the old uk bank notes cannot be used after 30 sept 2022

8 Sep

london 10.30am 22C sunny wednesday 2021

i have just read this article saying all old uk bank notes cannot be used after 30 sept 2022. this really applies to the old £20 and £50 notes, as the £5,£10 notes have long ago ceased tender. most of us got a lot of the old £20 notes. and everyone overseas who have them , and i should think many may have them from the days when they travelled a lot, will have to get them exchanged. not sure how they can do that. would their foreign exchange agencies accept them? anyway here in uk, it will still take some time to use the old £20 notes , nevermind the old £50. very few businesses want to accept the £50 notes, nevermind if it is an old one or a new one. in fact, i myself have not seen many new £50 notes.

 it is nice and sunny outside , when i look out of my window. actual cloudless blue sky. i shall go out for a bit, just to get some sun to make vit D. and since i am not a person to just go out for nothing, i shall find a destination or task, and i fancy buying more of sainsburys imperfectly perfect oranges. 5 for 69p, and though they are smaller than the ones being sold at double the price, they are very thin skinned, whereas the expensive oranges look quite thick skinned. i bought a pack yesterday, and allready i am down to two oranges. i seem to have eaten 3, though i dont recall eating that many. so i think i better go back and buy some more, as they might not be there much longer, if the shortage of hgv drivers means delivery will be disrupted. well now that i have reminded myself , i better get going now. 

added 11.36am

just bought them,2packs

added. 12.44pm 27C sunny

i recently used a new debit card for the first time and bought something at the tesco, where i have to slot my card into a machine and type out my pin number. then i read this article, about someone who is a scriptwriter and have written sit coms about card frauds and  who became a victim of a card fraud himself. even him , who is supposed to be an expert on scams. he too was fooled. read how he got fooled here. it seems they come up with new ways to fraud people using the cards. it is why i am so wary about using cards to pay for things. 

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