hottest day

19 Jul

london 9.35am 33C sunny tuesday 2022

oh my, it is only 9.36am and it is allready 33C . so the forecast that it might hit 40C might well come true… though it would be a record if it does, because the highest so far is 25 july 38.7C in cambridge in 2019. 

so far my sitting room is in shadow, cast by the block of flat’s peak roof opposite. once the sun hits and shines in i  shall be drawing my curtains, while keeping the windows wide open. that should keep the flat cooler slightly. i did that yesterday, when it was about 30C. lets see if that works when the temp is 40C. we get this temp most times in malaysia, and we keep the fan on all the time. it is humid in malaysia, so that it is more uncomfortable. here it is not humid, so maybe we can manage without a fan. we shall see.

i had a look at my entry on 26th ,25th july 2019, that was before the corvid in 2020 , and saw quite a lot of promotions giving away free icecream… that was the day i got my free south molton st tote bag, which i am still using now. whereas now we only got the magnum free icecream pop up in shoreditch  and even so they are asking us not to go out and take public transport because it will be too hot . there are a lot of red warnings , making out we will die if the temp hits 40C. its a lot of nonsense of course but i guess they have to say it, because sure as eggs are eggs, there will be someone die of heat stroke today, and they will get hell if they dont warn people …

oh, the sun has just topped over the roof line and is now hitting its full force into my flat. so have to draw the curtain now. it is blessedly cool in the shadow of the curtain. 

update 10.11am its gone up to 34.2C now

update 11.52am, 37C

i googled malaysia, and its highest temperature is 40.1C in 9th april,  1998. so it is quite uncommon for it to go up to 40C in malaysia. so it looks like i have never experienced 40C in malaysia, growing up there in the 50s,60s. now it is about 30C because of the rains, cooling it down. its the rainy season now it seems.  the wettest months on the west coast are April to October, which are the driest months on the east coast. kl is on the west coast.

update 4pm 37.8C

met office report

“London Heathrow reported a temperature of 40.2 degree C at 12:50pm today.

i went into the website and see it is now 43.2C now. 

update 9.25pm 26.9C. the official record is 40.3C in coningsby

added. 11.51am 24C sunny wed 20.7.22

i had wondered how they determine which reading they will take as the record setter, this article may show how.

One Response to “hottest day”

  1. William Tuesday July 19, 2022 at 10:05 am #

    Yes it is I am surprised to see London at 35 and being in Guildford is pretty hot too.. are we leaving anything to our future generations. 😢

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