south pacific the original film

20 Dec

london 6.20pm 7C cloudy dark now monday 2021

i have just seen south pacific , the film on bbc justnow. it has just ended and i am surprised at myself at how emotional i was, it brought me to tears. i have not seen all of it before, so this is the first time , and i am surprised at how much it has affected me. nothing these days affect me like that, it has to take a film made in 1958 to do that. i am of course very familiar with the songs, and in fact, we in malaysia, or malaya as it was then, hear the songs on LP, the record of the songs that we have at home. that might account for why i am so familiar with the songs …(i thought maybe i heard it on  radio, but no, i dont recall ever hearing it played over the radio.   in my case , never saw the original film at all. it never came to malaysia , at least i never saw it played in cinemas there all the time i have lived there, though i have to admit i only lived there for the first 21 years of my life, before i came to uk to work. i realised why i never saw the film. i googled rodgers and hammerstein and saw that south pacific came on broadway in 1949. this film was made in 1959. so the LP has been around, heard and enjoyed by millions  for 10yrs allready before the film was made.

someone said about the recent reboot of west side story , that they should also redo a modern version of south pacific, but i am glad they did not because i dont think modern versions do anything to the story that the original films do so well. and now that i have seen from start to finish  of the original south pacific, i think no modern remake will ever tug at the heartstrings so well . rogers and hammerstein seem to be best for musicals. their heydays were in the 40s and 50s. that long ago, and nothing since have bettered them i think. not only their songs have nice tunes, the lyrics mean something too.

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