food is always something we can get into

4 Nov

london 4.45pm 9C cloudy thursday 2021

i  think food is always what we can always go back to , when nothing else seem to go on in our lives. or when we have finished with what interests us and we are at a loose end. that is what i find , things always go back to food, what i am eating, what i am planning on eating, and anticipating eating it. like now, i went to the lidl earlier today hoping to buy their fresh duck whcih was selling at £3.50/kg, so each duck will sell for £6.99. i assume they will be about 2kg. every thursday lidls would advertise what they are offering, and today was the duck . but when i got there and asked one of the helpers where it is, he said they have not yet got the delivery of the ducks, and that only frozen ducks are available. he said they might get delivery tomorrow. so we shall see . i was looking forward to having roast duck but that will have to be delayed.

so i decided to go to the free chicken wings offer given by this franchise, they are opening a new branch in holloway, near the islington and highbury tube station. and so as a promotion are giving away 6pieces of chicken wings, (though in effect when i got it, it is really 3 chicken wings, cut up into two each, to make 6 pieces). normal price is £6. 

my choice, i did not realise it is chilli hot. they described it as mango mazzaline. in the website it was not marked as extra hot. only when i saw their menu list did it see it.

i had thought of eating it there, but there was only a small counter space, and that was taken up by a photographer and his assistant trying to take a picture of fried chicken pieces . also it was very chilli hot, so i took it back with me, and ate it with heated left over rice that i had. its nice to get free food, so i always hope they do well. 

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