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an ordinary day

10 Nov

london 3pm 13.8C raining saturday 2018

simon was about to go out and he asked me if it will be raining. so i told him what the weather forecast website said, that rain is expect at 5pm. so he decided to bring the umbrella. just as well he did, because i looked out when i was writing this and remembered to look at the ground instead of just at the sky. the sky was blue actually, with bits of dark cloud, but the ground showed me it was wet, and with puddles of water lying around. so it had been raining, and it is not 5pm. its not a day to go out really. though earlier this morning i went out to the library to read the saturday papers. it is something to do, because the papers are not really that interesting to read.

when i got back i noticed he had repaired our toilet flush, so that it did not drip anymore. the stop cock valve to shut off the water when it got full was not working. i  just solved it by letting it drip and collect the water inside the flat, rather than let it go out of the outlet pipe to splash out into the courtyard and make the neighbours report it to the management. he managed to replace the stop cock with a new one. and it works fine now. well, it is nice to have someone who knows how to DIY with plumbing . maybe schools should teach these simple DIY skills. it is just how to reassemble new parts, because basically it is old parts getting worn down and need replacing. added. it is raining now. quite heavily too. 

added 9.27pm 10.3C rain. it has been raining all night and forecast to last till 9am tomorrow. quite heavy rain too, makes me glad to be indoors and not have to go out.