use till it gets worn out

30 Apr

london 4.35pm 18C sunny saturday 2022

my bedsheet has got so threadbare that it tore . it started as a tear right where my bottom is. i tried to sew it up but that did not work, as it tore even more all round the stitch. then i saw a tear where my feet are, and next i know, it has spread right out, the tear became a big hole. that was when i realised  that bedsheet is a goner. haha. in a way, it is the first time i used a bedsheet so long that it just got worn down . not many people can say that, because no one i know ever use some thing for such a long time, that it just naturally got used up. i am thinking i might cut it up , retain the edge of it, where it is not so threadbare, so i can use it as a repair cloth, or spare cloth. though how useful it might be i dont know, as i dont know how to sew, nor have a sewing machine to make repairs. maybe ian might know of what use i can make of it. ian is a good seamstress, or a male equivalent, if there is one. haha. maybe i should call him a tailor. though he does not make clothes. perhaps i should just let it go but where shall i dispose of it? in the recycle bins, or in the rubbish bins? it may be time to let it go and set it free to go back to dust. 

talking of recycling reminds me that today i was in the library and i saw a box whcih they ask people to put in their old sneakers, to recycle. hmm, i used to find perfectly good sneakers in recycling bins, but not any more, because they have taken to locking the bins up and so not possible to take them out and use them. but here is a bin where there are some really nice sneakers…i took a quick peek inside, because obviously you cant go rummaging around in them. i saw that the sneakers are now very colourful with clashing designs and colours. that seems to be the new ways now. quite garish and clunky i thought. so that u look like your feet are encased in huge clunky shoes like concrete blocks, except very colourful. haaha.

fortunately i am not looking to replace any sneakers, i still got the adidas shoes that i found so long ago, and they are still functional so i dont need to replace them. i have found out the size is not important ,my adidas shoes are like size 10, when i normally take a 6. but i got so used to them, i prefer these large size now, they dont cramp my feet so much .  so if i find any recycled sneakers, i am perfectly fine with a larger size than my feet size. but luckily at this time, i am not looking to replace my footwear just yet.

i searched for that post in my blog where i found the shoes, just to find out how long ago. link it was 5.1.2018. imagine 4 yrs ago, and the shoes are just as good now. they are the only pair of shoes i use, so to last that long with hardly any signs of wear is really says a lot about the quality of those shoes.



what they look like now, 4 yrs of use after i found them
still very good after all these time. the thing about suede is that it is really difficult to clean not that i bother to do so. haha. i have never cleaned these shoes ever since i got them. that is why u can see the spots and stains on it.

i like using things up till they are worn down and shredded. that is making full use of them. 

2 Responses to “use till it gets worn out”

  1. Sarah M Sunday May 1, 2022 at 6:32 pm #

    When I was a kid my mother would cut the sheet in half and sew the two edges together, so that the worn bit was at the edge. then you had a seam up the middle. but got another few years out of it.

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday May 1, 2022 at 6:53 pm #

    that is a really clever way to extend the life . though it has to be done before it rips, and the sewing would need a sewing machine .

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