6 Jan

london 10.07am 1.7C (lowest -0.8C at 5.30am) sunny thursday 2022

first really cold day of the new year, in london at least, if not the whole of uk. sounds alarming, but nowadays most of us have good insulated flats, so like me here , i dont feel the cold. we got fleece clothing too, much warmer than wool. i haven’t gone out yet , so dont really know how cold it feels outside. 

added. 1.35pm 5C cloudy 

i went out to the library, to read the papers, simon gave me a library book to return. afterwards i went to the sainsburys but there was nothing i want to buy. then i went to waitrose, nothing to buy. i walked across the street to the tesco express. i usually dont buy anything there as they are overpriced but this time i saw a organic free range whole 1.6kg chicken reduced to £1.65. usually it sells for about £8. it was only about 12.30pm, so it is very early for them to reduce it by so much. so i bought it. i took it to the cashier, because all express stores now do not have cash self service tills anymore, they all want cards, so the only way for a cash buyer is to go to the human cashiers. but this one told me he wont take my £20 note. and i dont have any cash . only a few coins. then i found the £2 tesco voucher, so i gave that to him, but he wont give me change , ask me to go round the store and find something for 35p. i can only find a small baquette for 60p. and pay the 25p difference. this store is rather extreme not to accept the £20 note. so if i want to pick up any more bargains here i shall have to  around with me some £coins. otherwise i wont bother to shop there. 

in fact, allready i am subconsciously avoiding tesco express stores. as all of them have card only self service tills. and sometimes the queue at the human cashiers is very long. still if there are reduced priced bargains to be had,  i might pop in now and then. i noticed that they are more likely to have huge reductions, especially of their higher priced luxury foods. these foods are very expensive to start with and so fewer people will buy them, and so the chances of them reaching their sell by date without a buyer is very high. so by some rather inverse logic , the chances of finding good bargains is quite high.

anyway i have that free range organic chicken cooking in the oven now. and i am hoping that it will be very tasty and taste like chicken and texture is firm from the exercise   these free range hens are supposed to get. haha.

i allready have so many chicken thighs i bought recently i know it is silly to buy another chicken. but a whole roasted chicken is delicious and i was craving it. and since today the kitchen builders are taking the day off and not coming, after only one day of work yesterday plastering all the walls of the kitchen, i know i have no one using the kitchen and the oven is available to use today. i havent eaten a free range chicken before, so it is a chance to find out if they are really better tasting. 

this font is different from my default font. i dont know how i got it. wish i know, then i can change the font more often. i wonder if i am stuck with this one, or will my old font return once i shut my chromebook down and reopen it. in the meantime  i shall carry on using it just for a change.

what else is happening around me?plenty is happening  but a lot of it is trivial, or nothing i want to talk about. it boils down to what i want to focus on , and that depands on what i am interested in. it seems nothing stands out enough for me to talk about it. or rather as i get older i find so many things in the news not worth bothering about. 





looks very nice but will it taste nice?

i have eaten it, and cant say there is a huge noticeable difference from the cheap ones i usually buy. the texture is good, not soft and squashy like the cheap ones, though simon says he likes the soft and squashy texture. i dont, so does it mean i shall always buy free range etc? no because cheap chicken can have a nice texture, if u dont over cook it. the window of perfect texture chicken for the cheap chicken may be very small, but it is there. i think maybe steaming the chicken will bring out the difference , taste wise and texture wise from cheap chicken. but no one i know in uk steams chicken. roasting is the preferred method of choice. the way to bring out real taste of chicken is the haiwanese chicken method . 

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