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a chill out space in a 7up promotion pop up

26 Jul

london 3.14pm 24.6C sunny friday 2019

one thing that i am always very grateful for in london with regards to its weather is that we dont get a lot  of extreme temperatures and even when we do, it lasts a day or so… like the recent heat wave , we hit 36 38.7C (in cambridge  making it officially the hottest temperature in uk ever. and if anyone asks me what i was doing when it happened, london was 38.4C too i would say i was asleep at that hour which is what anyone sensible will do.  ) yesterday and before that it was over 30C for just 2days ; and today it is all a bad memory, with highest today at 24C with forecast of lower temperatures from now on. to me that is ideal conditions, a place where  extremes are rare and are shortlived; and really lives up to the word ‘temperate’. 

another nice thing about london is the huge numbers of freebies and stuff that is free to join. like today, 7up the drinks company is doing a pop up, a temporary thing that they hire a space for to set up a nice event to publicise their drink using a 90s cartoon called fido dido. it is just for us to sit and enjoy a restful time, sipping a 7up and listening to a fizzy drink being poured out, and getting a free t shirt, with the fido dido character printed on it. it is a low key promotion , no razz mattez and no sign outside the door to say what is happening inside. i like this , a laid back affair, where u are not bombbarded with in your face hard sell. i think it is a very british thing.

i was thinking yesterday would be a good time for this promotion, when it was so hot outside it would be a great relief to get out of it into this cool space and enjoy some quiet time and get out of the heat. this fido dido character, i dont think i remember him even though i lived through those times, the 90s. i think it might have been a cartoon character that is popular in america, and not in uk. it is the first time i seen this character so it does not seem to have impinged on my memory .



its actually ages since i last drank a 7up. now that i come to think of it, it seems to have dropped out of notice so maybe it is time they try to ramp up the publicity and bring it back to the notice of everyone. now i have a drink of it, it reminds me of a fizzy drink that i had recently… a brand called dash, selling spring water with fizz and flavouring it with  a dash of lemon, cucumber (not really that nice) and i ws thinking that time when i drank it that i did not like the fizzy effect, and wished it was just plain water, with a hint of orange, or grape or peach… i mean i dont mind if it is an artificial flavour, in fact i might prefer if it is, as those are very intense flavours and are much better than the real thing. they can engineer these flavours now and make it more intense than the real thing. that is how clever they have become. it brought back memories long ago when i tried one plain water with a hint of peach, and it was so lovely that i remember being very tempted to buy it; that is really saying something, when even i can be tempted by how nice it tasted. now maybe these companies might like to mimic that. 

so now i tasted this 7up i thought it could do with just being plain water with a strong hint of fruit… instead of this present fizzy thing with no flavour. yet when i was a kid, i seem to like 7up a lot. just goes to show that as a kid we like that fizzy sensation. now i find i like it better when the fizz has run out. which was what happened to my bottle , i left it on the floor and it lost its fizz and when i drank it, i thought it tasted better… just goes to show when we get older we change our taste for things. must be real murder for drinks companies who try to please all age groups. what pleased the young may not please their parents, or grandparents. if a company can come up with a drink that pleases all generations, it would be onto a winner.

you could live a hermit’s life in the middle of a busy city

27 Jan

london 2.36pm 4C light rain and thunder sunday 2019

its so cosy in my flat that i am reluctant to go out, even though if i had woken up earlier, instead of at 11.30am, i would be out there , in the paddington library which is where i normally go to read the sunday papers.

it says 4C according to the weather website, so it must be rather chilly outside. but inside my flat now i dont feel it at all.

well, now, i had thought of going to the supermarket, not so much to get the late bargains, but more like going to aldi, in tooting broadway, involving a tube journey, to get their 39p celery, and 45p tomatoes. it is the cheapest in town. but with this rain i am having second thoughts about going out. i mean i dont even want to go to the pimlico library , which is near me, to read the papers nevermind going on a long tube journey to south london.

i wonder if others too may not go out just because of the weather. i think if there is something i have to do, i would go out irregardless of what the weather is, but going to the grocers to buy vegetables is not urgent is it? nowadays we have the freezer, and we can get frozen veg , so fresh veg is not urgent at all. no wonder the grocery stores, and butchers, are suffering, when we dont feel the need to get supplies in daily. and we have so much in the flat to keep us occupied, the tv for eg. lots of programs to watch. and films.

i know how to cook, so i dont have to go out to eat. but nowadays, with all those online food delivery services, someone who dont know how to cook would not even have to go out either, and still be well fed.

hmm, it makes me see that someone who wants to can just cut themselves off from ever socialising and going out and just stay in , and live an online life and never have to meet a real person ever. maybe that is why i read of those japanese men who just lock themselves inside and never go out and live a life of a recluse. 

scheduling posts to your blog for after your death

8 Apr

london wednesday 2015 7.11am

read this post by lindahill who asks would people feel it creepy if she scheduled posts way in advance, and she died and the post becomes posthumous. she did not think further than wondering if she scheduled posts a year ahead and she died in between. 

what if…the thought occurred to me that it is a way to make a bid for  immortality. you could schedule posts and write regularly to post in say 2050, if the wordpress future schedule will even go that far in the future. then, your voice will be heard by people in 2050 maybe long after you are dead… you can dispense advise, tell about life today, speculate on what might happen in 2050, if u are very clever u might gain huge popularity as a prophet if your forecasts are creepily correct… or even give very politically incorrect views about anything… how about that.

of course it posits that wordpress still exist in 2050. haha. or blogging still remains popular…

as to the question of how would people feel about letting your blog go on after you are dead, i think it is a good idea to keep it at least in memoriam of the blogger. even if u dont want to add new posts to it, let people be able to re-read the old post and keep the memory of that person alive. 

there was a comment (a ping back) which i find rather poignant. someone whose son died and because myspace wont recognise her as his mum, the blog remains but she could not post on it.  i thought myspace had gone defunct but it seems its internet presence is still working … so that the son’s blog remains in the internet. i thought it is a good memorial for the son, though it must be painful and saddening for the mother to read it. but in time it can be a way to keep memories of him to all his followers and friends.