chillis and weird trainers

12 Oct

london 2.13pm 16C cloudy tuesday 2021

3.28pm 16C cloudy

i have been back from my trip to upton park , east london, to the fresh market there to buy chillis, bought £2 worth, of red and green chillis. that should last me at least two months or 3months. not many stalls were selling chillis, and not many stalls were opened. monday and wednesdays are closed now, so this tuesday opening is like a oasis of trade in a big desert break from sunday , monday, wednesday. but fortunately there are still chillis to be had, and they are sold cheaper than brixton market, which was the place i used to go to for my chillis, and garlic. now i buy garlic from lidls.55p for 4bulbs.

i noticed on the way there in the tube, that people wear very strange weird looking trainers. what prompted this observation was seeing this guy sitting opposite me in the tube, wearing trainers with the sole shaped with creeper like tendrils curling up the shoe. wish i took a picture of it, but i forgot. this made me start looking at everyone’s shoes, and finding it very interesting the different kinds and very strange looking ones, too. ones that i noted are those wiht really thick oversize soles, so massive they jut out at the bottom of  the small upper part, and make like the person was clunking around like their shoes have got encased in massive concrete blocks . as if some mafia assasins have caught them and concrete over their feet in readiness for throwing them into the river to drown. haha.

11.38pm 13C

Actual Time
7:20 AM sunrise
6:15 PM sunset

it is nice to have a place where i can just write what i like. for eg, i want to write about how sphagetti makes ideal noodles for stir frying the chinese way . i used it today and it is very much like chinese noodles but without the mushiness that chinese noodles , like vermicelli, or egg noodles can get if u over soak it in water . the spaghetti noodles remain firm and intact rather than break up and stick to the pan . and they are so cheap too, the sainsburys economy brand costs only 40p for 1kg. i cook a lot at one go, and then use it in portions in many different ways .  you can cook it in so many dishes, in the ordinary pasta dishes using various sauces, mushroom sauces (which u can do a short cut and use cream of chicken soup as a base), or bolognaise sauce, or stir fry , or use in noodle soup dishes. or just in salads, chop up the long spaghetti strands and dress with mayonaise. eaten cold. it is a nice change from rice. 

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