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newspapers and meat and vegie

16 Jan

london 10.52am sunny 6.9C tuesday 2017

a lovely morning today, blue sky and sunshine. 

8.22pm 4.6C dry night

i went out earlier just to enjoy the nice day. went to the paddington library just to vary my routine instead of going to the victoria library. also, that library in victoria is getting busier, (i think because it is so near the coach station and attracts passengers from there whiling away the time before their buses leave) and also there is one person who likes to hog the daily mail. he just takes a long time to read it.

but i find when i did get to the paddington library i lost interest in reading the papers. just read today’s daily mail and the times. actually i should read the guardian too, because they have very recently changed their format, and become a tabloid in a desperate measure to cut cost. but i forgot. i saw a copy of the guardian at the supermarket before i went to the library,  and apart from the fact that their front heading is so insignificant, that it took me more than a moment to recognise it is the guardian, even though i got it in my hands, i noticed that the words have gotten really small. it is a real difficulty to read it, at least for me… and i got my glasses on. i am sure it must be a bother for older guys to read it… 

i find i have got out of the habit of reading the papers now. i get my news online and that seems to satisfy me nowadays. i should imagine it bodes very ill for the printed newspapers of every persuasion, if people get out of the habit of reading the physical printed papers. 

i got an email today telling me about this new restaurant, called mao chow, and its menu put their meat dishes in quotes… for eg, ‘pork’ and chives dumpling. until i realise it is a fake meat vegetarian restaurant…

there are so many vegetarian restaurants, yet according to this tv program i see on tv now, called the truth about meat, 98% of us eat meat. so how do vegetarian eating places make money??? i have a feeling that the profit margins is better with these vegie restaurants. these vegie meat- like products are cheaper than real meat, easier to store, and keep, they have a longer shelf life, and no danger of bacteria contamination…and they can still charge as much as for meat. so what is there to lose right?

when he ask the people to find what dishes they have to eat to make up to what a piece of steak has, they found that to get the same nutrition, they have to eat hell of a lot of a variety of stuff, and lots more of it.

that meat is nutritionally very dense, and what is more, easily digested by the body… for eg to get the iron from spinach you have to eat vit C with it to enable the body to digest it… whilst it gets digested and absorbed from beef by the body very easily.. 

what they finally found out is that processed meat is the bad boy. so i guess i was right to stick to meat and very little processed foods, of any kind. whether meat or whatever.

and they found out that there is no nutritional difference between expensive chicken and the cheapest chickens. so i give u full permission to eat the cheapest bargain chicken… haha. of course they did not assess how nice they taste. some might say taste is not only subjective, but also depands on how you cook them… depands on your skill as a cook. by rights a good cook should be able to make anything taste delicious… dont blame the chicken if u cannot make it delicious. and we all know that, a bad cook will ruin even the most expensive organic, corn fed, free ranged fully pampered chicken.


please hold on, the bus is about to move.

15 Jan

london 11.34am 10.2C rain 2018 monday

yesterday i was on the bus and heard the announcement that the bus is going to move and to hold on… presumably to something. it is not coordinated to the bus’ movement, so it may allready be moving before that announcement came on. and it does this announcement everytime it stops at the bus stop and move on.

i hope it is just an experiment and it wont last and they stop it.

there was a time when the rear doors will announce very loudly to mind the inward opening doors, but they have muted that now so it is not so irritating. haha. 

there was a time on the c10 bus when they   would announce please stay with your child’s buggy for your safety… or something like that, and i thought it is a good excuse for mothers who enter via the exit doors, not to come forward to the driver where there is a oyster reader and pay their fare haha. if the inspector catches them they can always say, but you told me to stay with my child’s buggy… the management  might have realised that because i dont hear that announcement anymore. haha. you can bet if it interferes with profit, all that safety nonsense goes out the door at once.

there must be a limit to how much u can nanny people. why not an announcement to say the bus is going to stop? because i would have thought a lot of accidents come from the bus stopping, usually with people coming down the stairs of those double decker buses; rather than moving. but u can see how ridiculous it is to announce it every time the driver presses his brakes or approaches a bus stop. 

added. 7.43pm 8.3C dry now. i am back now. earlier i went to that free lunch near liverpool st station. i got there about 12.40pm and there was a queue. but it was moving fast. i got chatting to this guy who came just behind me. he works in a office nearby that sells office furniture. very good business he said. and no wonder, with all those offices sprouting up in that area.

well, i got my free lunch and went nearby to eat it. but i am afraid i dont really find it exciting. there was black noodles in there, and i chose the chick pea option, there was sweet potatoes and there was lentils, the other options. i find not very exciting these vegetarian meals. it is either lentils or chick peas or potatoes. so boring. anyway it is free so cant really argue . normally it costs £7.25 according to the menu board.

i could not finish it , too dry and was wishing there was curry gravy over it… and took it with me to visit my friend, the 80yr old who ask me for help with his computer. interestingly, he ate it all and seem to like it. so it must be me.

we chatted about his affairs, he wanted me to help with his tax affairs from his two paris properties. obviously i am no use there, as it is all in french. i tried to persuade him to get a french tax accountant who can help him better but he did not want to spend money. i told him dont u be one of those old people who refuse to pay some money to get help whilst losing hell of lot of money doing it on their own and failing badly at it. he begrudge paying his uk accountant, £1000 a year to do his tax affairs… i told him dont be silly, it is low what he is charging, and it is all tax deductable anyway. and it would remove all the headaches he is getting himself into trying to do it himself, when he is so doo lally… i reminded him he is a millionaire , with his london property and his two parisien flats, and £1000 a month from the two lodgers… i said he should look on them as giving him free money and he dont have to do a thing… instead of grumbling about how they keep the lights on and not switch off the heating… he seems to think they should switch off the heating that he has turned on. what a strange way of thinking… usually the lodger dont interfere with the heating at all. he wants all those ceiling lights that he has installed, but grumbles about it when the lodgers leave it switched on. i ask him why not just remove some of those lights. it is always a silly thing in my opinion for people to put so much of those ceiling lights on the ceiling… rows of it god knows why they do it. but he says he dont like that… so i told him stop grumbling about the lights if u want them bright. you want these things and you are getting the lodgers to pay for it, so if u look at it that way u should be grateful to them for paying for something you want. it is the same with the heating, he wants it warm, and would switch it on all day. ( he showed me his smart meter, showing it allready cost him £2.88 for his heating today…(damn stupid meter, as if it is going to get him to switch off the heating… what a hope! that is why i think these smart meters are hopeless. it is not cold at all today…) i was thinking it is not fair on the lodgers who have to pay part of it, when they only are in at night and yet have to pay for the whole day he is in… i could not let him see this side of it. and he should be grateful they dont mind… so anyway i told him stop thinking you cant afford it… you are like that man who grumbles about how poor he is, whilst sitting on a chest of gold coins worth £1million . i think i managed to at least make him realise it.

we are rich men you know. just by buying our flats when we did we are sitting on a fortune, and did not do anything to deserve it either. just luck really. my generation is fortunate. and that is why i say all those nephews and nieces of gay guys, go now and butter him up, and u might be given some of that fortune in his will, when he dies. haha. us gay guys with no dependants have no one to give it to when we make a will. with me i give it all to simon, but after him, i dont really care who gets it. most of us gay guys have distanced ourselves from immediate family… so we are more likely to give to nephews and nieces, but if we dont know them, we are not going to give them. so go and butter up your single gay uncle or aunt. haha. come to think of it, they need not be gay either, because if they are not married, they wont have anyone to give it to and will be likely to give to you if u butter them up nicely.

spitfire model plane

13 Jan

london 2.51pm 8C cloudy but bright saturday 2018




this is the kit today’s daily mail is giving out with a voucher to present at whsmith. to celebrate 100 yrs of the RAF.  i daresay it is quite complicated to assemble. but i got it for its glue. i was thinking that glue might come in useful for other things. 

i wonder if  kids still play with these, and make models like this. somehow with our computers and computer games i would think today’s kids would not bother with it. maybe it appeals to their dads. haha. 

added. 8.31pm 6.8C dark now. i woke at 7pm and thought it was sunday. i had forgotten what time i went to sleep, it was about 3.30pm, and simon was in bed with me, sleeping. that was why i thought it was sunday allready. but it was still saturday and the day is not over. my perception of time is different now that i dont have a regular work-leisure timetable to order my days. 

added. 10.35pm. 5.2C dry.

i read this article saying today we wont be charged for paying by credit or debit cards. in the past, companies can put a charge on it, because they say they have to pay the credit card company a percentage fee for the use of the card. now they cannot charge it on the customer anymore. however, they can be allowed to increase their prices of everything or increase their service charge to everyone… as long as they include everyone. so i suspect all prices will go up by that percentage and/or like the delivery company called justeat  put a service charge of 50p on everyone, instead of only people paying by credit or debit cardscards. now everyone will pay it, even those who pay cash.

this system as been in operation in the supermarkets and all retail shops for years….  cash payers like me never get a discount for paying cash even though the prices charged have been hiked up as they assume everyone pays for it by credit card. now all they have done is to extend that system to every company.

what might be interesting is if companies now say cash buyers can get a discount… like a chinatown restaurant that does this, 15% discount if you pay cash.

the trouble is this… handling cash is bothersome for companies. not only fear of theft from their own employees, but also for being raided by gangs on their premises , or mugged on the way to the bank to bank all that cash everyday… and i am not sure customers are that attracted to eat in these restaurants for that discount. i would, but then i am not your usual customer.

but what is more likely is that some  businesses may stop accepting credit cards as payment, for eg, the inland revenue… maybe the inland revenue is a special case and no one else will follow them.

maybe more businesses might opt for cash only… though i doubt this new procedure will get more recruits… those who do so will allready be doing it just to avoid credit card costs in the first place. by rights we should all be looking out for and patronising cash only businesses… in that their prices should be lower than those who accept cards. 

old friend

12 Jan

london 1.03pm 7.6C overcast. friday 2018

i have this friend who is in his 80s who had told me he is stressed out doing simple things on his laptop. like for eg, he said it took him 3hrs to pay a parking ticket fine via online. he said it is too small the words so he finds it hard to see, even using a magnifying glass. it straight away gave me an inkling of why he is finding it so hard… he is not savvy about computers otherwise he would know that he can change the font size of the words in his computer, or tablet…anyway i told him to ask me to come round next time you have this problem, and let me see if i can help. and so he asked me to go see him at his flat today at 11am. he uses a tablet and microsoft computer, both of which i am not familiar with, so i am not sure if i can help out. but i shall try. 

but i slept late and woke up at 10.30am, and was rushing around thinking i am going to be late. but when i opened my mobile to see if there are any messages, i saw one from him, stating that he forgot his hospital appointment today and have to cancel our meet and meet on monday instead.

it was close to 11am by the time i got to read that message so it was a great relieve to me to text him back saying it is ok, monday is good. 

i am so glad that i dont have to rush about to get to him today. and suddenly instead of a day of rushing about, i suddenly find myself with lots of time on my hands.

 i realise i am not good for early morning meets. even though i usually wake at about 7am… it is just that today i thought i shall lie in a bit, rather than wake up at 7am and have so much time to kill before going to him at about 10am. by which time i know i shall be rather sleepy.

so afternoons will be better timing… i text him saying i prefer our monday meet be after 2pm.

it is also a day when i get a free lunch from a restaurant that is doing a promotion. it is between 11am -2.30pm . it is a indian restaurant, but a fusion one, not a traditional indian restaurant. rola wala, it is called, and u could go to their website and get an invite from them via email for a free lunch on that day 15 jan. it is for one of their vegetarian dishes.

i am wondering if my friend might like to go, but i dont know.with old people you sometimes wonder if it might be too taxing for them…i hope i wont be tired out to go out just because i am 80, but who knows, at that age, it might be everything is an effort. now you know why people dont ask 80 yr olds out, because they just fear that it might be too tiring for them.

generally for these freebies, i like to go on my own, that way i can go whenever i like, instead of having to coordinate meeting times with another person. 

no medical intervention

11 Jan

london 12.41pm 8C rain 2018 thursday.

i read this in the letters page of the daily telegraph today. it is a sobering thought. his mother is in ‘end of life’ care, having opted for no medical intervention. he said he has power of attorney and have given his permission for her.

but he says ‘i wonder if anyone knows the true meaning of no medical intervention. it means not only no medical treatment or hospital admittance, but also withdrawal of food and water. the nurses are not even allowed to moisten the patient’s lips. when i visited my mother’s friend yesterday, i found her unable to move or speak. however i know that she could hear me, because when i spoke with her she clutched my hand. i told her to squeeze my hand if she was in pain or frightened, and she did so. it could be a number of days before her death. ‘

so he was not talking of his mother but of her friend who he told us earlier was his mother’ oldest and dearest friend , in a nursing home aged 96. she had a stroke a few days ago and is in end of life care, having opted for no medical intervention. and is not given any food or water. having a stroke is not necessarily lead to death quickly… so it does make u think about giving out a blanket instruction of no medical intervention in your will or life will. it is frightening thought isn’t it? maybe stipulate that u must be brain dead before they follow the do not resuscitate rule, rather than opt for no medical intervention. ask for do not resuscitate. it seems u have to chose your words very carefully when giving life instructions on future care. i can tell you that i would not have thought that ‘no medical intervention’ means ‘not giving food and drink’ to the patient. nor ‘not giving morphine to relieve pain’. 

lockers in the gym

10 Jan

london 10.36pm 6C dry wednesday 2018

the daylight is getting longer by 2mins now instead of seconds like the time when we were near the solstice. i notice it is lighter now. my circuit class has started after the 2wk holiday break, and today is the first class of the new year. when i got out of the building at about 4.15pm, the sky was  light… with the setting sun throwing its red rays onto the underside of the clouds. before, on the last day of the circuit class last year when i came out, it was dark. so there is visual evidence that the days are lengthening now. its very uplifting, as it gives a hint that brighter days to come. though we still have the deep troughs of winter to go through, as jan , feb are always the deepest cold of the year, before we can get to the warmer uplands of summer.

during the holidays i found 3 old £1 coins in the flat. simon had dropped them on the floor. he seemed to be getting them given to him as change, or he is finding these old coins in his wallet but whatever the reason, i find them on the ground , mainly in the bedroom and in the watercloset (wc).

i had lost my token for the lockers.  i had found that token  and had been using it for the lockers before i lost it… so finding the old £1 coin is rather a happy thing for me…as i am able to use the lockers to put away my things and be able to lock them with that old £1 coin.

though one of the guys working out with me told me reception had told him they have changed the lockers to accept the new £ coins now. i thought he was mistaken, because the locker accepted my old coin , but later when i was leaving the place i saw a note taped to the locker sides, saying they accept the new £1 coin. so it looks like my old £1 coin is not needed after all. still i will continue to use them as it is quite easy to forget to retrieve them when the lockers return it when u have finished.

i am glad that they dont charge us to use the lockers.  in the past they used to charge for the use of the lockers. perhaps they realise that it makes thieves damage the locks to get at the money and the cost of repairs makes it all very unprofitable.

Life continues to be very pleasant for me. one of the guys in the circuit class that i was talking to told me he felt a bit bereft , trying to fill his days and having something to do. but since i am really happy not to have anything to do, nothing planned and no one to have appointments with, this life suits me very well.

the circuit class is for all ages, as long as they are men, as it is a men only class. but because it starts at 3pm, those who do go are those who are retired. so it seems to have self selected that age group, though our instructor has always maintained it is for all age groups. but it stands to reason that younger people will be at work at this time and wont be able to make the class. oh i have a thought, it will suit the young unemployed too… but perhaps no young guy will come as it kind of shows his unemployment status. 

the class is free, so i dont know who pays our instructor… i cannot imagine he is doing it out of being a volunteer, he got to earn a living surely;  maybe it comes out of the old people fund, because london is one city that seems to have a program of helping old people keep active. that makes london a very old- people friendly city.

it might well make it a good city to retire to, even though it sounds counter intuitive, as many consider it a very expensive city. but from my own experience, as long as u can find cheap accommodation… and i suppose to many that is a big IF, i can vouch that london can be very cheap to live in. 


a misty day

9 Jan

london 4.11pm 7C haze (its really just misty raindrops) tuesday 2018

its a misty day today.

i was browsing the blogs and read of this person talking of his stay in cameron highlands, tana rata, (malaysia) with his wife and how they had a ghostly experience in a hotel there. it took the form of their room phone ringing at 2am, and when he picked it up, there was nothing to hear . then the next night they were woken by loud banging on their door, and rattling of their door knob, and insistant ringing of the door bell.. and yet the cct showed no one came to their door at that time.and they found out later that their room was not supposed to have these disturbances, the haunted room was supposed to be few doors down.

they mentioned the misty air coming up in tana rata that makes them feel spooked. and i remember it when i visited it long ago, the old style houses, with their tudor black and white walls, and the roses, which are blooming outdoors, something that we dont see in the lowlands in malaysia… and the cold and the damp…and the misty air that hides the top half of the buildings in a white fog, making everything seem very eerie;  and felt it is like what we are getting now in london, the misty conditions, due to fine rain drops hanging about in the air, too fine to fall, but coating things with a fine condensation.

but in london, these conditions do not make me feel haunted. … unlike in cameron highlands. somehow cameron highlands have a haunted atmosphere, i think.