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adverts in videos

18 Oct

london 8.36am 11C sunny thursday 2018

saw this about facebook being sued for saying people are using more videos and then finding out that they dont, . it seems the method they use to measure it is wrong, and they overstate the case. advertisers are sueing them for measuring it wrong and not correcting it till a year later.

i am wondering if there might be more factors involved…and not just the wrong methodology for measuring it. it might well be a trend for vidoes uptake increasing, but might have been killed off when the advertisers jumped on the bandwagon and started putting their adverts in. for eg, i myself find the adverts so intrusive in these videos, that when the adverts come up,(and i find out it is going to go on for 30secs instead of 10secs) i just switch off the video, rather than bother to see it. and then it got to the point where i just dont turn on the video anymore, because i just know there will be long adverts that will come on before the main content. so if other people are doing what i did, than that will certainly cause video viewing to drop. so facebook may be right in predicting the trend to more viewers of videos, but when the advertisers jumped on that , they killed it. and the statistics started showing it.

i myself dont care for videos even if it has no adverts. because i find it tedious to go through someone’s slow delivery and their accent and mannerisms to get to his or her point/s. it is quicker if it is a text, than you can skim through it quickly to get at the points. when i read that the trend is more video viewing, i thought that i was the old odd man out, out of touch with the world, but it seems a lot of people feels the same as me about videos. when i read that article i get to read this…

quote;Who were all these people watching tons of video on Facebook when nobody we knew in real life, including ourselves, was actually watching video on Facebook? But it was easy to write off those concerns: We must be too media bubble-y, too old (even though half our staff writers were in their early twenties), to recognize what was really going on.unquote

as to whether facebook knows of it and kept it quiet for a year, that might be difficult to prove, because you could argue that facebook have to wait, to see the trend forming. you need time to pass to ascertain if it is a trend or not.

though if they (the sue-ers) can prove that facebook knows that its methodology is wrong and did not correct it till a year later, they might have a case against facebook. 

but looking at the news now you can see they are all trending to use videos, esp pop ups. very irritating to me, i dont know whether others feel the same way about them, and they keep popping up even when i close them. for some reason, it is not possible to block the pop ups if it is inside the page of that website of that newspaper. 


a rainy day

17 Oct

london 11.29am, 14c light rain wednesday 2018

1.45pm rain 14C victoria library

i am supposed to be going to the circuit class this afternoon and would be setting out to go there now, but i got a text message from my friend david saying he was informed that the sports centre was flooded and so the circuit class is cancelled. i was reminded that i must give my new mobile number to our trainer so that he can keep me informed. as it is i am glad that david text me to tell me of it, otherwise i would have gone to no avail.

anyway i got a £25 prize from the premium bonds in the post today. and it was a good excuse to go out to bank it, inspite of its been lightly drizzling rain all day practically.

on the bus a lady fell, when the bus started moving, and at first i thought she must be an old lady, but no, she was early 30s. there was an old lady next to her, also standing , they were all crowded near the exit , waiting to get off i suspect, and i would have thought the old lady would be the one falling. it is usual to expect old people to fall about, but no, it was this relatively young woman. i wonder why she did not hold on to something. it is the first thing you do when u are standing up on a bus.

i could see the edge of the seat hit her back, near her right kidney. hope she is ok. but that area of the body  is the most vulnerable , because there is not much fat or padding there to protect the kidney.



fact and fiction

15 Oct

london 8.27pm 13.9C dry monday 2018

i got an email from my electricity supplier saying my fixed contract will be expiring on 1 dec 2018 and that i am free to look around for another supplier otherwise when the contract ends they will put me on the variable rate, and that according to them means £100 hike in the annual cost. even their fixed contract is not good. i was hoping that they will give me a reasonable rate but it does not seem to work that way. they prefer i go off and get another supplier instead of trying to retain me. it seems that is how they all work, trying to poach new customers whilst letting their own customers go off. like a merry go round. 

well i have been looking at other suppliers, but the cheapest is still £36 more expensive than what i am paying now for a year. and that supplier is a unknown, a relative new comer. it looks like the costs will go up, no more cheap electricity anymore. for all i know, even that more expensive tariff might be withdrawn.

all i can say is that i am glad i dont use much electricity. only 1275kwh a year so that my annual bill is about £200… so even if it goes up, it is still quite small. and i am glad i dont have gas bill to worry about.

life is very pleasant in london. though if u read the news you would not think so. a lot of doom and gloom news. i wont bother to spell it out. no point as it would only encourage them.

i got two new books to read that are promising so far. one is the overstory, by richard powers, and philip pullman’s the book of dust.

leisure time

14 Oct

london 3.15pm 12.4C rain sunday 2018

rainy day today.

there is a half marathon being run in central london around trafalgar square. so i am avoiding that area.

fortunately i am going to the paddington library, and that route by- pass the centre of town. things are quiet all along the route. i did not see any runners even though the route goes through hydepark corner. with this weather people will just endup inside the buildings, like inside coffee shops rather than walk about outdoors.

it might explain why the library was so busy. hardly any empty seats. though nobody reading the books. it is long gone are those days when people actually go to a library to read books. they were all at the study desks, maybe reading their school books, or like the guy sitting next to me, watching or listening to music on his chromebook. whereas i am half watching and listening to pal joey, a film starring sinatra, and rita hayworth on tv which i can get on my chromebook; whilst also surfing the internet.

i dont know what other people get up to on a sunday, apart from running a half marathon.this long article tells me of a guy who is addicted to video games. so that is one way of whiling away the time.

i am watching antz on tv now that i am back home. so that is another way to while away the time. in fact i would say watching tv must take up a lot of people’s leisure time. 

the sunday paper is full of  travel news, one feature they are doing today is  on the start of the longest non stop SIA flights to usa; personally i am not too keen on such long flights. 13hrs is about my limit really.and that is the time of flights to kl from london non stop.  so london to kl is about the non stop limit i can take.   

i did not read the article in the sunday times, so i googled it, and found sia is giving a special promotion fare of about $1500. it doesnot say if it is US$ or singapore $. most probably US$. everything is quoted in US$ nowadays.(it is a one way fare,i think). it does not say how long the flight. added, here is a link to a report that does give the flying time. though it is a misleading time, usually it takes 19hrs.

added. 11.28pm . i went into the SIA website and see they have now clarified the price and it is in SGD. and it is return fare. at current exchange rate it is about £830 return. and it is to los angeles. 

i read also that the bankof england is going to bring in a new £50 note, sometime  after 2020 and  it will be plastic. it is an attempt to stop forgeries, and also money laundering with these high value notes. in fact, they were thinking of getting rid of £50 notes completely, but parliament revolted against that idea. how come the EU can get away with its 500Eu notes then? that must be a moneylaunderer’s wet dream. 


what happens to old chromebooks?

13 Oct

london 11.54pm 23.6C sunny saturday 2018

its a lovely sunny day today, blue sky and cloudless. each year merge into the next so i have only a vague idea of each year, but i think this year has been really very pleasant weather wise.

added. 6.30pm i just realised it is in london i am referring to. the news certainly makes us all aware of bad weather news elsewhere in the world. now that we get 24hr news, it is difficult to escape reading about  bad weather news anywhere in the world.

if anything is to be learnt about modern lessons for living our lives today, it is that  man must separate bad news that do not affect him from bad news that affects him. and learn to act accordingly, putting bad news that do not affect him way back in his view of his life. 

i got an email from steve, asking me what i plan to do with my old chromebook. so i replied that i dont have any plans for it, and if he wants it he is welcome to it. i said if he can find someone who can scavenge another chromebook and harvest it for its graphic card, maybe he can use that to replace the one that is spoilt in mine and get it working again. though he is using a smartphone to get online now, so i wonder if he will find a chromebook that useful. 

i often wonder where old chromebooks or laptops go to when they are discarded. surely there must be a nice business there in harvesting them for spareparts. if a graphic card can cost £150 to replace i would think there is money to be made there. though the cost base must be low, if i can replace mine for a new one for £160, i dont think i want to buy a refurbished one for more than £50. added. i have been thinking if he had said that my old chromebook can be repaired for £50 , would i accept that? i think i would. so there might be a market for someone to repair it unofficially and that would depand on him able to get free or cheap recycled spareparts  salvage from old discarded chromebooks. the trouble is difficulty finding such a person. where can you go to advertise your services? it has to be word of mouth. maybe someone who does it as a hobby, or to start as that and see if there is a big demand for such a service.

added. i went into the john lewis website to find my chromebook. i must have bought the last one, because it is listed as out of stock. 

HP 11-v001n Chromebook, Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, 11.6”, Grey link


first time using my new chromebook

12 Oct

london 2.18pm 21C cloudy friday 2018

this is my second attempt at writing this post, not because it is difficult, but because i was writing that offline, and it was not saved and it got wiped off when i reload. ah well. nevermind.

i collected my new chrome book 11″ this morning from john lewis. and went upstairs to their cafe to charge it and to redeem the voucher they gave me for a free coffee and cake. the voucher is not connected to this purchase. they give it to me once a month in the past, though now it is once every 3months. 

the nice thing about chromebook is that once you log on to the chrome os, it remembers all your favourites and passwords so that it is easy to pick up where u left off. 

 well now that i have a chance to play with it, i find it is quite easy to use. and no problem with the size of the text or it running out of the screen.

i remember back to 4yrs ago when i was so fearful of a smaller screen, thinking it will be a strain to see things. that was why i bought the 13″ screen. now there are no 13″ on sale but 14″ instead. and i find those far too big now. there is a 12″ but it is quite expensive.

and now the price has even gone down. it used to be £200 for an 11″ chromebook 4yrs ago. 

it is surprising to see the market being driven up, to larger screens. when you consider everyone is fixing things to accommodate the small screen of smartphones, so that the extra space in wide screens are just used to fill with adverts.

and this smaller size laptop is so much easier to put inside my gym bag and to carry around.

what i noticed is that it is not possible to download the photos from my camera to the blog. that seems to be the only downside. perhaps i can figure it out in future. 



my old chromebook failed

11 Oct

london thursday 2018 pimlico library

i am typing this in the library computer, using their wifi . this is because my chromebook finally gave up the ghost last night andthe screen went blank.

i went to the currys pc store in goodge st and was told that the graphic card has failed that is why there is no picture, just a white screen. and when i asked how much to replace it, i was told it can be £150, so easier to just buy a new one.

the store dont seem to have any 13″ chromebooks. just 14″ and one 12.1″. the 14″ is too big, and the 12.1″ is too expensive. they have a 11.1″ for £179. the store assistant went online on his laptop and brought up the john lewis website when i told him i like john lewis’ 2yr guarantee policy. currys dont have a 2 yr guarantee. and i noticed in the webiste the same chromebook selling for £179 in here was selling for   for £159.95 in john lewis. so that really clinched it for me. i allready wanted to buy from john lewis, and now i found out that the chromebook is even cheaper there.

i did a test on the 11.1″chromebook in the store, to see if i can tolerate   the picture and size, and found it was ok, i could get used to it, if i enlarge the font. and the whole thing is a smaller size, so will be easy to put into my gym bag and carry it around with me , unlike now when the 13″ i got can be quite big and bulge out my gym bag .

so i went to john lewis in oxford st to buy it, but i find that they only have 2 models of chromebook on display both very expensive.  and when i mentioned their online price, the assistant said i can get online to shop for that cheaper chromebook.

so i was wandering around, trying out the two models, both very expensive, and looking at the other models, and luckily another assistant, a lady  this time, asked me whether she could help and i said i am looking for a chromebook, but you only got two models. she then said she can order it for me if u like. well that is great. so she did that, just went online on one of the display models, brought up the website and i told her i wanted the £159 one, she found it and said right, wait here and i shall order it. and she came back and led me to the cashier, and he took my details, and asked if i want to pay by credit card. i said cash, and he sent me to the cash desk to buy a gift voucher, and i took that back to him and he entered it and that is that. i bought myself a new chrome book. collect after 2pm tomorrow at the same store. i could collect it from any waitrose store too. well, i am glad i got that assistant to help me. the first one was not on the ball, obviously. he nearly lost a sale there. not to mention, it would be real inconvenient for me to do it by myself, having to use this library computer to do it. and i only am allowed 1hr free to use everyday. in fact i allready use 30mins of my time. so i shall post this.