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ad blockers

8 Feb

london 7.25am 8C cloudy monday 2016

adblock plus is a program that allows us to block ads. whoever came up with it is a genius. because it got so successful,

Developed 10 years ago and downloaded hundreds of millions of times, the open-source software Adblock Plus is one of the most popular ad-blocking programmes, aimed at preventing intrusive adverts from popping up on the screen and tracking a user’s search history for commercial ends. link

they are trying to come up with a solution by holding this summit meeting with publishers to thrash out a solution. one wonders if it can be done.

 it is now  able to tell the publishers who rely on revenue from ads to pay  money to it so that its ads are allowed to go through. google and amazon has paid up, but the others have bulked at this ransom note as it were. haha.  it does sound like a racket and a con, doesn’t it? being a middle man to whom all the others have to buy off… if they all pay it, then adblocker plus is no better than not having it. u might as well not have it. 

we all have cause to be irritated by ads popping up, but i think the ad people have got an answer to it; will adblock plus stop those ads that are embedded inside videos, so that u either have to wait and forced to see a 30sec ad before the main topic is shown, or what they are doing now… show a small section of the main topic and then jump to the ad…i think adblock plus does not block those ads.

when that happens to me, either a 30sec ad, (if it is 15secs i shall tolerate it)or a in- between ad,(of any length) i would just close the whole thing down. i prefer not to watch that video at all. i wonder how many people do like i do? maybe not many. haha;. this whole question of ads, how intrusive they are , how long they should be, etc is a huge concern to those in the website business. ads are the major source of funding for these websites. ad blockers threaten this money source.

not to mention many of us will avoid the ads if we can, even though it pays for our free access to those sites. i know , we are not a grateful bunch of people, haha. we get it free and dont even want to help them get paid by watching their ads.

i mean we could just put our speakers on mute and go browse somewhere else whilst it plays. you dont even have to watch it really, just let it play out… they wont know and the website can get paid… but we still dont want to do it… at least i dont want to do it. i have asked myself why, but cannot come up with a sensible answer. other than just dont want to. haha.

our future will be bombarded with ads

11 Jan

london 8.07am 7.8C cloud monday 2016

some interesting stuff in this roundup in overspill. it warns that panasonic smart tv TC-PVT50 series has got a start up banner ad come up whenever u switch the tv on, and also when u change the volume . hmm, we are now finding out that having a smart tv is not that great. haha.

from this post i found out that hdtv was first showcased in ces (consumer electronics show) in 1998. it took me about 16 yrs to get it in my home. 

simon nearly bought a smart tv during the sales in january last year. he thought he bought one, but found out later that it is not a smart tv, ( i think if it were me, i would not have realised, and carried on with it still thinking i got a smart tv, and i think a lot of people may be fooled that way too)and told the company, and they admitted they gave him the wrong model, but the smart tv on the sale that he wanted has sold out, so they asked him if he wants a refund or get a reduced price for the ordinary HD 40″ tv he got. he opt for the reduced price, ( about £60 less, not a lot of difference, which means a lot will opt for a smart tv. it costs about £230 i think after the reduction. )and so we inadvertently got ourselves an ordinary HD tv, instead of a smart one.  

now i think we had the best of both worlds. with it i can see the programs on hi-definition and it really makes a difference in the picture quality.

 the tv works, in that i can get all the channels even when i have switched off my wifi. i have a feeling the smart tv would not work unless u are on the internet all the time. this one is not dependent on the internet to function. it just works via a box that connects the rooftop aerial, and gets the tv signal and converts it to HD. and we can see all the channels . it is only if we want to get iplayer, or see programs that are one hour old, or other programs shown allready, that we need to connect to the internet. or if we want to  pay for netflix, or get subscription channels , neither of which we are interested in. 

i have a feeling that being connected to the internet allows whoever is on the other end,to monitor what u use or see. at one time i read that they can even see you watching the tv, or hear what u say… i wonder what happen to that… did they stop it or are they still secretly doing it?

just monitoring your usage and what u watch is not in itself intrusive, i mean  u dont notice it so in that sense it is not intrusive, but still, it is nice to know that i can switch off the router, and see the tv anonymously.

and now with that panasonic smart tv, they can send u ads too, even when u are not watching any programs. 

but now i am made aware  from this mention that they are putting ads on the tv itself rather than link it to a tv program. it wont be long before the ads pop up within the tv, as an extra to the actual tv program u are watching. they do it when u change the volume, but they can do it when u change channels, or do any adjustment , like change colour , contrast, etc. 

all this so called smart tv , or smart gadgets means that u will be bombarded with ads wherever u have them. so u will have your fridge or toaster suddenly yelling at u in loud volume and splashy colour what the latest thing to buy. haha. 

but of course, you can escape all that if u dont buy smart gadgets. but i envisage a future when anything u can get free, or is offered free, will come with a caveat, that u have to watch the ads.right now we are allready getting a taste of it… our tv is full of ads in between the actual program. only the bbc is immune to it, but if they dont get any increased funding from the tv license, they may well be let loose  to advertise. 


controlling pop up adverts and videos that automatically start playing

24 Nov

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wordpress has a new feature  called discovery which replaces their ‘freshly pressed’.

i think it is really a good idea as it lets us find out new blogs .

i found one called the overspill, it gathers the items of interests all over the net . one of which is that EE is suggesting that mobile users given more control over the ads that comes up, like pop up ads, or videos that start up without warning (it happens with me too even though i get them in my chromebook… sometimes it is a video in the body of the article, which starts when u scroll down to it; other times it is elsewhere and i have to search all over the page to find where that ad is…all the time it is making noise at full volume… very irritating. sometimes the ad wont allow u to close it. when that happens i close the page or backarrow it. 

reading it , it makes me realise i am not the only one affected. haha. it seems i am not the target , the target is all the mobile users. and with their small screens they cannot escape it, as it blocks the whole screen and they cannot do anything else. at least with me, i can just hit the mute button and cut out the noise. the overspill editor said it is ad blocking. i suppose it is but if they dont control the ads, it will mean a lot of us will just switch off the page…(or maybe i am optimistic about the numbers of people who will do that. people like me are few.)

take for eg ads in news videos … before the item appears u are subjected to ads of varying length. with me, if that ad is more than 20secs long i close the whole thing, rather than continue to watch.

i wonder if there are others who do that too… maybe for ads that are 1 minute long.

it would depand on how tolerant they are… but to me, nothing is so interesting that i would sit through an ad of over 20secs.

so now if i am tempted to open up a video, i ask myself do i really want to see it? knowing there will be that ad to wait through. and many times i pass.

maybe i do that because i dont really like to see videos, they take such a long time to make their point. i rather read about it… that way i can quickly skip through till i get to the nub of what they want to say, without all the padding… and if i like the point i might go back and read their arguements or read more details about it.

i wonder if it is only me who do that. perhaps not, since videos are so popular now. maybe it is all due to mobile users, their small screens make it not easy to read, and so easier to see a video of it. 

that overspill page also contains one that explains why prince charles blames climate change for the syrian revolution. it seems drought of a severity that is unprecedented (hence the blame on climate change) cause so many farmers to leave their farm and move to the city to find work, causing price rises. (click on the heading in that link and it will bring u to the original website where a cartoon strip gives a graphic highly dramatic illustration.)

that explains why prince charles blames climate change. when i first read him in a news article, i thought he was overstating the case. personally i think droughts and floods are extreme variations that can happen, afterall dont they used to blame el nino or el nina? in the past those got blamed for any extremes. now they blame climate change. so what  has changed? fashion, i think, it is not sexy to blame el nino anymore. that is old fashioned. 

i have just realised that websites like overspill may be double edged. in that they aggregate news so people get to know of it, but at the same time, by being able to read it off site, these same readers are not directed to the original site. even the link i give is to the overspill site, and not the original website. why dont i link to the original site? too lazy , it involves a lot more clicking of links… i know my bad.