i am living in the future now, but it looks just like the past

19 Aug

london 3pm 20.3C cloudy thursday 2021

london 1.42pm 22C cloudy wednesday 2021

9pm 19C dark dry

i started yesterday to write something, and even posted this picture of the lilies that are growing just outside the entry door to the block of flats. but there really isnt anything that i thought is worth saying . 

i took that picture above of my lunch. i went to tooting broadway, south london to the aldi there to buy tomatoes, they are selling it a pack of 6 for 49p, which is real good value. i bought two packs, and whilst there i bought the easy peelers, 69p, and a cucumber for 39p. it is summer now and by rights tomatoes should be very cheap now, but none of the other supermarkets are selling it atthis price. the tomatoes are great in a salad, and i bought some real cheap iceburg  lettuce, and romaine lettuce from the tesco near me yesterday. they are only 11p each. and i have been eating salads a lot lately. they are great with mayonnaise. it is one of the facts of life that veggies by themselves are not very appetising. you have to add dressing to it to make it interesting to eat. the dressing makes them more-ish. its like the salt , herbs, pepper, spices that we add to food when we cook it, they make the food more appetising and delicious to eat. that salad cream which i add on top of the cucumber and tomatoes in my sandwich really makes it delicious to eat. without , i think it would be very bland.

today i am living in the future, the 21st century, a life that we in the 70s, or 80s think it will be very different but i can tell you now that i am livingin the future, i would go back to my old self and tell them it is just like the past. we are still driving around in cars and trains and planes that are not much different than the 80s. no antigravity vehicles for eg. in fact there is nothing outwardly that makes this place look like what we think the future should be. flying cars, levitating lifts or teleportation for eg. i would say everything would look very familiar to someone coming from the 70s . what is really different is invisible, and that is the internet. that has pervaded all our lives here in the future. but there is nothing visible to see that it is everywhere. that might be what is so disappointing about this future. its quite like the past, and looks like it. take the cars for eg, you would expect long sleek streamlined projectiles for cars, but no, you get very boxy cars looking quite dumpy actually and like frogs. quite ugly actually. 

3 Responses to “i am living in the future now, but it looks just like the past”

  1. UnstableTrip Friday August 20, 2021 at 3:25 pm #

    You are right, it looks like the past. Nothing much changed but also we need to remember how difficult it is for big companies to make a big, drastic changes. There’s always outrage, people ridicule everything that doesn’t fit their current knowledge. When smartphones first showed up everyone laughed that phones without a keyboard are not going to stay with us for long, nobody will use it…. Well we all still use them! Now we have self driving cars… still at the stage of – “nobody will use it”, “it’s not safe” blah, blah…. We are the problem here !

  2. alifesgayventure Friday August 20, 2021 at 4:00 pm #

    ah, self driving cars, now that is like the future we have been told will happen. robots are supposed to have a hand in it, and i suppose those self driving cars are a bit like robots ; replacing human servants. so maybe we should wait and give it another 50yrs, maybe look again at it in 2070. if we compare 1870 with 1970, we can see a huge futuristic change. though we can see changes in society even by 1920. i think it is due to the internal combustion engine ,now we got the invention of computers, and that i think will be the driver of future changes.

  3. UnstableTrip Saturday August 21, 2021 at 4:27 pm #

    Not only we have invention of computers but also we hear more and more about space travel! Isn’t that exciting?! Mostly for those few millionaires who can afford it but maybe in another 50 years it will be normal for all? Who knows? Maybe we don’t have flying cars yet, maybe we never will, or maybe we simply imagine “the future” wrong?

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