wild fire near st tropez

17 Aug

london 10.12am 15C rain tuesday 2021

ground is wet , so it must have rained just now, but it has stopped. i havent noticed it, because it is difficult to see rain from my window against the sky or the brick wall of the block of flats across from me; unless it is very heavy rain.

my wordpress reader brings me the bangkok postings, and it is one of the features of the bangkok post that it posts about news from all over the world, not only in thailand; esp in the s.e.asia region, but also europe, as today it posted about this, fire in san tropez. i am really grateful for it, as here in uk, we seldom get any news like that in our national newspapers.  we get news about europe always in relationship to our leaving the EU, and the political shenanigans , but not this about local news like this fire. maybe this one is written up because of the locality, most of us know st tropez as the playground of the rich and famous. maybe there are lots of fires up and down the country but no one mentions it as those places are not well known. there is a video in that article showing how the planes dump huge loads of water onto the fires. hope they got the water from a fresh water lake, and not from the sea. though in times of emergency,i daresay any source of water will do. i noticed that the actual site is near toulon. so i should think the water will be from the sea nearby.

hua hin sterilizing pesky macaques

in the never ending war against monkeys, here is hua hin’s attempted solution. i said attempted, because it is not working. perhaps they should find out who the local casanova monkeys are and castrate them. 

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