i thought i had to get a new chromebook

15 Nov

london 4.27pm 12C cloudy monday 2021

this morning all went well , with my chromebook working as normal, until i came back from reading the papers in the library and opened my chromebook when i got home and it wont start. it has happened before and usually i would press the start button and it would start but not this time, i tried it again and again and it wont start. sometimes it could be because the chromebook battery is drained, and plugging it into the electric socket will charge it again, and it would start up… but i know it has a full charge before i left for the library this morning. but even knowing that  i still charged it again, just to be sure , and it still wont come on.

so i decided to go to the john lewis store in oxford st to ask them for help… even though the guarantee has expired. i dug up my sales invoice and found i bought this hp chromebook 14inch on 28.3.19, so it is 7or 8 months past its expired date of that 2yrs guarantee that john lewis gives to all purchases. 

but there is no one else i can think of  to ask for help, so i went to the store anyway, whilst debating  with myself whether i would repair it and pay the cost or get a new one. and thinking how much is the limit when i would repair it, and how much beyond it i would buy a new one, and deciding on £100 , will be my dividing line.

but when i was sitting in the office waiting to be called , i opened up the chromebook and pressed the start button and kept pressing wondering if i do that maybe it might force the chromebook to start… and surprise!! it did , just when a man came and called out my name. so i followed him to his desk and had to tell him what i did and that the chromebook is ok now. he asked me to restart it again, and to shut it down and restart again. and it worked ok… so he said if it breaksdown again, just go to hp.com or hewlettpackard.com and follow their help line, and trouble shoot it. he asked if i got another laptop, and when i said i did not, he suggested going to the library and used their computer to get online and there ask the hp.com helpline.  so now i know what to do , first to press that button for longer , that seems to make it work.

i am glad i dont have to get it repaired, nor have to buy a new one. it is not that old, i have hoped to use it for at least 5yrs, and it is only 2yrs and 8months old. it did make me realise i really need to  be online ,  it has become a necessity now. fortunately the chromebook is still relatively cheap. and it does everything i want it to, without needing to buy a more expensive laptop. 

i had a look around john lewis computer dept and saw they are selling a hp 14inch chromebook for £239 now. i bought mine for £199. hope to be able to use it for another 2yrs which means i get to use it for about 5 yrs, and that is enough for me; and i will be happy if it goes off then.

though who knows what gadget they can invent in future. maybe something like a tablet screen but i can wear a bracelet on each hand, whcih can detect movement of my fingers and so i can touch type on air as it were without need of a keyboard. and people can chose the size of the tablet. i would chose a 14inch size, for sure. or maybe i can use any tv screen, so no need for a tablet even. a holographic screen that can appear just in front of users, so only need to buy that bracelet whcih will connect to any screen and i can control it using my finger and hand movements, as well as type on it. 

the trip to town did make me experience seeing  that side of london again. i havent taken a trip that goes that way for quite some time. and i saw they are putting up the christmas tree decorations now , making the place have a christmassy air about it. trafalgar square has got a row of sheds with lights up, for the christmas market . i have not gone there to see what they are selling, but its good that the christmas atmosphere is being revived again. 

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