free meat pies for halloween

29 Oct

london 12pm 15C dry now, was raining earlier . friday 2021

the pie machine giving out pies if u scream loudly into it.
it is supposed to be an eyeball. the one i got was a piece of bone
you cannot see it, but there are large chunks of steak in it.

deliveroo is doing this, free pies with eyeball, bone, in it. made of icing. but onlyif u go to this place i am now. you can order it costs £1.75 to be delivered to your home if u dont want to make the journey to this place, to celebrate the anniversary of the play sweeney todd, a barber that used humans he killed for his pies.

when i arrived , at the place where they said it will happen, i thought there will be a queue, but no, the place is a barber shop. i thought they will give the pies out to people, but nothing like that. it was only when i was hanging around wondering if it was all a mistake, when i saw a large family group came round the corner, and one of them had a box, which looked like it might be it, but i could not get a good look at it. the weird thing was that there was only one box amongst all of them. i expected them to get free pies everyoneof them. 

i decided to walk round the corner and then i saw it. there was no one there so i did not have to queue. it took me sometime to figure it out. but you wait till the machine reads #machine ready’, then you press the button whcih type of pie u want, there are 3 choices, beef, chicken and veggie. and then u put mouth as close as u can to the microphone, which is quite high up, near the screen which records your decibels, and scream as loud as you can. i just shouted ‘aaahhh’, and if u hit above 112 decibels the machine will start to emit smoke from the chute box, and then after a bit, it will open and you will see a box containing the pie. there were no one waiting their turn, so i tried again, and got another pie. haha.

both times i chose the beef. both times i got a icing piece of bone, stuck onto the top of the pie. i went away but the bus did not come immediately so i decided to go back again, and this time there was this couple, and they got their pie, whcih i photographed, she got one with an eyeball in it. i tried again but this time there must be someone inside it, or monitoring it because it wont let me get anymore, telling me to come back tomorrow. haha. its quite a nice pie, i gave the other one to simon to eat. he was not very enthusaistic but i thought it got real big chunks of meat, and not too salty. so not really too bad . no one seem to know about it yet, and so it is quite free of people queuing, maybe next few days there will be more of a crowd. and all that screaming might discourage people from trying it out. 

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