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allergic to food

8 Oct

london 12.16pm 14.9C cloudy pret in victoria coach station. monday 2018

recent news of two young people who died eating in pret. they had extreme allergies to ordinary foodstuff and it seems because pret prepares it own food in the premises they dont have to be strict about labelling everything in their ingredients. the law allows them. but now they are going to go beyond the law and bring in strict labelling of everything. i did not know that places like pret that prepare their own foods, dont have to list everything. that means anyone with extreme allergies should not eat at these places at all… the place i am in is inside the coach station building, and is busy so most people seem not to be worried.

the numbers of kids who are that allergic must be very small. that might explain why most people dont seem to be put off going to pret. but of course when one of them die from it, it is big news. it is strange that when i was growing up we never hear of such cases.

nor do i have friends who have such extreme allergies. i personally only know of one, a chinese friend from hongkong who is allergic to prawns. but not enough to die of it. he just gets a ticklish throat. i think he knows not to eat any prawns at all. but it is not so severe that he gets an anaphylactic shock. that will kill him.

what is it about modern life nowadays that we get kids or older people for that matter having such extreme allergies to ordinary foodstuffs? or is it just easier to get news of those who have died of it. now with news being able to be flashed up as soon as it happens, we get to hear of these things. so not so much more people dying of it, but more notice taken of such deaths.