just random things happening

20 Jul

london 8.23pm 23C cloudy wednesday 2022

just one day after the hottest day ever in london and what do we get? very mild weather of low 20s… is mother nature pulling  a fast one on us, do you think?

our lodger bought a takeaway kentucky fried chicken bucket. it came today and i was surprised because we dont expect that. i have never eaten a kfc bucket of fried chicken before. in all the years i have lived here, so it was a new experience for me. and rather a unexpected discovery. it was not crunchy and crispy as i had thought. i dont know why i should think so, but i vaguely remember eating kfc in malaysia, and it was very crunchy and delicious. so i thought it must be so everywhere. tell me, is your experience of kfc a crunchy battered chicken piece? so maybe this batch we got is not typical , it being takeaway and not fresh eaten on the spot in the restaurant, it might have time to lose its crunchiness… it came with a curry like sauce, and pots of ketchup and chilli. i was thinking if we use simon’s recently bought fryer, we might be able to get more crunchy fried chicken if we do it ourselves.

and to think that all this time, i had imagined kfc customers enjoying crispy crunchy fried chicken from kfc…and it is just me, being too lazy , or that they are always very salty (which these kfc was)or thrifty to pay over the odds for takeaway food instead of food i can cook myself…but now that i had eaten kfc, its not the first time that i realise takeaway food is not all that great as i thought. the pictures they sent you and what they  show in their posters and adverts look delicious, but reality is not as promised. i have always thought i am losing out because i dont buy takeaway … but now i am thinking i have not missed much.

what is really strange is that takeaway food, as hawker foods in s.e.asia is delicious and sometimes cannot be replicated at home. and we are all used to preferring eating hawker foods rather than cooking it ourselves because we cannot replicate the deliciousness.and the cost of those hawker foods are so affordable, and sometimes can be cheaper than if we gather the ingredients and cook it ourselves with less delicious result too. but takeaway foods in the west, is another kettle of fish entirely.


i went into my local sainsburys, and found their shelves empty and covered up… what is going on? it seems their refrigeration system has collapsed during the hottest day yesterday and they are now redoing everything… my lodger went yesterday and they told him they will be selling their stock cheaply but so far i have been in there hoping to find bargains, but nothing… i asked simon what they will be doing with all the lost stock, but he said he did not know. i mentioned that he has missed the hard work the weekday staff have to go through, working all out to replace the old stuff and there are all the cold shelves of food to be taken out and replaced. and he would have missed that hard work because presumably they would have it all sorted out and completed by the time saturday comes.

he said they have asked him to work sunday and monday from now.  not sure if it is due to this breakdown or what… but starting this weekend he will start this shift change. he was hired to work weekends. i guess if it is another person someone who have to look after children, or works another shift , it would be difficult to change… but simon is not restricted . one thing though, the place is airconditioned very well, (it was very chilly inside_ so as far as working conditions are concerned, these supermarkets are very nice places to work in now that we got this heat outside. _)


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