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why go on holiday to europe in august?

16 Apr


John , from poole, is going to capdagde, south france, for a 8day holiday in august. it will cost him £161 rtn fare flying easyjet fr gatwick to montpellier. which is 3hrs drive away. luckily for him, he said  his host has offered to fetch him from the airport. When i read that his host is driving to montpellier to fetch him i thought  maybe the host originally offered to fetch him from the airport because he expected john  would fly to beziers airport, which is the logical choice. it is only 30mins from agde. wont he get a shock when he finds it is montpellier airport. but perhaps i am too cynical. haha.  maybe he really dont mind driving all that way to fetch him and back.

At first i was puzzled why john wanted to fly from gatwick, as ryanair flies from luton to beziers, for (i checked just now) £106 rtn. (In fact when i checked the fare when he first told me of his plans, a few months ago, it was £75 rtn.) But i have noticed that john do not bother to save money. he is not rich but has a rich mentality. i dont blame him. i think most british people feel the same way as him. (hope that is not a genralisation. haha. but i am afraid I have noticed over the years  i know my british friends, that it is prevalent amongst my british friends. that is why i make that generalisation.)

then i realised why he chosed gatwick,  he can get a coach direct to gatwick from poole, and so dont have to come to london and go out again. but it does mean a bigger airfare and having to impose a 5-6hrs drive for his host in agde. I  like that my friends are so generous with their time, but i dont take advantage of them and expect them to drive 3hrs to montpellier when a 30min drive is available. but then it is me, maybe british people dont feel that way… taking the view that if u offer to help me, then u shall go out of your way to do so , otherwise it is not really worth my appreciation. if help is given when it is no bother to you, it cannot be that much of a help , is it?

added. i got a reply from john about why he chosed montpellier. it seems his host in agde recommended it. and the journey times by car is 25mins to beziers and 53mins to montpellier. though when i took the journey by taxi (shared with 3others and it still came to about 25euros each, and that was in 1996.) it felt longer. that was why i thought it was 2-3 hrs. it felt that long. of course these times are operative only if they dont get caught in a traffic jam.