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what’s happening?

24 Jun

london 6.58pm wednesday 2015

I passed by the victoria coach station this morning on my way to the library and saw a huge long queue winding round the building. and these people were laden with bulky knapsacks. what’s up? i guessed it must be the glastonbury crowd going there, and sure enough when i googled it to find out when it starts, it starts today to 28june. the farm it is being held is quite remote, so i guess these are special buses. they are all young people, not a grey hair in sight.

i dont envy them. all that mud is not what i like. haha. and you can hardly hear any music and what u hear is mightily distorted. it is the atmosphere, i know, and meeting others of like mind. i get it. but i am mighty glad i am not one of them. haha.

added. 26.6.15 found out it costs £220 for the whole weekend for glastonbury. and all 135,000 tickets sold out in 26mins. amazing really!!!

i wanted more salad ingredients, so decided to take the bus 38 to soho, where there is a co-op supermarket in brewer’s st. they are doing a special promotion of 39p veg, and whilst there i saw a cauliflower reduced to 55p. the lettuce was what i wanted. iceberg lettuce are simply the best salad ingredient. it is the crunchiness of it i think that appeals to me. it is tasteless, that means it just picks up whatever dressing you put to it. i use the tesco basic mayonnaise, which i think is the best mayonnaise i have tasted. the vinegary taste of it is just right. i have beetroot and melon at home, ( tesco is doing a special on melons 69p each no matter what the size, and the promotion has just started i think, because i could see some huge sizes in the pile, and got to pick the biggest… haha. the price is not based per kg)and added to the salad they make a fantastic combination. that is the nice thing about salads, they just allow you to add any thing u can think of , simon happened to have some ham, so i added to it as well. just perfect.

thank goodness the westend has nothing happening, so traffic was flowing smoothly. it is fascinating to see the waltz of the traffic flow, with the traffic lights changing just when the road ahead is full, and so allowing a gap through which  the contra flow traffic can proceed without obstruction. this is in piccadilly circus. whoever set up the timing of the lights must be a genius, unless of course they use sensors that tells if the road ahead is full, and changes the light. i would not be surprised if that is the case, computers can do things like this so easily dont they?

of course there is the usual pedestrian mad men who just walk across the street without looking. these two tourists, a man and woman, must be from america, they just blithely walked in front of the car, near trafalgar square; they were saved from being mowed down by the car braking sharply. but they did not even reacte, not even look round , just carried on walking leisurely looking in the opposite direction to traffic and  facing straight ahead, like they own the road, or like they  were not even aware of their near death escape. tourists!! and they joined their friends on the other side and start posing for pictures. haha. blissfully unaware at all of their near death. their souls dont want to leave their bodies i guess.

i am afraid i too am guilty of this unawareness. and i have to say it must be my soul and the other driver that dont want us both to be involved.

it was on another day it happened.  it was near the sainsburys in pimlico. they have a car park with an exit and entrance that is quite hidden. usually i am aware of it, and pause before i cross to make sure no cars come up from the underground car park, but this time i was day dreaming, and walked right across the entrance and only when i was midway did i look to my right and saw a car coming towards me. it was far enough not to have to break suddenly to avoid me, and i thank my soul and the other driver’s for not wanting to kill me. a few  second later and i would have crossed just when the car is on me. i dont know why they dont put up something there to warn pedestrians of a hidden exit. but it does make me think that if the soul wants to leave the body it will engineer it, and that is that. if it does not, than you will avoid death by a split second. or it goes the other way, and u just hit that point at the same split second that the other comes up to it. what are the chances of that happening do u think? of all the seconds that u can both miss each other, and there are plenty of those seconds, but no, both chose to hit that spot at exactly that one second…. if u tell me that is not the souls wanting it, i wont believe you.

i was thinking about my life, and i realise i have the life of a rich man. just consider this… i have all the time in the world to do nothing or everything. i have no one to tell me what appointments i have to make, nor responsiblities i have to shoulder. my time is mine to spend as i wish. isn’t that the mark of a rich man? or rather what is the point of being so rich if u cannot even have a fraction of what i have? right?

Three Of Britain’s Most Dangerous Pedestrian Crossings Are On Oxford Street | Londonist

4 Jun

Three Of Britain’s Most Dangerous Pedestrian Crossings Are On Oxford Street | Londonist.

not really surprising. my bus often crosses that street, and i have seen the behaviour of pedestrians. there are so many of them, so inevitably they make their own rules. when traffic is stuck, they cross the street even when it is red for them.

i cannot really blame them, esp when so many are foreigners and as a tourist myself, when i am in a foreign country i too dont really know the rules, and just follow others, and if one person walks across when it is red, many automatically follow.

now the pedestrian lights have a count down, which is much better in telling how much time u have to cross it. not sure if they have installed that in the oxford st crossings. it would help.

added 3pm, i have got back from there. went there after the library to see what is happening in st christopher place, which is just off oxford st, near debenhams. they are doing some kind of charity event , sun was shining and everything looks summery. a lot of comments say they should pedestrianise oxford st, but i was really glad for the buses. it brought me right there, and after i had wandered around selfridges (£330 for a hoodie jacket, prices have really gone up since i last was there , 5yrs ago i think). it is just very nice to go to the bus stop for all buses going to picadilly circus, separate bus stops for buses going left  to kingscross and others going straight on to tottenham court road and holborn.

there were so many buses going right to picadilly circus, it is like a chauffeur service, u can get one so easily, and you can just enjoy the ride not having to fret at the slow progress, as the meter is not ticking away. the traffic was moving well, it consists of only just buses and taxis, no private cars. so i am not in favour of making it pedestrian only.

it is a long walk to get from one end of oxford st to the other, so buses to take u from one end to the other is just great.  after exhausting yourself trekking all over the department stores, you will be glad of them.

Digital StillCamera

i saw the three arabic ladies pushing an empty baby pram, but there was no baby in there… rather funny that, i was thinking of lady bracknell asking   ‘miss prism, where is the baby…’

Orient Thai plunges from sky after engine fails

3 Apr

Orient Thai plunges from sky after engine fails.

when i saw the headlines i thought oh no, another air crash. but luckily for these passengers the plane was able to keep flying.

i have flown many times and all those times, it just never occurred to me that the plane can crash. after all they keep telling us flying is safe.

i have stopped flying now , because i just didn’t feel like flying overseas for holidays anymore; but i know in all my life,i have changed directions without waiting for a near disaster to make me change my ways. so i wonder sometimes whether it is my soul dont want me to experience these near crashes and decide to take me away from these.

will any of the passengers get scared off flying or will they just carry on as usual? do all these reports of near plane disasters and actual plane crashes make people more scared of flying, or not?

sometimes i wonder if all these internet news and seeming emphasis on reporting of  plane accidents and mishaps makes us more subjected to anxiety for something that may be quite rare in fact. have you noticed that reports of deaths in car crashes and accidents dont seem to make everyone feel that it can happen to them? at least it does not with me. yet when i hear of plane accidents it is very different.

added. the coconut article was a reblog of the dailymail article and that was a reblog too. and now i am reblogging it. oh dear it is so easy to propagate a story like this, and it seems i am part of the circus as well. ah well, that is the internet and the connectiveness of things for you. haha. one of the commenters said the so called plunge is a steep controlled descent. one dont know who to believe really, but if true it does make this daily mail article quite scaremongering. the daily mail is prone to do sex up things and make them more than what they are in the headlines just so to make people click on it to read.