a rare occasion, meeting a friend for coffee at a cafe

16 Oct

london 5.23pm 16C cloudy saturday 2021

i have just come back from having tea , or rather coffee with my friend dave, who gave me a treat. we went to the patisserie valerie, near victoria station. i was looking forward to it, but when i did finally had one of their cakes, i found it rather filling, and rich and sweet. so not as nice as i thought it would be. maybe it is me, it is such a long time since i ate one of these things, i have forgotten how rich and sweet they are. maybe i should have chosen an eclair, that would be lighter. anyway it was very nice to experience going to a coffee shop and enjoying chit chat time there. 

i noticed that the font size is much smaller than normal. usually i set it to heading 4, but it was very small looking, so i switched it to heading 3. i wonder how it looks like in the actual post. 

usually around this time, i would be going to the paddington library, to read the papers. and browsing the waitrose there looking for reduced priced bargains. and i was in the victoria area and right opposite the cafe, was the sainsburys, so i should have gone in there to see what reduced bargains they have, but i forgot and accompanied my friend to the victoria tube station, to see him off. he lives in brixton. and then i decided to take the c10 back, and did not feel like stopping off at the victoria library. i can read the papers online, that makes me less desired to read the physical paper.

reading one of the blogs i follow, today  he recommended a were wolf fantasy novel, The series is called Hidden Wolves, and it’s written by Kaje Harper, and he said it is free in kindle, and it is so even in my kindle, (the blog is in america, and sometimes what is free there may not be so in the uk version). so i borrowed it and am reading it. 

 the news is full of the murder of a conservative MP (member of parliament), killed by being stabbed by one of his constituents. it was during a face to face meeting of his constituents, which MPs do. it is shocking that a person could smuggle a knife in and be able to stab the MP multiple times. 

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