when you are full, even free food do not appeal.

12 Nov

london 4.38pm 13C cloudy friday 2021

i saw this in my wordpress reader, telling me of sleazy pizza opening near brick lane tonight. from 6pm and giving away free pizza. i thought i shall go. but it is still a long time till 6pm. i read it in the morning.

during the course of the day around lunch time, i thought i want to cook some of the frozen chicken pieces in soya sauce, but when i went to get it from the freezer, i saw the oven on, and simon was cooking something in it. so i know i can eat what he cooks later; so i gave up the idea of cooking anything . then i felt very sleepy and decided to take a nap.

when i woke up at about 4.15pm i saw roast potatoes and a roast chicken sitting on top of the stove. it was a bit cold , so he must have taken it out of the oven some time ago… but i was hungry so i took a plate of roast potatoes and a chicken leg and poured some gravy he made over it and ate them, without bothering to heat it up in the microwave. it was quite nice, and eaten cold like that, even the gravy , you can really taste it. unlike if the whole thing was hot, the heat just burn the mouth and makes the mouth lose its sense of taste.

anyway now i am full, and not that interested in going to the free pizza. when u are full, you dont want to eat anything nor go out to eat another meal , even if it is free. so now i am not interested in going but i think i might change my mind when 6pm arrives. it is now 4.46pm, so maybe by the time it comes i might feel like eating somemore. or at least i might like to go out and socialise with my friends who will be there … and it will still be nice to eat pizza especially since it is free.

usually i am not keen to go out after dark, but perhaps that is being too lazy, because now that the dark comes so early, we will have more hours in the dark than in the daylight. and by rights we should do more things in the dark than not. 

anyway, now i am just lying in the couch, watching a car tv program that simon has on, and drinking my hot coffee. it is lovely to have coffee after a meal.

these two guys are driving a car with a running horse on its radiator grill. it is a ford, so what type of ford is it with a running horse emblem? they are in a racing track timing the car and trying to find how fast it can get to max speed. these must be petrol cars.

and just now i read online about rivian getting lots of money when it became a public company. the shares jumped to $106 , valueing it at $100billion. it sells electric pickup trucks and suv’s. it is a startup that at least is selling its vehicles, that might explain why it got so much money , when other startups similar to it did not do as well.

electric cars are now the potential big earners, and their evaluation is  putting all the old petrol car companies in the shade. so will that mean oil will go extinct? i find it hard to believe, because not all countries are rich enough to give up their petrol cars and go electric.

can they jump from wood fired heating to electric heating, by- passing gas and oil heating? somehow i doubt it. that is why bmw, the car manufacturer says it is not going to shift to all electric production , because i think it can see there will still be a huge market for petrol cars in the third world countries. and judgeing from all that gas politics that russian is threatening europe with , it would appear europe may well rue the day they got rid of their nuclear power stations, and rely on putin to supply their heating.

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