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than there was none

4 Sep

london 6.26am cloudy 11.9C friday 2015

today google featured joan aiken. 1924-2004. hmm, i have not read her. haven’t come across any of her books in the library, or maybe i was not looking. i shall browse her when i get to the library today.

her books are written for children, and gives alternate history. nowadays with all the rage about multiple  universe you could look on her writings as happenings in another timeline.

 spoiler alert. i finished the agatha christie book, than there was none. the film i saw had a different ending, and was not faithful to the book. i hear there will be a new film version coming out soon and it seems it is more faithful to the book but hopefully they will make it more modern. and produce a more polished version than the book. 

(but hope they dont make it too modern and introduce gay characters haha. though it will make it more interesting, it wont be in the spirit of agatha christie. it will change it into an entirely different book, or film.)

they are now saying 007 bond should be black, or gay, but really it wont be james bond anymore if they do. it will be some one else. so call him something else and makeup another story, rather than steal the james bond character. 

reading the book, it feels very dated. and the plot is very contrived… i cant help thinking it is not possible for people not to notice when someone is properly dead, rather than pretend to be dead.

someone in the guardian wrote that her book,  ‘the murder at the vicarage’ is a better book. it came out in oct 1930. strange that it should be more polished, or so he says, than this one, which came out later in 1939. unless of course as christie wrote in her biography, this one took a long time for her to cook up the plot. even then, it was very contrived.  i think the guardian writer  might be right, now that i have read the ‘than there was none’. i shall have to read the ‘murder at the vicarage’. i am afraid all these crime novels are very forgettable. maybe that is the attraction. you forget the plot so when u pick it up again and re read it, it feels like it is all new again. haha. at least it is so for me. 

added 10.46pm. 14.1C well, i have finished murder at the vicarage which i borrowed from the library today. i have read it before, but forgotten the plot. its a more accomplished plot. i am not really a fan of the crime novel, because it can be a quite convoluted read, with blind alleys and misleading information given to the reader not to mention all those police interviews and characters to remember who said what and where they were and what they did. confusing really and it is no different with this one, though it is rather a clever plot. i find it is the kind of read which is easy to do and will while away a rainy afternoon.crime novels are a bit like doing the crosswords, i think. finding clues and so on.

i dont think i have the temperament to like them.the plot can be too contrived sometimes and sometimes the motive is too far fetched. 

i also got joan aiken’s the wolves of willoughby chase. it is the first title in the saga. set in 1832 in a fictional english period where king james III came to the throne and a newly opened chunnel tunnel gives access to ravaging wolves. 

changing habits

3 Sep

london 7.38pm 12.9C, thursday 2015

i thought it will be difficult to change my habit of taking the bus everyday to the library. but i find it is not that difficult. i used to walk to the library, until i got my free bus pass, and so began to take the bus instead. but now i have reverted to that and find it was a nice habit, that walk to the library. it is enjoyable to walk, i get to see new things and observe more variety of people than just those who take the bus. of course for the two days i have been doing it it has been dry. i wonder if i will feel the same way about it when it is cold and wet. haha. i sent an email to the library informing them of the wifi situation. and got a reply today from them. they are looking into it, are aware of it, and can only ask that i use windows for now. well, my chrome dont have windows, and today in the library, a woman also could not use it, and she was using firefox. but the librarian switched her to safari, (she was using an apple laptop and seem to have all these other browsers installed) and it worked with safari.

ah well, i used the library computers when i want to get online, and i use their chrome installed in it, and it works so maybe it only do not work with chrome in private laptops.

i use the library computer to put in the daily mail unique numbers.

interestingly, my chrome wont allow me to log into the mymail website even when i am at home using my own broadband. i wonder why. it worked on my previous chrome browser, but since i had this new one installed, it seem to have blocked that mymail website, and only that one so far. well, that is the mystery of the internet for you. fortunately it is not crucial.

you could say that will teach me to use chrome, haha. if i had windows this would not be a problem. i guess u could say that, but for a lot of other reasons, i am still glad i got chrome.

the papers were saying they got a survey from agatha christie readers asking them what is the most popular story they like, and it seems ‘than there were none’ came first. it was originally titled ’10 little niggers’, but u can bet that must have raised a ruckus, and was soon got rid of.

it so happened after i read the article in the papers, the library return section got the paperback with that title so i borrowed it. rather good, as i have not read the book.

i have seen a film version of it on tv. quite a old film.it was in black and white so i know the plot. but it will be interesting to read her version. 

the book  was first published in 1939, and the characters seem to like calling everything ‘queer’, haha.