lamb roast dinner

30 Aug

london 2pm 17C cloudy monday 2021 bank holiday

all peaceful around here. none of us are going on holiday and being stuck somewhere in a traffic jam, or in a crowded holiday place , or having to rush back . so a peaceful holiday for us.

its roast lamb with all the trimmings. simon cooked it today. i am stuffed now. with the english way of eating, which is you load your plate with food, it is always difficult to calculate how much u can eat, and often you load too much on the plate and then have to force yurself to eat it all. i prefer the chinese way, where the food is all laid out on the table and you just pick and eat as you go along , whilst others do the same until you are full, and leave the rest on the table for others .

simon said this lamb shoulder was very easy to cook, unlike leg of lamb. it was very tender. i have not eaten lamb for ages, so i cannot remember what texture it usually is. but i expect every meat once properly cooked should be tender. if it is tough i expect it was not properly cooked. we have all seen people , in real life and on tv, who when they take a piece of roast meat, would exclaim, oh it is so tender. and that is what i said too, like we expect it to be tough… 

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