nothing happening and suddenly everything happening

16 Sep

london 2.40pm 22C sunny thursday 2021

i have been living in the present. to savour the moment, being alive and well, and just enjoy being alive. there is nothing going on in my life. at least anything that directly affect it. but having said that i realise that a few days ago simon told me his mother died. they had been expecting it, as she had been terminally ill for some time. it is still a sad time even though they expected it. i have been putting off talking about it, and in fact resolved not to say anything about it but to just mention it in passing. 

added. 5.41pm, 

i erased the above, not wanting to post anything that is so depressing as announcing a death. but the draft saver in wordpress had saved it and kept it. i was just going to write about how i like nothing happening in my life, and that life is uneventful. i have put her death out of my mind. it sounds unfeeling but talking of deaths depresses people, and really why anyone here reading this would want to know that, after all, no one who reads my blog knows her. it is true isn’t it? it is like reading a newspaper article about some celebrity or other, or even someone unknown dying, either naturally, or from murder or crime, when none of us know anything about that person. but it is a fact of life that no one writes about nothing happening in their lives, and being happy to live that moment and just savour the fact that they are alive, and enjoying all the sensations that a life body can experience… well that was what i have been experienceing and as u can see, i have not written any posts about it for 5days straight. so it kind of proves that nothing happening is not something anyone writes about. so here we are today, when i thought perhaps i should write something about the joy of living when nothing is happening… well, everything starts to happen, … 



simon came back at about 4 or 5pm, and settled down to see the tv. when the phone rang and the call was from our housing estate office asking if i am home now. and that they got a panic call from our neighbour downstairs. he did not say what she was panicking about, but just asked me what the workers in our flat have been doing, (for of course they know they are repairing the water damage to our flat) and to go see her and check it out .

simon immediately went downstairs, because we know our neighbour would not be panicking for nothing. i wondered why she did not call us because in the past if there was water streaming down her flat, she knows to call us straight away. 

anyway, when simon went downstairs i went to our bathroom to check it, and to my horror saw the wash basin overflowiing with water whcih has flooded the floor. recently simon had opened the stopcock fully so that the water now gushes out fast whilst before it was a trickle. now the fast flow is overcoming the out flow from the basin and so we get this water gushing over the basin onto the floor. so i quickly turned it off, removed the soaking carpets, putting them into the bath tub and quickly soaked up the excess water on the floor with a mop.

when simon came back, i told him what i found, and he had to admit it was him, he was distracted and left the tap on. i figured he turned on the bathtub tap after he turned on the washbasin tap, they are connected  , in that if u turn one  on, it stop water coming out of the other tap. they seem to be linked. and it is quite easy to forget that and turn off the bathtub tap and not realised if you have not turned off the other tap, it will set the wash basin tap to gush water out. i noticed if u dont turn the tap full on, the water gushing out will be reduced and the waste pipe can handle the flow enough to balance it out and not over fill the basin. so i told simon to always make sure he dont open the tap full blast but keep a half flow on instead, so if ever he forgets the outflow can handle it. in fact, he did it again, he went out and left the tap on. the flow was a reduced one. luckily i noticed it and turned it off… that is why i hope he will take heed of what i said, and make sure he dont ever turn it on full blast, but reduce the flow whenever he turns it on. 

he was telling me that downstairs all her lights have gone off. and he came back just to put on shoes, with the intention  he was about to dash out to go to the housing estate office to make them call a electrician, because the neighbour downstairs have told them about the lights not coming on and they have said it is not their problem. i told him to  check the downstairs neighbour’s fuse box, if it is an oldfashioned one wiht separate fuses, or like mine, and i showed it to him; with a central kickoff switch that may have been triggered off .

i now know why the office was saying it is not their problem, if all they had to go on was the downstairs neighbour saying all her electrics have gone off… the neigbour did not realise it is due to water from our bathroom affecting the celing lights in hers, and trigger the fuse to trip off. the neighbour just dont know who to call, for what she thought was an electrical problem. i figured out why our neighbour called the estate office instead of us, it is because it was not obvious that there was leakage of water from our flat, because there was no stream  of water flowing down her walls  in her flat , but only that her lights are not working. the water from our flat had fused the lights, and triggered the fuse to kick off.

simon later told me he switched her fuse box on, and found out that there was a separate kick switch for the lights, that also had been triggered off. she got two separate kick switch, that were triggered off. 

so her lights are now all on, and there is no need to get the management involved. it is fortunate that she noticed it so quickly, that she was home rather than staying with her children or on holiday because we would not have noticed it till a lot more damage has been done. as it is all it damaged was the carpet and bathmat in our bathroom and they are now laid out and drying… it was the bathmat that soaked up so much water too, so that less of it dripped into the flat below. so much excitement. i can do without.


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