camden market

8 Jul




this section of my housing estate is very pretty.

london 6.57pm 28.7C sunny sunday 2018(high 32.8C. again? i cant quite believe this. it was at 5.04pm.

remember though, the peak is just that, it might very briefly touch that temp to fall back quickly.  i slept through it.)

i went to camden market earlier today, at about 1pm. it was jammed with people, mostly young people. quite nice if u like people watching. the food stalls there were doing a roaring trade.

camden tube was exit only. you have to get off at the stations next to it. either chalk farm (this one is nearer the locks) or mornington crescent. so i went there by bus, a direct 27 bus from the paddington library. which by- passed paddington station, as the road there was closed.

i saw quite a number of buildings of flats being constructed near the camden market and was thinking if those people who buy those flats will realise that they cannot go to camden tube to enter it, and would necessitate having to move to the next tube station instead.

i would be a  bit put -off if i have to move further from the flat either going to catch the tube, or coming back. or i might chose to buy a flat that is equidistant from the two tube stations. which is what those flats being built opposite the bus stop where i was waiting for the bus. (though the fact i can see them means it is on a busy road with a bus route on it, so those flats will be noisy. but i think in the end i would be really bothered by the huge crowds of tourists in the area. not much fun when u just want to go the shops for groceries and have to battle the crowds of tourists everyday. 

there are a lot of shoe shops selling trainers along the road connecting the tube station with the camden market. so many of them, with large replicas of shoes and trainers mounted on the front wall of the building where the shops are. how many trainers can you use? they last a long time. i found two pairs of reeboks trainers a long time ago… 2012. hmm that long, and i am still using them daily. 

and then  on the way back i took the bus 88, thinking it will set me right by my door, but i forgot that they have closed regent st, to make it pedestrian only for some fair or other. they do it every sunday in july. so i decided to take the tube back, as the detour that the bus takes is very long. 

actually, it is only by bus that u realise how close camden is to tottenham court road. that stretch has a lot of high rise council like flats. i wonder if they have been sold to their tenants now. maybe not because the blocks of flats still look very ugly … they are the 60s style  blocks. but it is very close to the centre of london. and the interior of these flats can be spacious, because of the old style , where in those days they give u more space inside. 


7 Jul

london 2.45pm 30C sunny saturday 2018

got a free icecream from this business which has just set up shop in harvey nichols 5th floor food court. seeing the poor girl creating it, i thought that is a lot of hard work for her. she sure have to work hard for her wages, unlike the usual icecream parlor , where the server have to just scoop it up. it looks pretty but actually when u eat it , it is like any icecream… so all that preparation does not really impart anything special to the icecream.  it costs £5.50 normally. i saw this same method of creating the icecream in the shepherd bush westbury shopping complex when i went there the other day. i did wonder what it tasted of, and today i get a chance to taste it. yesterday i went to iceland and bought 6 icecream cones for £1. it tastes just as good as those specially made ones. in fact, i like the taste of the cone wafers.

today is also pride parade day. but i avoided it. i dont like a lot of crowds nowadays. i caught the beginning, when the crowd was gathering at portland place. it was near the marylebone library where i was earlier. all that whistle blowing is quite irritating to me. so i was glad to be heading away from them on my way to catch the tube at baker st.

in the past i used to go to soho to enjoying the gay crowds that congregate there after the march. i am not sure i will bother this year. hmm, ever wondered why there are so few old people in pride march? i think i found out the answer now that i am of that age. haha. it is not the same feeling that we get when we were young and marching. we have changed. 


6 Jul

london 2.07pm 30C sunny friday 2018



does not feel that hot outside. i just came back from the library, and even though it says 30C now, i did not feel it was that hot. some days when it was below 30C you can feel it very badly, very sweaty, and the air has this oppressive feel to it, but today it was not so. perhaps the library was cool, and the bus was cool, and i was under the trees near the tate britain where the hollyhocks are. and traffic around here is very low.

in the past when i see people with curtains drawn, i used to think what pussies they are because it is never so hot that we want to keep out the sun warming the place up. but today i had to draw the curtains in my living room, to prevent the sun heating it up too much. so i have joined the ranks of the pussies who keep their curtains close. also, the bright sun coming in makes it really difficult to see my laptop screen.

i suppose we should all enjoy this heat, but i think too much of a good thing is not good. but whatever… life is what it is, and if it wants to make a heat wave over uk, so be it. 

32.1C sunny 4.58pm.

cannot quite believe my weather website saying it is 32.1C.added 9.16pm, it seems it hit 33C today

i was out just now, went to the asda just as an excuse to go out. it did not feel that hot. though there was a lot of glare from the sun reflecting off the walls of the buildings.


i got a pack of strawberries, asda was selling a lot of them,  but they were not very sweet.  those i bought were reduced from 98p to 69p for 300mg. the sales woman was just putting them out on display when i was there. that is why i decided to replace the one i got from the £1.09shelf for it. when i got back and ate them, they were still very good, not bruised or soft… i thought that by now they should have ripened a lot, but they were not sweet. there were lots of packs at unreduced price of £1.09p. they dont look bright red, so maybe not ripened fully yet.  added. 9.18pm. i saw an advert on tv just now saying they were £1.29p. so why the disparity with the actual price in the shop?

 i have thought there will be lots of summer fruits, like cherries, strawberries, raspberries, etc, glutting the market; but it is not so. or rather, only strawberries seem to be abundant. and if what i ate is typical, it is not sweet. i wonder why?

i have heard so much about english strawberries being small but sweet. but not the ones i ate today. perhaps it is not typical of the batch, or it might be too early to be picked. ah well, that is the thing about fruits. if you dont pick them early, they get too ripe when they arrive at the shops and they go all soft and blotchy and look too ugly.

long ago we used to go to the farms to pick strawberries, and i would pick and eat them… i think you are not supposed to do that. you are supposed to pick them and then have them weighed and you then buy them. but that time, i was new to uk, and so i thought that was the whole idea of it, wasn’t it? pay to go into the farm and eat as much as u like…now i realise it was not supposed to be like that, and i was glad i was not caught out and be scolded for it. haha. but perhaps in those days, things were cheaper, and what we paid to go in, paid for whatever we could eat as well. there were maize plants as well, and i remember the fresh corn eaten off the cob was so sweet. before that, i have never eaten fresh corn, having only eaten them when they are cooked. i never knew u can eat them raw.

i have fond memories of the fruit gluts that we can get in malaysia when the time for it comes round. like for eg, the durian glut, oh how we can gorge , an orgy of gorging on the fruit. or when it is rambutan season, or duku, langsat. and in times of old, mangosteens. the latter is no more now, gone are those happy days when mangosteens are plentiful. it is a sad fact, that only when it is over, and you look back on it, do u appreciate how good it was. during the time when it was abundant, i never realise how good it was, nor that it will be gone in future. i wonder what are the things now that we take for granted, which are abundantly available, will become so scarce that we wont be able to enjoy in future. 

and i noticed the £1 offer for the 1kg lancashire farm yogurt is now over, and they are selling for £1.40 now. well, all good things must come to an end i suppose. 

added. 9.36pm. you see what i mean when i say good things come to an end. i just got an email from talk talk, telling me that the free sim for my mobile phone where i got free calls will end 8 sept. if i still want it it will cost me £3 a month. unlike now when it is free to me. but i dont think i want to pay for it. even though they said they will give me 4G. it is 3G now. frankly i have no idea how much better it will be , as i dont know what the 4G means. but i dont make a lot of calls even now even thought it is free. i hardly use up the 200 mins i get free each month.  so no point i think.

i stick with talktalk because of the free broadband included in the package, and it is the cheapest package around at £20 a month. i am happy with that because the broadband allows me to access catch up tv, and hd and the free tv programs in hd. that is good enough for me, not forgetting it allows me to be online all the time on my laptop. its got to the stage now that i cannot do without broadband. it has become essential. i can remember in the past i would be saying broadband is not important and i can live without it. not anymore , i am hooked .

haha. i will miss the free calls on the phone, but they are not essential.

5 Jul

london 1.01pm 28C sunny thursday 2018

i am at home now and saw a newspaper article saying victoria station is closed today… in that no trains are running there due to a power cut in streatham. but i was there only this morning, at about 12pm. i did not notice anything was wrong, because there were people about, it was not deserted… and i did not bother to look at the destination board. otherwise i would be able to see whatever.

i can be very unobservant actually. i mean imagine going through there and not be aware of any disruption.  but there was no crowds, that is what i meant to say… usually when trains are cancelled or whatever, there will be masses of people hanging about. i guess by the time i went there, they will have told people no point hanging around here. no trains are running so u might as well go elsewhere.  added. this link shows that not all trains are cancelled or delayed. only the gatwick and southeastern line. southern line is as normal. so that explains why there were still quite a lot of people about. 

even so there were quite a lot of people about so much so that i thought everything was running.

i went to the eating food court, to see if kfc got their double down burger… i heard they have introduced it only for this month, till 22nd. it is a double chicken portion that acts like two buns. i saw they have only a combined meal on the menu board , you get it with fries, and a soft drink for £6.29p. i asked them if they will do one without the fries and drink, and they said it will be £5.49. though no mention of it on the notice board. so not much difference in price. in other words, anyone wanting one might as well go the whole hog and get the fries and drink. which must be the intention with the way it is priced. it looks rather good.

in this link they were charging £4.79p when they introduced it last year (though i did not notice it last year. again shows how unobservant i can be).

now it is £5.49… pity that. if it were the old price i might buy one. but unfortunately my innate sense of value for money makes me compare it with what i can get for £4. in sainsburys,a frozen pack of 2.5kg chicken pieces which i can cook any method.

in fact, i returned home and got cooking a curry with half of that bag of frozen chicken. and to make it even better value, i used a pack of creamed coconut which i got 50g for less than 5p…so i was not tempted to buy that double down burger. 

thoughts on a warm day

5 Jul

london 5.36am 18C sunny but clouds, thursday 2018

yesterday i was hoping for rain, because it was forecast, but it never did get any and i was hanging out in chelsea,(for my circuit training) and westminster. it was cooler, and cloudy but no rain. this morning i see an article that says wimbledon tennis was interrupted by rain. it never ceased to amaze me that the rain in london is so selective. i would have welcomed rain yesterday, but then that is life, when u want rain it never comes, and it will fall on areas where it is not welcomed. nevertheless, yesterday was very pleasant because it was cooler.

also, in the same article, they were talking of flying ants. none of that where i live so i am not aware of this invasion.  so it looks like that is selective invasion happening again in london.

i think they are termites, because they go through a life cycle where they fly to mate. in malaysia we get to see it, they pair up and fall to the ground, where they shed their wings and the pair would scuttle off into the undergrowth, or across the living room floor, to wherever they go to enjoy married bliss. haha. and produce lots of babies. during that time, we will get to walk about with flying insects getting into our eyes, and then seeing their wings littering the ground. they dont bite, thank goodness. but it is interesting that a tropical phenomenon like flying ants, should come to london.

and i have heard of people saying they have mosquitos biting them. how odd, dont you think? to see mosquitos in london. i know it happens, because i saw mosquito larvae breeding in stagnant water in a garden in tooting broadway, in the garden of a house where a charity used to cook food for HIV people.  i was one of those who distributes the food to them. that system of bringing food to them in their homes has been replaced by another system, where they have to go to a place to eat communally with others, and so at a stroke they got rid of volunteers like us as we are not needed anymore. it was not efficient, using a lot of cars to drive to everyone’s home to give them one meal each time. so it was not surprising that they changed their method of operation.

i can still remember that time when i saw the mosquito larvae rising up to breathe  and falling back into the depths , and wondering why i did not turn the containers upside down and get rid of the water trapped in them, and their larvae. i never thought of that. at that time, all i could think of was wishing i got oil to spread over the surface, like they do in malaysia , with kerosene.

i wonder if that practise is still used nowadays… you have a man with a kerosene tank on his back and he would operate a pump to spray it on vegetation and any place where stagnant water can collect. most especially on the bananas trees.  these men were quite a common sight when i was growing up.

2 Jul

london 10.03am 24C sunny monday 2018 . in my gp clinic waiting for my prescription to be filled.

well, nobody can say this summer we did not have one. haha. it is well and truly settled in and so early in the year too. one would expect it to come in august, not so early like now. still there is a good chance that it will all go by august. i think by that time, we will all be glad to see the last of it, and be more than ready for the cool of autumn.

so far for me anyway, it is very pleasant. the hayfever is quite mild for me. and the heat is not too uncomfortable in my flat, and elsewhere, there are lots of airconditioned spaces, like in the buses, and in the supermarkets, and shopping centres and in the libraries,  so that if i wish, i could be spending time in there and be very comfortable. 

2.45pm inside the virgin lounge it is pleasingly cool in here.



hotmail changes

1 Jul

london 10.14am sunny 18C sunday 2018

i wonder if anyone else has experience of the new outlook hotmail format changes.

yesterday my outlook hotmail account, one of them, changed to the new update that they have been telling me for some time. i have not opted for it, as i was happy with the old way. i thought i shall let them force me into it and yesterday it came.

as usual i was confused by it. they split the screen so that when u click on a email message, instead of it opening full screen to show its full message, it uses half the screen and it was so small you cannot read it. this one really put me off, but fortunately after clicking around, i found the setting button, and that allowed me to select to hide it…and that seems to make it open full screen like before.

the other change was a ‘favourite’ folder, that they put on top ahead of the usual folders which contain all the usual ones. which to me is just a extra bit to overlook. fortunately, i discovered a way to get rid of it. 

then an old thing that they introduced long ago which i could not get rid of when it first came out.  the inbox has  a ‘focused’ , and ‘other’ section. it was a bother, because the ‘other’ section carries an ever changing advert as an incoming email. but in fiddling around , i found a way to get rid of it. i now have just the inbox for all my emails that are from my stored address book. all other emails from anyone else goes to the junk section. and today when i got messages, that advert that always comes up in the inbox has gone as well. so it is a good thing, this new change . it allows me to find the buttons that got rid of the changes.

and not all the changes are bad…there is  one that i like, it is a button on the top left, that allows you to get rid of the side bar containing the folders… so allowing you to read the messages really full screen.

simon told me he lost his hotmail account, because he did not send messages from it and it seems that counts as it being inactive. i thought all you have to do to keep it active is to go into the account at least once every 3months or so… i go into it everyday and delete messages. i have two accounts, and i do send messages because john has my two hotmail addresses and he sends messages to both of them and when i reply i seem to have fulfilled the active account requirements.

i think also, they have reduced the size of the account. from 15G to 5G. they informed me of it a long time ago, so that is not a recent change…but since i am ruthless in deleting anything that is sent to me, i dont use up a lot of space and so it does not affect me.

oh, there is another change, they have removed the block button and replaced it with a spam button. in the past i have great satisfaction in blocking the junk messages everytime, and if you wish,  you can block the domain , so that all emails from that domain is blocked as well, but now with this spam button, i dont think i can do that anymore. perhaps it might be more efficient and not allow spam to get in  at all. gmail is very good at that, but hotmail is really hopeless at it. but maybe with this change, it might improve. 

oh another change that i did not like. they have removed the ‘delete all’ button. it is one that i use to delete everything in the junk. and it is great because it does not send  into the deleted section but disappears into the unknown. haha. and another thing, in the past, when my inbox is empty it says’you’re finished’, now it is more polite, and say ‘you’ve fully caught up’.