just a slice of pizza

23 Aug

london 6pm 20C sunny monday 2021

today i head out to finsbury park to get the free pizza slices they are giving out to celebrate a new branch opening. i got to the queue just when they are opening , so did not have long to wait, and i decided to eat inside , as they have seating. and saw my friends at the next table, steve and his wife. so a nice coincidence , and then peter came up , he said he had been the 5th in the queue and was sitting further inside the cafe. later another of my friends, a chinese lady joy, the one who came with me to eat fish and chips in another freebie. she came and told us that she fell down the escalator at paddington on her way here, because someone ahead of her on the escalator knocked her down it with his luggage. luckily she only fell a short way down it, landed on her bum. and dont think she broke any bones. hope she is ok, she said she just felt sore round the bum. hope no bones broken, because at our age, that is real dangerous. everyone gets a slice of pizza margharita, today. it is only tomatoes and cheese on it, costs £5 normally. i must admit i dont think it value for money at the normal price. they have a voucher for 2 for one that u can use next time .i told her i dont have pizza at home,because it takes a really hot oven and i dont like that. she said her husband likes his pizza, which he eats with added extra vegetables on top of the basic toppings and she uses a hot air oven. she says he adds apple sauce on top. i have heard of the strange things that people put on top of their pizza but this one takes the cake. i know chinese people would put char siew, or roast pork, or just bacon as topping. why not after all, and they would be delicious too. and here we have the purist, saying even pineapple on top is sacriledge. haha.

peter tells me he has a app today from macdonalds that gives him 2 big mac. so we took the bus and went down to its end destination, tottenham court road. and there he went to the boots to get a prescription filled. it is a medicine for his balance. then we went to the mac D to get the burgers, but the app did not work, and peter was told by the manager that it did not work for 2 months. so they gave us two cheese burgers, for the failed app. we figured that was the go to free burger for anything that goes wrong to make the customer feels better about it. haha. the manager gave peter a link to complain, saying he might be able to get a freebie from them if he did. i think the manager was a bit fed up with them for not fixing the app, as he has to deal with all these dissatisfied customers coming to get the offers and getting angry when the app dont work. still, we wont be able to get it even if it worked, because macD only accept card payment and today’s offer is for two big macs for 99p. and both of us got only cash. 


the chilli flakes makes it very nice. so that is one advantage of eating in. and we got a free cup of water as well. which was very much needed as it was very dry.

there were lots of people about, it surprised me a bit. the bus 29 which we took to get back to central london was very frequent, it took only a few minutes for one to go by and another one came soon after, and i thought it will be empty, but no, it was shockingly busy, and i thought where are all these people coming from. and where are they going to. i really dont see any reason to travel around london at all. not everyone is going to a free pizza slices giveout surely??  because that is the only reason for anyone to be out and about in london. frankly. 

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