kids remind me to be happy for living this long

17 Jul

london 27C sunday sunny 2022, high of 29C

i wanted to photo the note on that paper. it says £2.50 for one scoop, and then gave the price for 3 scoops etc. with at the bottom 50p for the cone. that last bit surprised me. i did not expect them to price in the cone as well. i thought that should be included. but there you are , inflation doing its bit.






a kid , among that crowd of school kids who are ahead of me, had to pay and he bought a slushy. i felt a bit sorry for him because for some reason he was unable to get the code that would enable him to get a free icecream. all the other kids got theirs. maybe he did not have a smartphone. he did look younger than the others. 

everyone else who had the code sent to them when they first registered for the freebie, got that soft icecream with chocolate bits and pieces and raisins. i thought the server will type in the code onto his till, when i showed it to him, but he did not bother… so you could if u want to go to another of their branches and get another icecream… in fact i got another code which i could use, and had intended to go to the brixton branch to get it, but on the way i was too full after eating that icecream, and so decided not to bother and go home instead. the heat outside put me off too. it is fine inside the tube, the ventilation fans were working on the victoria line, but outside you can feel the heat. it is not uncomfortable, because there is no high humidity… so much so that many people were sittingin the sun outside the kingscross station. i would not sit out in the sun , to me it would be too much, and i would be seeking the shade…or more likely i would be inside the station enjoying their airconditioning.  but these westerners are crazy to our asian eyes… i have lived here so many years but still have not got that westerner craziness of worshiping the sun like they do here.

i went very early and no one was queueing, that was why i went off and waited for the queue to form, but unknown to me, the queue formed inside the premises, so that when i finally arrived at about 1pm when it was about to start i saw there were these huge crowd of school kids allready inside. i was a bit put out, at missing being at the head of the queue but the kids were so excited and enthusiastic that it did remind me to appreciate the fun and pleasure of it, getting a free icecream on this hot day… i guess kids do make us realise and get back the feeling of fun and excitement that we have when we were kids ourselves but have lost when i get old. perhaps that is what makes old people like being with children, it helps them get back the fun of being alive , unlike old age leaching all the fun out of life for them. that is why we get some old people being grumpy and cantakerous and angry all the time, making u think they might be better off dead for all the fun they get out of still being alive at their age. well, those kids make me realise i should be happy all the time, just for being alive. haha. 


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