visitors from outside london

21 Aug
strawberries . they are very sweet if u can find any that are ripe enough to pick.

london 12.26pm 19C rain saturday 2021

i had a phone call from peter, who came to stay a few weeks ago, saying he is visiting me again, and will be here today . he said he got £3 ticket from megabus and will arrive at 1pm. the journey will take 4hrs, which is longer than usual 3hrs, he does not know why it is taking so long, but maybe that is why it is £3. haha. i shall find out when he arrives and tells me, but let me make a calculated guess… it is a megabus that normally runs to gatwick from bournemouth and is extending its final destination to london, hence that extra hour to reach victoria station in london. it means he has to go to gatwick first, hang around there for it to pick up passengers to london before he can continue to london. if he have a london oyster freedom pass, he could take a free train back to london and get back here quicker. but he only has a disabled bus pass. 

i went into the megabus website and saw the cheapest journey price is £5 for 3hrs between london and bournemouth. long ago, it used to be £1, but i guess those days are gone now. still £5 is very good.

however, with john, my friend in bournemouth who i would go stay at his place , now that he is dead i wont have that place to stay  anymore, it is less likely than ever of me visiting bournemouth. but i have to confess that i have lost the desire to go travelling quite a long time ago. 

but it seems people from there are visitng london more often. or maybe it is just peter. now he knows he can come stay with me i guess it is logical for him to come down as often as he can get cheap tickets from megabus. i dont mind him staying really. because he does not break up my routine, or inconvenience me. that is my criteria for who is the ideal guest. haha. as long as i am not put out , they can stay as long as they like. haha.

he has managed to get a free bus pass , it is a disabled bus pass, as he is not yet pension age to get the free pensioners bus pass; so he will be able to get around by bus free all over london. so that might mean he can go to finsbury park , to an restaurant opening, a pizza place, giving away free slices of pizza on monday. it takes place at 3 times during the day, so gives people plenty of chances to get one slice at least. i intend to go too but i shall be using my freedom pass and go by tube, it is quicker. a bus journey to finsbury park will take ages. 


just for the record, i got an email from my ex boyfriend,ian, he has got married to his present partner, they have been together for ages, and on 14 aug they finally got married. haha. i am glad for him. he was my best man at my wedding, about 3years ago, and i know he too wanted to get married, but his boyfriend refused . but now his boyfriend must have changed his mind about that and tied the knot, in the same registry as i did. it was in the mayfair library. if u two have been together for so long, as we have been, it is best to get married. it simplifies inheritance tax and legalise it , that means you wont get kicked out of the family home when the other dies.

added. 2.35pm

my friend peter finally arrived. he said he was taken to southampton airport and heathrow airport before getting to london. well , my guess was about half right. instead of one airport he went to two. maybe better to just pay the extra £2, and get the £5 fare. haha. but he said he slept all the way, so it was ok. 

One Response to “visitors from outside london”

  1. UnstableTrip Saturday August 21, 2021 at 4:19 pm #

    Looks like your friend simply wanted to have a good nap in a bus and that additional hour was just right for him 😉 and he saved some money at the same time! Win win if you ask me.

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