talktalk wants me back

8 Nov

london 10.21am 8C cloudy monday 2021

i got a confirmation email from the new provider, shell broadband, saying the switch will be on 23.11.21. and then just now i got an email from talktalk saying how sorry they are to hear i am leaving and to call them and they can do a deal , and reminding me that i will have to pay a early exit fee of about £8 , because i am leaving after the 20day cooling off period. ( i miss that dateline by just a week)

do i want to bother? even though i can save that £8 if i stay with them? on the other hand, do i want to encourage that kind of behaviour, where they wont try to retain me by giving me a cheap deal, only when i have made a contract with another supplier… i have allready made up my mind to leave them, and go with this new provider.

it is just too much bother to negotiate a similar deal with talktalk and it is not likely that i can get them to give me an even cheaper deal… which if i am vicious i should do to them. call them back and then tell them i want a better deal than i got with this new provider, or i move. haha. so either faster speed , or cheaper tariff and longer contract with this cheaper tariff. haha. but i dont think i will do it. no point being too greedy.

 it is the same reason why i dont agree with these two lesbians saying they will sue the nhs for not providing them with free IVF. they say they want to give all gay people this perk, but really only lesbians will benefit, as  gay men wont be able to get pregnant on the nhs. people who want the nhs to give them babies, artificially, are being greedy.

i personally feel the nhs should not even provide IVF for straight couples, because having a baby is not a health issue. the nhs should only provide basic health services really. and so is not in the business of providing infertile couples the means to get pregnant for free. in the case of the lesbians, it is not even that they are infertile, they just dont want to pay a man for his sperm. 

  it is the same reason why i dont believe the nhs should get involved in providing gender reassignment surgery to people who want to change their sex. if they want it, they should do it on their own efforts, like any other human ambition. pay for it themselves, but dont expect the state to pay for it.

in fact it is allready good that the state will pay the cost , if u are on the nhs,  for your self inflicted illness, like overeating, overdrinking alcohol, or smoking; so that some might say it is a self infliction, for eating or drinking so much that u get related illness from it… but that i can understand is difficult to judge, how much is too much… though there might be a strong case for not treating those who smoke for smoke related illnesses… though i suppose it is being too harsh and judgemental, otherwise u will have to forbid or not treat people who get hurt while doing risky sports for eg. so better not to go there then. 



One Response to “talktalk wants me back”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Monday November 8, 2021 at 12:01 pm #

    Seems every sub-group of the population demands accommodation for this or that. Government should pay attention to the needs of citizens and promote well being but this current sense of entitlement is outrageous.

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