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26 Aug

london 4.09pm 34.9C sunny. bankholiday monday 2019

can’t quite believe the website saying it is now 34.9C. and the highest temp so far. feels cool in the flat, thank goodness. haven’t been out since i came back and took a nap at about 1.30pm.

went out earlier after my friend who had arrived from usa for a month’s visit came to the flat and i let him in. so after he came i felt i can go out and get the free jack fruit burrito , today is the last day of that every -monday offer by tortilla. i arrived early and was told it does not start till 11am. in the past mondays i have always arrived after 11am, so was not aware of this condition. 

so since i was early i went to the concourse of victoria station, and charged up my chromebook. i have this theory that my electricity have gone up because i have stopped charging it up in public places and charged it at home. i cant imagine my chromebook uses much electricity to charge up, but still, it might. but also i noticed that its charge goes down overnight, even though i press the power off button. i think it is because when i close the lid , it continues to send signals to find wifi to connect to. at least that is my suspicion. i am trying to find an explanation for this power drain. so i now disconnect the wifi before i close the lid on my chromebook.

so it is possible that because of this , i am continuously discharging the battery, even though it is closed… it is a bit like a smartphone, or even my ordinary mobile phone continuously sendng out signals to try to connect with any wifi in the area, and if u were in the tube, where u dont have wifi, it will continuously send out bursts of signal to find it. that explains why when u are in the tube and have the mobile phone on, its power gets depleted so quickly… that is my theory, anyway… can anyone tell me that what i am saying is nonsense and it does not work like that??? haha. then explain why the battery is drained even when i have the chromebook off overnight.

woke at 3.15pm. and browsing the net and saw a article about the craze for expensive water bottles in usa. i got to there from a link from this article about someone who tried goop (the actress paltrow website) who says she began to stink after taking the well being vitamins and stuff she brought in her goop store. not sure if those articles are a joke or something. haha. but it did remind me that i too got a water bottle made of aluminium. it is a free bottle given out by itsu, made of aluminium, which makes me worry a bit about it leaking into the water, since i am familiar with that scare going around in malaysia about dementia brought about by aluminium pots in those automatic cooking rice . i wonder if that scare is still on or have been disproved. i am still using one of those rice cookers with aluminium cooking pots. i had it since i came to uk about 40yrs ago. and now i am drinking water from a aluminium container and storing water in it too.