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just another day in london

12 Mar

london 5.08pm 9C sunny thursday 2020

this morning just when the bus c10 came to take me to the pimlico library, it suddenly hailed small pellets of ice in a ice storm. quite nice to see, esp since we were under shelter in the bus, to see all this ice pellets hitting the pavement. it was not sustained, soon the ice came down as rain. 

so this must be the snow storm they were telling us to expect. the strange thing was it did not feel cold, so it must have been a cloud burst of rain over a localised cold spot. now it is all blue sky and sunny, with the sun setting. sunset is 6.01pm, (sunrise was 6.21am this morning).

today, trump announced banning all europeans, except uk and ireland from entry into usa. citing as his excuse that all the infection was brought in by foreigners coming from europe, (and before that from china and s.e.asia.)

uk have  590 cases and 10 deaths, 20 in intensive care; (estimate 5000 to 10000 allready infected with mild symptoms and not tested.)so it does sound a bit illogical to let uk in. found out why uk and ireland are exempt. it seems the ban is on schengen members, and uk and ireland are not in it. 

it might be too late to stop the virus, so maybe the uk strategy of slowing it down, to allow hospitals to cope, might work. so no need to ban everything, but just progressively tighten up isolation procedures and let the virus permeate into the general population slowly, allowing people to get to build up resistance to it and or allow the virus to get less virulent. it seems a matter of luck whether the first few cases are weak enough so that it does not kill people outright. in italy it looks like they have a strain that is rather virulent, as many have died. i can imagine it must be difficult to decide how far the govt should act, by banning all gatherings, and putting everyone into a lockdown and for how long, without killing the economy. 

i took out the apple pie that i had freezing inside my fridge, to thaw, and simon is now heating it up in the oven, and even went out to buy custard. he must fancy some apple pie with custard. haha. i have noticed the oven does not work fast, in that it does not heat up the pie quickly. that to me means that it is a very inefficient way of heating up a pie. but it does make the crust very crusty. unlike a microwave. 

apple pie

12 Jan

london 12.29pm 7.3C cloudy. they are saying it should be raining now. no sign of it. thursday 2016. added oops, i happen to look out of the window and it is raining. so the forecast are right then. haha.

Digital StillCamera

last night tesco was selling bramley apples cheap. 38p for 4apples. and shortcrust pastry 500mg for 28p. so i decided to make apple pie. interestingly i forgot to add suger to the apples, and have to sprinkle it on the pie top instead. but it still tasted lovely. i forgot to sprinkle cinnamon powder in the apples too, but it dont seem to affect the pleasure of eating it.  usually bramley apples are very tart, but after roasting they sweeten. i have noticed this of other vegetables too, roast carrots, parsnips, onions, all seem to taste very sweet after roasting. this time, my apple pie did not collapse into itself as the apples inside it cooked and shrink. i wonder why this one did not do so.

 added 18.1.16 i realise why it does not collapse. it is because there were quite a lot of extra pastry left over and instead of throwing them away i just put them on the lid, that strengthens it, i think which is why the lid did not collapse when the apples inside shrunk. 

added. 5.06pm 3C. rain. quite heavy rain and the temperature has suddenly taken a dip just now, it was about 6C a short time ago. cant say we notice the cold inside the flat. it feels very mild. there is no snow in london, as it is too warm for it. i think this rain will keep people in their houses. somehow when it rains like this, i dont feel like going out, and i daresay a lot of people will feel the same as me. it would be nice if we did have snow. maybe in the early morning tomorrow, we might wake up to a white scene outside the window. hope so. 

added. 7.04pm, it has dipped to 1.6C but is now back up to 2C. i wonder if this is the lowest it will get to, if so, than my hopes for a white snow scene tomorrow will be dashed.