what about afghanistan

27 Aug

london 6.32am 13C sunny friday 2021

i seem to have gotten into the habit of waking up at about 6am. surf the net till an hour or so and get back to sleep to wake up at about 11am or so. well today is like that. i woke up from a dream of when i was still a dentist giving a patient intravenous sedation prior to dental work. i often have dreams like this, about my previous life as a dentist. its curious the working of the mind, why it dredges up memories like that. but whatever, i wake up and find it difficult to get back to sleep again. this morning the sun is just coming up, sunrise is 6.06am. it is lovely to wake up when the sky is brightening and the day is here, instead of it being still dark.

but this article i came across in my wordpress reader makes me pause a bit. it is titled who are the americans stuck in afghanistan. it says there are all these calls to save americans there , all making like they are in danger of death if left behind. i too have wondered who are these americans who go to that country knowing it is a strife torn country… and remember reading of an article saying 19 families are there who had gone there for a holiday…?!!! it seems they are afghans who have children born in america and gone back to visit relatives or show their children where their parents come from. i think some have gone back for a funeral , or gone to visit their grandparents. maybe for a last time before the country is given back to the talibans, as any treaty that calls for a american retreat would likely achieve, seeing that the local govt is only there because it is being propped up by the americans only.  i think everyone knows it will sooner or later be taken back by the talibans. in this case, it is just shocked them that it was taken back so soon,  indecently soon so that there was no face saving after a decent interval .

there was another article about what the americans left behind, tons of equipment , armoured vehicles, aircraft etc. and a chart showing the americans spent about $5billion last year , given to afghanistan. 

that figure, might explain why the americans are so keen to leave, if they have been spending that amount of money every year for 20 yrs they have occupied afghanistan. even israel did not get that much , $3billion last year.

it goes to show it is expensive to be the world’s policeman. once britain had pretensions to that role, but soon realise it was too expensive for the uk. and started dismantling its empire by giving independance to the countries it control. america took up the mantle, but now realise it is a losing game that. afghanistan have form, the russians were the first to try to control it, but left in ignominy, though it managed its retreat better , now the americans have been defeated in trying to subdue the country. two world powers have been brought to their knees as it were by this puny country. you can think of it as the small guy defeating the big bullies. to the neutral observer, it looks like the invaders have been defeated and the country given back to its people. or to just another set of invaders. 

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