like my own company

14 Jan

london 8.30pm 4C or 6C (depanding on which website i see). foggy it seems, but i cannot tell looking out of my window. its dark now friday 2022

its been very peaceful around here. today the workmen did not come. they have only came 2days since they started this week. but they did do quite a lot. plastered the kitchen walls, and painted them with a whitewash.

as usual my days are very lazy. i dont work anymore, so have no tales of working life to tell. in fact, i am very happy that i dont have to go to work anymore.  i dont have any hobbies, nor go out to eat out, or go to any social activities or exercise . so nothing there to talk about. and the news, mainly full of the australian trouble with novak djokovic.

i dont feel the need to talk to people, so have deliberately isolated myself and not make any arrangements to meet friends. i make the excuse that corvid is still about so dont want to socialise. i know plenty of people i read in the news express their isolation and not meeting people and lamenting it, but i am glad to say i am not feeling that. i wonder if i am a hermit by nature. just like being on my own and my own company.

i have been able to get some novels downloaded from the kindle store, free books usually first of a series, where the authors give it away free supposedly to let u read the first novel and hope u get hooked and want to read the rest of the series. they are space operas, as i am interested in those kind of stories. they are very nice escape stories to get away from the real world.

in the meantime i enjoy eating what i cook. that has been the most consistent enjoyment i have  in my life now. its interesting, because so many of past pleasures have been destroyed by the corvid. but i am glad to say this one has remained intact. the pleasure of eating my own home cooked meals. and it is not even that i have improved my cooking skills. i get pleasure just from eating pork fried in the wok. just that simple, just some salt added, and somehow that simple way of cooking makes the pork very delicious. the charred bits add to the taste , smell , texture of it so that eating it is such deliciously  lovely. 

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