aimless talk

1 Sep

london 3.20pm 18C cloudy wednesday 2021

its the start of september, so i guess it is autumn now, if u follow the calendar, rather than the autumn equinox as heralding the start.

last month i got a new contactless card from my bank. it says use this instead of the other one. they are changing to mastercard , the old one was a visa. and today they sent an email reminding me that i must use it to activate it, or i shall lose its function. and they also warned me that the first time i use it i have to put in my pin.

i suppose i shall have to use it, at least once, just to activate it. so i have put it in my wallet, so that i can use it when i next buy something from the supermarket. now that so many supermarkets are making it difficult to pay cash, by restricting the number of self service cash tills, we are all forced to use credit cards now. so i shall use it when i next go to the big tesco superstore near me. there they have completely removed all cash self service tills, making them all card only, and if i want to use cash i have to go queue up at the human cashier tills.

in my case, this card i got from my bank uses contactless payment, which have been increased to a limit of £100, from the previous £35.

i noticed more and more supermarkets are cutting out the cash self service tills making them all use card. or making it half cash and half cards, when previously they all can use cash or card . , and in those where they completely remove all cash self service tills,  if i want to use cash they tell me i must go to the human cashier, and those  always have long queues. it seems it is a deliberate policy to steer all of us into using cards. and when it is all card everywhere, i bet they will charge us if we buy anything less than say £10, or £20 because of the commission they have to pay the card companies. as it is ,not many people know this, but the price of all goods in the store  allready have the commission cost added in allready, and everyone have to pay that whether they pay cash or card.

i think one unexpected effect of this is that those with a lot of goods in their trolley are using the self service tills . in the past, the self service tills are meant for people with few goods. all others use the human cashiers. life is changing nowadays.

i hope all of us using cash will boycott those businesses that only use cards. macdonalds for eg dont use cash anymore. not that my boycotting them will be useful, as i dont ever buy anything from them. haha. i think it is not only macD , i think almost all of these coffee shops, or fast food may not accept cash. 

i recently got chatting to a guy in a naturist website , he wanted to meet up, which since the lockdown , no one is doing that for more than a year now. even now, many are afraid to meet up for fear of the covid, so i thought we could chat about that via that website, but he said he does not really want to do that, using a third party website. and i can understand why he might be reluctant to do so, because obviously our chat can be monitored by the owners. it seems to me there are not a lot of places , websites i mean where u can chat without everyone else reading it. in other words, having a private chat dont seem possible, unless you email each other in your own email address. but i think sooner or later both of you will realise there is no point talking of it, because it does not lead anywhere… 

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