like old times, able to just pick up the selection of the sunday papers that they have, as well as yesterday’s papers to read, and to browse the shelves looking for books to borrow. this is the second sunday i was able to do that, so it looks like i will be doing it as a regular thing like before. these are the small signs that things are getting back to before.


2 Responses to “are we getting back to normal ? will we ever get back to like before?”

  1. UnstableTrip Tuesday August 17, 2021 at 5:24 pm #

    I think it will still take some time for things to get back to normal but we see small signs here and there too. I don’t think we will ever go back to old normal though. Last year changed a lot in businesses as well as in peoples minds. Especially young people. My friends complain that their teenage children don’t want to go out now, they prefer to “speak” on the phone with their friends and they don’t want to go back to normal schooling system anymore. I wonder what this and following years will bring but it won’t be the same as before, I don’t think

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday August 17, 2021 at 7:58 pm #

    i think as time goes by we shall be seeing more and more evidence of things returning to normal. and begin to live with this virus. new zealand jumping straight into lockdown of the whole country just because of one case of covid, will be seen to be the wrong strategy. the rest of the world will follow uk’s lead.

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