1 Oct

london 9.12am 13C rain friday 2021

sunrise 7:02 AM sunset 6:40 PM

Length of Visible Light12 h 44 mLength of Day11 h 38 mTomorrow will be 3 minutes 54 seconds shorter

it is not the winter solstice, not even the autumn equinox yet, but i thought i want to see what the time the sunrise and set today. about a month before the clocks go back.

looking ahead to what time the sunrise on the winter solstice, it is 8.03am. that is gmt. if we had kept to summertime, all year, it would be 9.03am. i am glad we are changing the clocks, because sunrise at 9am is very late.  to be dark for so long will make winter seem much longer than usual. 

life is just as usual here for me. very peaceful, which cannot be said for many other places in the world. so i am glad of it. very uneventful too, my life, but then that is how i like it. of course nationally the country is experiencing lots of things. i read of it in the news and since none of it affects me personally, i keep getting this surreal feeling that i am reading of a different world than mine. its a bit like reading a novel, of the past or the future, like what i am reading now. one is a biography of jane digby, a scandalous life, by mary lovell. the other is a futuristic tale of a android with feelings, by kazuo ishiguro, klara and the sun. both seem very unreal to me, because they deal with worries and concerns that we dont worry about nowadays.

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