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scheduling posts to your blog for after your death

8 Apr

london wednesday 2015 7.11am

read this post by lindahill who asks would people feel it creepy if she scheduled posts way in advance, and she died and the post becomes posthumous. she did not think further than wondering if she scheduled posts a year ahead and she died in between. 

what if…the thought occurred to me that it is a way to make a bid for  immortality. you could schedule posts and write regularly to post in say 2050, if the wordpress future schedule will even go that far in the future. then, your voice will be heard by people in 2050 maybe long after you are dead… you can dispense advise, tell about life today, speculate on what might happen in 2050, if u are very clever u might gain huge popularity as a prophet if your forecasts are creepily correct… or even give very politically incorrect views about anything… how about that.

of course it posits that wordpress still exist in 2050. haha. or blogging still remains popular…

as to the question of how would people feel about letting your blog go on after you are dead, i think it is a good idea to keep it at least in memoriam of the blogger. even if u dont want to add new posts to it, let people be able to re-read the old post and keep the memory of that person alive. 

there was a comment (a ping back) which i find rather poignant. someone whose son died and because myspace wont recognise her as his mum, the blog remains but she could not post on it.  i thought myspace had gone defunct but it seems its internet presence is still working … so that the son’s blog remains in the internet. i thought it is a good memorial for the son, though it must be painful and saddening for the mother to read it. but in time it can be a way to keep memories of him to all his followers and friends.