australia , it is another country

3 Dec

london 8.03am 8.4C drizzling rain. sunday 2017

if u sometimes wonder how the snowflakes can get away with it, it is because the law allows them to. this report, in the times newspaper but reproduced in this jmb website, tells how it is. you can spend £2.7 million worth on an overdraft and not be responsible for it. at first i thought it might be fake news, but it was reported in the times newspaper, a supposedly reputable newspaper… unless it is not the times in uk, but some dubious publication in an obscure country… haha. well, since the times has a paywall, i cannot verify it. but what about the source, it must be reported in a australian newspaper, so why is there not a link to that paper? i googled it and found out it is not the first time that someone has got away with it.

(actually the forteantimes forum seems very interesting. i will bookmark it…the forum picked it up in dec 2016 and linked to a report of it dated 13 dec 2016. so it is old news.)

and it was in australia too. seems australian courts want to teach the banks a lesson, if u give someone a huge overdraft by mistake, than u take responsibility for it and pay up, rather than prosecute the person. perhaps courts all over the world should do that… 

 it seems the daily mail got a more full account. so the times is not exclusive in its coverage of this. no one linked to the australian paper that first wrote it up… i wonder why? surely they should give some credit to the original source of it all… over here, in uk, if big businesses make a mistake and do it, the law always side with them… so it is a nice change to see the australian court side with the small person instead of the big banks. 


just what i do

2 Dec

london 7pm 7C dark now saturday 2017

earlier i was at canada water, a tube station just a stop from canary wharf. it is more residential, this area, and i was there to eat free dumplings and gyozo , from yum buns, a roadside cooking van that is set up by the london square developers outside their newly built flats there. there are 4 storey blocks of flats built over quite a large landscaped grounds.

it was nice food, but not many people went, less than 10 people. i met again with the couple who i see often at these free foodie giveaways. they told me of this one.  and we were asked by a chap with a camera whether we mind  to pose for a photo with the food and the staff of the van for their publicity.  we were not really that keen, but then i guess since they have given us the free food it would be impolite not to. and they were not pushy about us going in to look at the flats. later one lady ask us if we would like to look in. perhaps if they had come before the food handout, whilst we were waiting for the van to get ready to cook the foods, we might have been persuaded to go in and look around. but not after we had eaten. it would be interesting to see what kind of flat we would be getting for the money… though we have our own flats and like living in it, not to mention we would never be able to afford these flats anyway.

the food was two open buns, one with tofu, the other with belly pork. if u want vegetarian,  u get two tofu instead of pork. and two gyoza (fried dumplings) and a salad. and you get a choice of cold tea, or hot soup. it was very nice indeed.

as for the flats, maybe it might suit people who like living in low rise flats, rather than a high rise block of many storeys, esp when we hear so many stories of fire in these high rise and people trapped in them. it is within walking distance to canada waters, and the journey to westminster and green park by jubilee line is very quick. less than 30mins. i did not time it and it might well be 15mins.  and it is in zone 2. one of the guys tell me that the flats are from £500,000 for 1bed flats… to me it is still very expensive. here in uk no one talks of the square footage, just the number of bedrooms. not a good guide to how big the flat is. i would imagine anyone being attracted to the free food wont be in the market for these flats. but still it is nice of them to make the effort. and who knows my talking of it might give others ideas. i must say i am biased for central london. the area round vauxhall/ battersea, might be more suited… it is so central, but i just imagine it might not be possible to get anything decent for half a million pounds. haha. personally i will go for old flats, rather than new build. i think u might get more flat for your money if u buy old flats. but thank goodness i am not in the market to buy flats. 

life is very pleasant in london for me. today was sunny so with the nice crisp air i like it. 


encrypted email

1 Dec

london 8.33am 4.1C sunny friday 2017

i often hear of this, making your email secure by encrypting it, but never did get round to doing it. this morning i read this in my wordpress reader… about a company called protonmail being disappeared in the google search engine and only reinstated when they publicly tweeted google and when reinstated in google they were number 1 and 3 respectively . i guess by this publicity they will let more people know about them. i certainly did not know about them before. and they provide a free email service too… though a limited one… i was about to join in, but i just wondered does encrypt mean i might find myself shut out from my own emails, or from others… or others might find themselves unable to read my emails because of the encryption? i wonder if others might also have the same concerns, and maybe our concerns are not valid… it does not work that way. encrypted emails are a two way sword. they hide your email contents but they also enable terrorists to use it to hide their content….

you might say , well you cannot have it both ways, privacy means privacy for all, crooks as well, or terrorists… so i guess it means we shall just have to let them bomb us to bits… that is freedom, right? who was it who said something like i dont like what he says, but i will fight for his right to say it… well it looks like that person will have to die for defending that other persons right … or more probably he will get off alive, but it is us who will die for being in the way of a bomb or terrorist whose free speech he is defending… things are not very black or white, isn’t it? are terrorists allowed free speech so that they can plot to kill us without us being able to find out and stop them? is that the price of free speech and privacy? is providing encrypted emails to terrorists like providing them with guns…? giving them the tools to enable them to do their atrocities?

i ask all this, but really i am not really bothered. if it happens it happens. 

it is how you look at it.

30 Nov

london 11.39am 5.5C brightcloudy thursday 2017

simon alerted me that it is snowing outside just now. and sure it is… strange, the sky is so bright , even though it is a cloudy day, but the sun is shining through it, and is very bright… and the weather website says 5.5C, so it is not raining, and it is not cold, so why do i see small bits of snowflakes falling? amazing isn’t it? it is not a heavy snow fall.

the forecast have been warning of cold weather. i dont believe them, and still dont even though i see snow falling here. haha. ok , you will say it is just me, refusing to believe what i see, even when it is right there in front of me… ah well, it does not matter, because i dont feel cold, so there. so what if it is -15C who cares,right? i only get bothered if it affects me, and i am not affected. so we should put it in perspective, so what if the forecast is -15C and it does hit -15C at one stage, somewhere. it will not affect us if we dont live there, or  are indoors and out of it. haha. or if it is snowing and hails, if u are not affected, it does not matter.

i read this article today by someone who is sad at the things that she sees happening in her neighbourhood. she sees homeless people and is sad, then one of the homeless people there make a rude remark about her, and she is sad. then she sees a hipster sipping coffee outside one of the gentrified coffee places and she is sad… hmm, it seems it is how one looks at things  that needs adjusting… you cant sympathise with all the homeless, and then get sad when one of them shouts rude words at you… one goes with the other.

just like you hate the new urbanisation and gentrification of your area, which will reduce the crime in the area, whilst getting upset that you have been mugged so often in the past in that same neighbourhood. what do u really want? keep the muggings? consider it a price well worth paying that the area has no coffee shops and up market shops? keep the area lawless, after all muggers must have some place free for them to mug…

you have to ask yourself what is it you want. there are consequences to your choice. it reminds me of all the celebrities campaigning for taking in all the refugees, whilst not considering how others will have to pay for it… they themselves dont pay for it, even those who say they will take into their homes some refugees, they never do. but everyone else pays, in over crowded schools, waiting lists for everything because of the heavy demand on these services by the influx of new people. and being sad because of all this is counter productive. does your being sad help them? or does it make u feel guilty for being happy when u see all these things happening around you? dont be, if being sad does not help them, why be sad? or perhaps u feel it is exercising empathy if u feel sad for them… it makes u feel you are a caring person. well, i guess if it makes u feel that, i suppose there is a purpose in being sad. if it makes u feel good…so i guess being sad is a small price to pay for that feeling.

added. 5.28pm i had a peek at the weather website to see what the lowest temp today. it was 1.9C at about 7am this morning. i woke at 9am, so did not experience it when it happened. 

the strange death of europe, by douglas murray

28 Nov

london 2.23pm 10.7C sunny tuesday 2017

i read it in one sitting last night, its a real eye opener to the problems that beset europe now. he tells how europe has got itself into this situation now ,,, which is a huge invasion of islamic refugees whose religion makes them never able to integrate and take on european values, rule of law, equal rights to women and gays, and minorities, and that the future will just mean a lot more of them, when their children grow up, and they make up a larger proportion of the population. they will start to influence the politics and vote in people who will ride their agenda. it is an invasion by islam of europe that has been defeated in the middle ages, but now is well on the way to succeed.

many of his critics will still want to deny it will happen. and may well criticise him for saying it. they want to kill the messenger rather than hear the message. even me can see he is right.

if u have often wondered why europe has been so puzzling in its liberal helping of the terrorists who kill their citizens. only reacting when they start to kill, rather than stop them before hand, this book might come some way to explain why .

though now it has happened, i cannot see how europe can escape… i think he is right that it will be the death of europe… in the sense it is the death of european culture. it is inevitable that the population will be majority muslim in the future. 


26 Nov

london 10.01am sunny 10C sunday 2017

paddington library 11.47am 12.1C coldest today was 4.1C around6.50am

i was early to the library, which does not open until 11am, so i went into the waitrose nearby, which allows shoppers to go in 10mins or so before it opens to browse around. i saw  reduced price veg, beansprouts 35p, brocolli 39p, and even lots of reduced pack of 8pork sausages 454mg 59p.(usually £1.20) and i got a free coffee as well. so that was a nice shopping trip. seems like it might be good to go early. but these reductions are hit or miss really, depanding on what they got expiring today. added. the sausages are actually very good. there was no oil coming out of them when i cook them, so they did not have that oily look about them, and they were delicious. 

life is quite pleasant for these unexpected reductions. otherwise the general world and local news is rather depressing. it doesnot affect me personally, but the doom and gloom rather can get to you, if u let it. that is why i skip the news a lot when i am reading the papers. i guess by their very nature, news will be gloomy and bad… otherwise it wont be reported. good news are not really worth printing out.

sometimes if they were to adopt a policy of only writing about good news, i have a feeling it will still be depressing… because it will make those who read it look at their lives and compare with all the good news around and feel they are failures. whereas all this bad news can make some people feel happier, in that they are not affected and so be happy that they are not experienceing all that bad times that other people are going through.

i think most people feel happy or sad in relation to others around them. and the skill lies in keeping a sense of perspective, and not allow sad people or sad events to influence you too much.

added.when i got back i started cooking the sausages, the other 3 packs i frozed. (yes, i went back to the waitrose after the library and bought another 2 packs. ) and simon came back, so he was able to eat that with the stir fried ho fun noodles and beansprouts (char kuey teoh, we chinese call it) that i cooked. and we were both seeing a tv program while we ate, and it was a very funny one. an episode of ‘would i lie to you’. one of them says he can split an apple in half with just his hands. the others have to guess if he is telling the truth or not. they said he is telling a lie. but he was in fact telling the truth… and demonstrated it. simon says his mum would do it and split the apple with her bare hands … so that we two say it was true. but if simon had not told me his mum does it, i too would say it is a lie. i have never seen anyone do it in my life till now. amazing isn’t it that it can be done. the whole program was very funny and we laughed out  loud. it feels so good to have a good laugh, makes life more happy. 


the basic range is just as good as own brand

25 Nov

london 5am 4C dark outside. saturday 2017

i buy the basic range as much as possible, instead of the supermarkets own brand products. i have long suspected they are similar quality. today i read this article saying it is so. it is not surprising to me, but now they have proof of it and this article has revealed it,  i think the supermarkets will now remove their basic products.

the branding of the basic products and putting them in packages  that dont look nice is to deter the status conscious shopper make them think it is inferior;  and so make them too ashamed to be seen with those products when they check out at the till. but now that everyone knows they are just as good as the own brand names , it might make those status seekers overcome their prejudices and take the basic products. that is why i say the outcome of this is the supermarket stop the competition with their own name brands by taking the basic products off the shelves. 

even now a lot of basic products have gone. the most effect of this policy on me is the removal of tesco’s basic milk powder. it is no more, and so i have lost a real cheap product. 500mg for £1.15. now the cheapest i can get is sainsburys 300mg for £1.65. sainsburys have long ago stopped having basic brand milkpowder. it might be it has become very expensive to make. i think it is made in europe and so with the £ exchange rate dropping they cannot get it cheaper anymore.  what i might hope is that they can source this outside europe when we leave the EU, and tariff on those will be removed.

but even though increased in price, it is still cheaper than buying fresh milk, which goes off real quick, unless you freeze them, which brings in its own bother, like having to anticipate how much u need and  remove them from the freezer so that they thaw.  

added. 10.19am 10.8C sunny. woke up just now and it is sunny out. looking at the lowest temp today i see it was 3.4C at about 5am…. i was awake then, but did not feel it was that cold in the flat. they were predicting it to be 1C, but i know it seldom get to that in central london.

as i am typing this, i am looking at my kitchen curtain hanging to dry, draped over my door to the living room. i find it a great place to dry them. i use them to dry my bedsheets, and duvet too… and was reminded that a few days ago simon told me, the wind was so strong, it sucked the curtain out of the window and ripped the rail right out so one side of the window has no curtain now.

i thought that was amazing, but there was no reason to doubt simon. he knows i am not too bothered even if he accidentally pulled it too strongly and broke it. i think the curtain rail cannot take too much sideways force, downward forces it can resist. it must be quite a strong wind. as usual, i slept through it all, or rather, the bedroom window was closed so no wind there. so i would not notice.

i doubt i will replace the rail. i notice the lack of the curtain makes the kitchen lighter. and we still have one side with its curtain, so it is still possible to cut out sunshine from one side. though i am not that kind of person who likes to keep the room in the dark. i like sunshine shining it. even though it can make viewing the screen in the laptop quite difficult. sometimes when i see rows of windows with their curtains drawn, preventing the sun from shining in, it makes me wonder why people have windows and then block out the light. they cant all be typing on their computers right? or sleeping. i bet it is the same people who complain of SAD… seasonal affective disorder… it is similar to people who complain of the cold whilst wearing very little clothing… added. 10.37am, oh look, just when i finished writing the last bit, i had a look at the  outside temp in this weather website and see it is 12.7C, risen so much just like that. 

Digital StillCamera

the tagliatelle with chicken mushroom sauce. another of simon’s creations. he uses a can if mushroom soup to make the base sauce. and add pieces of chicken. its a quick way of making something to eat.