ecg monitor for 24hrs.

19 Nov

london 6pm friday 2021

i had this before, just after my mild heart attack in 7.4.2018. when they used it to diagnose. but i had one put on me for 24hrs to monitor my heart. i had an aappointment to fix the leads to my chest, and for 24hrs i had to carry it around with me, and sleeping with it, then give it back to them for them to read the findings. at that time i did not know that the monitor showed i had a 6minute episode of atrial fibrillation. fortunately the doctors did not think it warrant putting me on warfarin, to prevent strokes as they figured that the chances of a thrombosis from the fibrillation is slim. i am glad they did not think i need warfarin, a blood thinner, becasue it is for life and there is the danger of internal bleeding. but this time, the pharmacologist thinks i should have it, dont know why he thinks so, but it came after i got this tachycardiac episode, when my pulse rate went up to 168beats per minute. i read the info on it, and it has no connection with thrombosis and clots in the brain. so i was sceptical when he said he wants to put me on a blood anticoagulant, not warfarin, but a new drug. so i suggest we do a ecg monitor again, and see what the result is, whether it got worse or what and then decide. i am hoping that the monitor shows either the same result as last time, in which case if the last time it does not warrant an anticoagulant , this time it shall be the same. he was sceptical, saying it is more likely it is worst. anyway, i am now wearing it for 24 hrs and we shall see what it shows. and then i shall decide along with the consultant… all this desire to prevent something with drugs is something  i am rather sceptical about. there is a limit to how much we can take drugs to prevent illness or strokes. living is a risk anyway. you cannot engineer no risk at all. i tried to find the post in my blog about the ecg last time i had it for 24hrs but i cannot find it. i cannot remember when i had it, or even if i blogged about it.i cant remember if i blogged about it , maybe i did not , not realising the significance of it. that would account for it not appearing in my blog. but now i am putting up a post with the ecg in the title so that i can find it again in future.

i remember i wore it for 24hrs, and returned it, and then when i was told about the result, the doctor did not mention anything, except that it did show an episode , and asked me if i noticed it. and i remember i did notice a discomfort but i told him i forgot to note down the time, and forgot to write  it on  the log they gave me which i am supposed to write anything that i notice about my heart. the doctor did not say anything else to me about it . it was only now when i read the comment from the pharmacist that i was told that it was an atrial fibrillation of about 6minutes, and that the consultant did not think it risky enough to cause a stroke, so decided not to put me on warfarin or some other  anticoagulant medication . so coming now to the present. i am wearing this ecg monitor now. it is 3 leads attached to my chest to a little meter like gadget . 

added 20.11.21

the ecg monitor gadget recording my heart. the 8.19 refers to the time i took that photo, it is 8.19 am on 20.11.21

update 4.12.21

i wasnot sent a report about my ecg, only was given a verbal one, when i had the telephone appt with the pharmacy clinic. he said i had a 7minute episode (atrial fibrillation) and some tachycardia in the ventricle. so from that verbal report, i dont think it is that bad to put me on a anticoagulant and a lifetime interfering with my blood clotting, all for preventing a stroke in the brain. it is a matter of weighing the risk. i think i would prefer it when i am 80yrs old. let me have another 10yrs without that bother. after all, i cant help thnking the clock has started ticking anyway to death.

2 Responses to “ecg monitor for 24hrs.”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday November 21, 2021 at 2:45 am #

    I am sorry to hear about your heart health. Praying all is good for the outcome. Take care.

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday November 21, 2021 at 9:26 am #

    i am fine really. all this hoo haa is the usual medicine pushers wanting us to take more drugs, telling us it is a precaution against future illness not realising that one cannot safeguard against everything that potentially can happen in future.

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