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29 Apr


I just now realised how useful it is not to like alcohol drinks. my friends from usa have just come back from their short trip to europe, and  asked for ice, for their whisky, and i said i dont have any in the freezer, but we can start making some. so i dug out the freezer container and put it in the freezer with water. They will just have to wait till it freezes. I can see if i were a drinker of whisky i would want ice now. haha.

Though it is not always drunk with ice. simon likes his whisky and he dont bother with ice. so maybe u can make as much or as little botheration as you want. 

You can see that I am not a good host. haha. I expect my guests to make their own meals etc . haha. i dont mind, my guests will just have to take it and not mind. They can console themselves that they make me happy to host them as they are no trouble at all. 

but since i dont drink, i dont have to bother with all that… making sure i got a steady supply of ice would be the least of the botheration that liking alcohol would bring. A drinker will say,’ Ah, you have deprived yourself of one of god’s greatest inventions, alcohol’. and i suppose i have, but i guess i shall have lots of future reincarnations where i can be an alcoholic and indulge to my hearts content.haha. 

added. 1.5.14 my friend  went to the pub nearby to ask when they keep open for dinner, (10pm, and they went there at about 9.15pm and had fish and chips. it seems quite crowded with people at about 8pm when he went. and this is on a night of the tube strike. commuters i suppose waiting for the trains at vauxhall. it seems the west end and soho were dead at night during the strike days;  and just asked if they sell ice, not expecting them to do so, but it seems they sell ice. so he bought a bag. 

I find now that i dont seem to like anything that gives me botheration. things that i have to do. yet life is all about being bothered otherwise it is not living is it? Or so i thought. Obviously i dont think so anymore. now life is perfect if it does not involve any bother to me.

i wonder that maybe the reason why  i dont fancy all that alcoholic stuff now may be because in a previous reincarnation i have done it all. 

Today the tube strike starts in london. or rather it started last night at 9pm but this morning is when its effect is most striking. all those commuters will be caught out. but i was on the bus in the midmorning, about 1pm, and it was very quiet and like any ordinary day. i guess the main effects are felt in the morning and evening rush hours. I went to morrisons, because i was reading the mirror newspaper in the library and saw an advert by morrisons about their veg and fruits 3 for £1.50. so i bought oranges, celery and a pineapple. All three were just what i like and crave at this time. 

pineapple is a rare treat for me, usually i dont buy them at the normal price as they are not worth it. they have been imported come all this way and are not ripe. but as something that i eat now and then they are nice. i eat them for the sour sweet taste. the trouble of course is getting them just as they ripen, but it is not easy to judge when they are at that just -ripe stage.  this one is all right. though not as juicy as what we would get  in malaysia. but still very nice and reminds me a bit of malaysia.

Have you seen ‘the artist’ the film which won the oscars in 2012? It got best film. It was made to seem like it is a silent talkie movie. there was a lot of hype about that film, with the dog being praised. Well, i finally got to see it on tv.  i missed its broadcast in real time, for some reason i got caught up watching wall-E, the cartoon film, which was showing at the same time and which i have seen allready but missed the ending.  

anyway simon told me he saw that movie, the artist,  on the iplayer when he got back from work in the early morning and said it was very good. yesterday was the first time it is shown on terrestial tv. seems it takes 2yrs to get to the small screen. 

so he showed me how to plug the laptop to the big screen digital tv we bought recently. but we discovered that my old laptop had not got the input socket for it, so we used his laptop and i got to see the film. rather nice these days that there is the iplayer and u can see films u missed without having to  tape it. 

Well, after seeing the film, i have to say i did not see what the fuss was about. haha. was it really the best film that they can get that year out of all the competition? even the screen was grainy which disappointed me as i expect very high clear images nowadays from films. but maybe they were trying to mimic the grainy look of old films. anyway i would say the film was alright, but not that great that i would give it a best film accolade. 

My friends and i are watching old cliips of ‘you been framed’. lots of falling over and crashing. i find it painful to watch so that may explain why it is not my favourite program. 

Harvest 2013: its Bake Off with the fun bits taken out | Television & radio | theguardian.com

13 Sep

Harvest 2013: its Bake Off with the fun bits taken out | Television & radio | theguardian.com.

london .

I find this program, going on every day this week, extremely interesting. i think the reviewer here is deliberately courting attention by taking a contrary view just to get people reading his post. nothing like a contrary view to get attention. and he certainly achieved his aim, as i click on it to read it.

in the end, he had to admit it is an interesting program. never knew that carrots can be left in the ground to hibernate and be harvested in winter. unlike potatoes. if u have ever wondered how they can still have supplies of potatoes, carrots, right throughout winter, you will know it now.

potatoes seem to be a fussy grower… i get that impression, but maybe it  only appears to be from the format of the program,

and it is shocking to me that they put back the broccoli into the fields if there is a glut. i know even in supermarkets, broccoli must be eaten quick or they ripen and go brown. but as one commentator said, who lives in new zealand, where they sell off surplus fruits and veg in the local market at rock bottom prices, they dont do that in uk. instead they plough it back into the soil. what do they do with the tomatoes i wonder? make canned tomatoes perhaps?

in the past, i know i can get bags of tomatoes that are overripe for  £1 in brewer st, not any more. now they sell measly worn out old looking veg in a bowl for a £1 . nobody buys them. so who are they fooling?

and with this good weather this year, u would think they would get a record harvest, but no, it seems the awful winter,(or so they tell us though personally i find that winter quite mild) and the cold spring and the hot dry summer is not good for wheat.

growing barley is a better bet, as it is turned into whisky, so the canny scots do it. haha. barley grows better in scotland anyway but the whisky means it is sold like 100x, 1000x when it is turned into whisky. unlike wheat, which even at its premium quality can only be turned into bread, and you cannot charge a lot for bread, nobody will buy it. but whisky, well u can charge whatever u like, there will be lots of addicts who will buy it. if they can find a way to turn wheat into alcohol…

the barley should not have too much nitrogen fertiliser added to the fields, it seems, as it then reduce the carbohydrate in the seeds, and because carbohydrate is turned to alcohol, that means less alcohol in the whisky.

maybe the next program coming up about fruits might give a rosier picture, as the fruit trees may like these conditions.

Added. 16.9.13 yep, the fruit harvest this year is much better than last year. though i doubt we as consumers will see lower prices in the supermarkets for fruit. they will plough the fruits into the fields rather than sell it cheap to us.