just enjoy your life, no need to ask why and what are you here for?

25 Aug

london 20C sunny wednesday 2021

that other bottle in the top border is siraccha sauce, by sainsburys. £1. i have not tried it before, hope it is fiery hot.
the black grapes are 50p for 500mg, so i bought two packs from tesco. this tesco is new, or rather it was there till they built a new block of flats over it, and now it is built and so it has reopened a few days ago, by rights they should not have any produce near its sell by date to have to reduce the price. so i think these grapes reduced from £2, must be a special offer by management , maybe to celebrate their opening.

life is very nice for me i mean. of course all over the world the news is bad, well what news isn’t? right? but since i never feel i can do anything about it, or feel i am responsible for what others get up to, or even that i can solve it, i dont feel guilty about it and just accept that it is what it is. i read of bloggers lamenting and getting anxious about the state of the world, and worry about everything they read and i wish i could tell them no need to do all that… all your worrying wont change the lives of everyone all over the world, and they certainly wont be helped by you making your life miserable because it has depressed you so much reading it.


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