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planned obsolescence

29 Dec

london virgin lounge 1.20pm 10.3C rain friday 2017

i am downstairs in the lounge, so cannot tell if it is raining outside or not, but the weather website says it is, and i dare say it is. it has been raining earlier. but not cold, or rather i dont feel it. but in the screen here, showing the news, features snow up north and traffic disruption. quite normal really. 

the news on the big screen here in the lounge is now  featuring the apple news, that it slows down the device when the battery is old and dying making people think their device is so slow and that they should buy a new one. it is a bit like planned obsolescence.

i think this news about batteries getting too old and losing their power happens in all battery operated devices, except in my old nokia mobile phone, if the battery dies, it just shuts down and the battery indicator shows empty. but it seems to be different in computers. though why we should think it operates differently in computers is illogical. of course things slow down when the battery is close to empty. 

and i wonder if that might not explain why my microsoft laptop gets slower with age. i thought it was a virus slowing it down… but i think it is just the machine compensating for the old battery that does not charge up well or keep its charge when it gets old. 

but it means for a whole generation of us, we never thought of replacing the battery but go out and buy a new laptop. no wonder we feel these laptops last about 5yrs or so, and think that is normal.

even now, my friends report that their mobile phones seem to go off when they are about 3 yrs old. and recently my friend who had a smart tv said his one conked off. and it was 5yrs old. he bought a new one to replace it. smart tvs dont have batteries, so i dont see why it should go conk. so it looks like they have another mechanism to make them go off and give people an excuse to buy another one. i daresay plenty of people want that, as they get bored with their old devices. 


autumn equinox , apple iphone 8

22 Sep

london 12.04pm 20C sunny friday 2017 autumn equinox

i forgot it is the equinox, until i saw google doing a doodle about it. a field mouse skipping along above ground in a autumn landscape and then going underground and drinking a cup of tea in his burrow. but in london it is not exactly equal day and night. 

RISE 6:47 AM

SET  7:01 PM

Length of Visible Light
13 h 19 m
Length of Day
12 h 13 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 54 seconds shorter

i dont consider autumn starts till 1 Oct. anyway.  

but also today i saw in the news that apple is start selling its iphone 8 today in london but there is not much of a queue. do u know, i thought the iphone 8 was allready in the market  because of all the hoo ha about iphone X. and that iphone x is being sold in november . i think apple has made everyone not want to buy this iphone 8 when they know the iphone x is coming only 2 months later. seems like apple has shot itself in the foot by announcing the iphone x so soon before it even has sold the iphone 8. jumping the gun a bit i think.

what were they thinking of anyway to have two models come so close to each other. i mean they should incorporate all the features of iphone x in the iphone 8, or scrape the sale of iphone 8 and jump straight to iphone x. but maybe iphone 8 has been on sale all over the world last year and only now coming to uk…hard to believe that, as i thought  uk is supposed to be the top market for these things.  unless it is not, and most of the buyers are in asia or middle east and the western world has become a static market for these things.what do u think?

i thought i keep up with the  news but even i thought it was allready on sale to the public long ago… so this bit of news caught me off guard. i feel  like i have been inside a time hole or something when in another future the iphone is allready on sale.

no wonder i have been reading some news mentioning the iphone 8 and i have thought what are they saying, is it some mistake or what talking of the iphone 8 , when it is allready out in the market. usually the apple people are very stingy with their models, pushing each one and exploiting it to the full before announcing the sale of the next model. so why this change? where the latest is not even out before they are offering to sell the next one… 

the hype is really powerful though, when it can get even me, who have no interest in buying one talking of it. haha. i was with ian, for our monthly meeting when we catch up with each other’s doings… he owns an iphone 6. it is a year old. and it is a 2nd hand one, (even then costing about £500). he dont intend to upgrade it anytime soon. he likes iphone very much and i suppose will get a newer model when it can be bought second hand. 

interesting news in today’s papers is that uber has lost their licence to operate in london. it wont be renewed. that is a surprise to me. they were all set to alter the whole way of doing taxi services for the world, but now london has stopped them and i think other cities will take note and ban them too. i think the cities realise that it is destroying their licenced taxi cabs, and letting it be a free for all where anything goes.

it only got a temporary 4month licence (it seems it got a 5 yr licence when it first came on the scene in 2012, just before the olympics and that expired in May this year, and then it was unusually given this 4 month extension which expires on 30 sept. ) and can appeal this decision. until then it can continue to operate. who knows how long the appeals can last and unless they alter their way of doing things, i cant see how appealing this ruling can change it. 

added. here are some facts about uber. what surprised me is that it is not making a profit. even though it is valued at $70billion. last year it made a loss of £2.8billion. amazing isn’t it? why is it not making a profit i wonder? 

it is puzzling why it is so popular in london. the tube and trains and buses are excellent in london, and now we even have night tubes, as well as the night buses… so why do people still want to use a taxi? maybe for people who are so drunk they cannot even walk, a uber taxi , or any taxi will be necessary. but i cant help thinking what kind of person is that who would get so drunk they dont know where they are. and are there so many of them to sustain a uber service, or any taxi service. or perhaps the drink driving laws are so strict that even relatively sober people who are over the limit will want to use a uber service. so that is it then, they are used by these people who want to get home quick rather than mix with all the other drunk people who will travel on the buses or tubes late at night when all the nightclubs close. i forgot there is another simple reason why it is so popular, it is cheaper. they have undercut the black cab and mini cab prices so much and that might also explain why they are not making a profit… they are subsidising the costs by keeping those prices so low. but even then, it still costs money. for eg, marble arch to london bridge, black cab £21.21, uber £12.50… underground tube fare £2. 

i guess i am not the person to figure it all out. i dont go out late nowadays, and even when i did, when i was younger, i dont drink so was able to drive back , in those days when owning a car was quite cheap, and traffic was never so congested.

but now it is still cheaper to use the tube or buses. so really if u are really as poor as everyone seem to tell me, all the time, you would not even dream of hiring a uber, even though it is cheaper than a black cab, simply because it is so much cheaper to go home by night tube. if u have allready used up to the max charge for that day on your oyster card then the ride home late at night will be free anyway. 

apple and battersea power station

30 Sep

london 7.54am 13.3C clear friday 2016

apple is moving to battersea park complex in 2020. maybe this is not interesting to others, but it is to me. i first heard this news at overspill , where they erroneously mentioned there is no tube station there, but later made a correction to link to the northern line extension that will be built from kennington.

it will consolidate the battersea power station project. they will take up 40% of the office space. it might make that area the technology hub. the upscale hub as it were because rents there are not going to be cheap.

every big project needs a powerful tenant to anchor everything and it is a coup indeed to get apple. what is interesting is that it needs so much office space 6 floors inside that battersea power building. i wonder if the company will allot some space to accommodation. i bet they will because the work is like 24hrs , in shifts and it would be easier to house those workers doing the night shift.)when u consider its technology is up in the internet, and by rights dont need office space. but i guess it needs a lot of backroom boys and far easier to recruit if u base in london than in some outlandish backwater even though costs there might be lower.

the olden days hype about being able to work anywhere because there is the internet is old hat now i think. people realise you can get real isolated working in the outbacks and no amount of nice scenery and bucolic scenes of cows and sheep, or sandy beaches will compensate for modern amenities of a modern city. 

i guess the £ being so low must have influenced apple to stay in uk, and to consolidate its position here. every overseas owners doing business here in uk must benefit from the low £. their money from abroad will be worth so much more now.

they have two big apple stores here in london. one in regents st, and the other in covent garden. that is also where their  2 offices are located. so all those staff will be relocated to battersea in 2020. of course there are other apple stores that are less big, i can think of the one in shepherds bush westfield. so i daresay there are more of those medium size stores all over the uk. i think they are there to allow people to play with them and find out what the appliances are capable of. as well as to sell stuff or give customer advise and services. i usually end up coming out more puzzled than before. haha. not used to the appliances that is why. and too shy to ask the people there. i mean i dont even know how to switch it on… how embarrassing is that!! haha. 

a nice view of vauxhall from across the river on the millbank side.

apple tax bombshell

30 Aug

london 10.29pm 20.4C dry tuesday 2016

for years, govts have seen multinational companies escape tax and put their profits off shore. ireland have been complicit in it, giving very low tax rates to entice companies to base themselves in ireland. the EU wants to make it play fair, and  level the playing field, by imposing what ireland should have collected from apple if they had not made sweetheart deals with it.

the other countries in the EU have lost out since they did not offer the same low rates and deals.

in the past the EU have forced ryanair to pay up, with its sweetheart deals with the european airports, so it is part of the clean up that the EU is doing as applied to the multinationals. they will be going for google and amazon next.

you would think usa and other countries would welcome this. usa in fact have the same gripe with apple and other usa companies shifting their offices off shore in tax havens and avoid paying USA taxes. they  should welcome this as it seems to be a winning front on the war against tax shelters which multicompanies can do to avoid paying tax. but USA will lose out if apple pays this euro13billion to ireland, as apple will surely  offset it against any tax that apple need to pay to the USA.

so it boils down to which govt gets the money… that is what they are fighting each other for. for years the EU have wanted to find ways to get the money from these multinationals who can trade freely in europe and not pay tax on their profits. that is what the internet makes it possible.

the EU must be looking at china and wish they could have their own firewall. haha. but short of having that, this way , taxing the profits in ireland is the next best way. ireland have made it possible for apple to avoid tax. and it hasn’t really made much money out of it either… the irish people might like to ask why the irish govt dont want this extra money… it is not even that apple is providing lots of employment in ireland. a lot of people dont like the EU for being very high handed, but i think what they are doing here is correct.  

Following an in-depth state aid investigation launched in June 2014, the European Commission has concluded that two tax rulings issued by Ireland to Apple have substantially and artificially lowered the tax paid by Apple in Ireland since 1991. The rulings endorsed a way to establish the taxable profits for two Irish incorporated companies of the Apple group (Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europe), which did not correspond to economic reality: almost all sales profits recorded by the two companies were internally attributed to a “head office”. The Commission’s assessment showed that these “head offices” existed only on paper and could not have generated such profits. These profits allocated to the “head offices” were not subject to tax in any country under specific provisions of the Irish tax law, which are no longer in force. As a result of the allocation method endorsed in the tax rulings, Apple only paid an effective corporate tax rate that declined from 1% in 2003 to 0.005% in 2014 on the profits of Apple Sales International.

error 53

6 Feb

london 11.19am 12.1C very cloudy. dull. saturday 2016

interesting item of news i see. if u own a apple iphone 6, beware. installing the latest update ios 9, will kill your phone if u have it repaired by an unauthorised person. or even if it has been damaged slightly. it seems it affects the touch ID sensor causing the check to fail if the pairing cannot be validated.

i can see why apple is strict about it, because the id sensor is the key to opening a lot of monetary transactions. if it is breached, all hell will break loose. and if is tampered with, that could lead to fraud. so any attempt at altering the workings of the apple phone, by unauthorised people will be suspect.

i think if u are going to pay so much money for an apple phone, u should go the whole hog and pay for an authorised apple dealer to repair it. if u cant afford it, then u really cannot afford an apple phone …so go back to the peasants queue with you.  haha.

it is like a guy buying a rolls royce and trying to be stingy with the upkeep by taking it to an unauthorised repair shop. though some argued that they were in afghanistan and there are few apple authorised people there. haha.

makes me think…what a ponce, going to a poor country flashing their expensive gadgets at them. it makes me think that they give an impression to those people there that they are just very rich people come to the country pretending to be poor and using up all that countries free hospitality from locals that are dirt poor.

 perhaps another lesson is not to download their latest upgrade. 

added. 3.12pm i had a chance to think about it, and my advise not to download their upgrade wont be practical. 


Apple not immune as new virus spreads

6 Aug

Apple not immune as new virus spreads.

seems this is a worm that is cooked up by researchers, to show it can be done. and spread by plugging in accessories, rather than infected emails, or via a website.

i think the future must be the google chrome model, where u dont plug in anything to the gadget because it is all operated via the cloud. and it is easier to monitor the cloud for malware, and to correct it centrally. it also means if the laptop is stolen, all your data is safe and recoverable, as they are all in the cloud. u just lose a cheap gadget which wont be of use to anyone if u have passport protect it. that means no one will want to steal it, in the first place.

that is why i dont really have to bother with antivirus safeguards. if there is any virus or worm in the program and  i try to click onto, the chrome blocks me from getting it, saying it is an unsafe thingy, and that is that, i cannot download it.

even with wifi it can refuse to connect to any that it thinks is dubious. to me, it means i cannot get online at that area, but then who cares, i dont. haha. i dont mind not being online all the time when i am out and about in town. at home i have my own broadband, so i can be online whenever i like.

i think that must be the future way of doing things.

Apple Pay: TfL says users will face penalty charges if their battery runs out on the Tube – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent

17 Jul

Apple Pay: TfL says users will face penalty charges if their battery runs out on the Tube – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent.

u can now pay the tube and bus fares with an apple iphone 6 in london. and in fact you can use it to pay in shops that allows it for goods or services up to £20. (to be increased to £30 in future).

but london transport warns that if the battery runs out between going in and coming out of the station u will be charged the maximum fare for the journey.  or if a inspector comes and your phone is dead, so he cannot verify your ticket, u will be charged the penalty.

and watch out for card clash or remember to use the same device when u get in and out of the station.

and you are not allowed to charge it on the train using the sockets … this is an overground train, as the tube trains dont have sockets. but it seems the guy was arrested for not removing the plug when asked to do so. the sockets are for the cleaners to use, and there is a sign saying not for public use. (though this sign is not there in all cases, because i have seen a chap powering his laptop on a train using one of these sockets and there was no sign saying otherwise. at the time i thought how nice of the overground trains to provide this facillity haha.  i think if u are discreet enough you could get away with it. or even then, if caught, they will just ask u to remove it and u can do so. just dont get angry when caught out doing something u are not allowed to do. haha. a lot of people try to bluster their way and think that making angry will get their way. it is a form of bullying. in a way i am glad he did not get away with it. serves him right.

so maybe better to just use a ordinary charge card or credit card. it has to have the contactless logo on it to work. it saves a lot of bother and have a weekly maximum fare cap. the oyster card has a daily cap, not sure if it has a weekly cap too but i doubt it, so it is better to use a charge/credit card.

and does paying with the apple iphone also have a daily or weekly maximum fare cap too? a weekly maximum fare cap is the better deal, rather than a maximum daily cap. sometimes u may make 8 journeys on one day ( dont laugh, i have done it ) and none at another, but if u have a weekly cap, u might fill that cap by the third day and the rest of the 4 days will be free.

amendment, i found out it does not work that way. u have a daily cap and you dont pay anymore so it does not mean u make 8 journeys in that one day and u pay for them all . effectively the oyster dont have the weekly cap, so u may pay quite a lot .

but if u use a contactless,  3 journeys a day will bring u to the daily cap. and u will use up the weekly cap in 5days. that means sat and sunday are free to all intents and purposes.

i use the buses a lot but then i dont have to pay.

if u pay the daily cap for the buses is £4.40. weekly cap mon-sun  is £21. each journey is £1.50. so the first 14 journeys you have to pay and after that it is free…haha. but the catch is this… you must pay it with a contactless card, if u pay with an oyster, there is no weekly cap. only a daily cap. so 21 journeys are paid. every day 3journeys have to be paid for. then it is free. you can get the £21 weekly fare , but only if u pay upfront for it by payng  for a 7day pass. a good option for you if u know u will be making 8 journeys in some days and maybe only 1 or 2 or no journeys in other days.

added. this link shows all the pitfalls to using a applephone to pay the tube fare. haha.

also i found out that if someone calls you when u are making a payment, the whole thing is cancelled and u have to start again.

iphone 6

22 Sep


I had wondered how much it costs. well this morning i am at the library and saw an advert in the times from 02, they are willing to offer people a iphone 6 16GB if they pay upfront £29.99 plus £25 monthly for the phone for 2yrs. total cost £629.99, which is the same cost to buy the phone outright. 

if u go to the apple store and buy direct with them it is £539 for iphone6, £619 for iphone6plus

In comparison, the Apple iPhone 6 starts at $650 without a wireless contract, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched with an unsubsidized price of $650 as well. Bigger phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 typically cost $100 more. have you noticed?its always so much cheaper in the usa.

then there is a airtime plan of £18 a month to march 2015, rising by RPI%(retail price index is about 2.7%,1% higher than consumer price index.) every year after that to march 2017. so it looks like u can get an iphone 6 for £30 plus £43 a month tariff 2GB data;  for the first year but commit to 2yrs contract.  it is quite a lot of money to pay for a phone. and that is not the end of the cost. u have to get on a data plan, 2GB is not a lot of data per month, (for eg, currantly i have unlimited broadband but i find i easily can download 40GB a month or more. and i am not using it constantly. unlike if it is a phone when u are carrying it around with u all the time so the temptation to roam the internet is always there.

so u might exceed that 2GB and i bet it will cost hell of a lot more if u do. £43 a month is a lot of money to give to them every month. as it is i think it rather a lot allready when i have to pay £15 a month for my broadband package including landline rental. but i get unlimited broadband so there are no other hidden charges.

the advert does not mention anything about calls, so would that be extra if u call people or text them? no mention of any  free minutes for calls or texts. so i bet u have to pay that too.

i have been using my mobile pay as u go sim from lebara, i put in £4 and still got a balance even after a year. so i get all the convenience of a mobile phone, (able to contact people and them contact me esp when we are going to meet) without the costs. why bother with getting online with a smart phone when u can get online with a chrome book. and it is so much easier to type on it too. so the craze for this iphone is way beyond my understanding. 

added. read this blog which says why she is such a convert to using a smartphone. after reading it are you convinced? and here is a link to 50 reasons why galaxy s3 is better than iphone5.

how to eat an apple

3 May


I have been eating the whole fruit , from the back end, for a long time now. i see the world has caught up with me in that the video advocates doing the same thing. it dont say how u remove the pips(seeds), but eating it from the back end, cuts into the core and it is easy to see the pips and remove them. this way of eating apples means u eat all the fruit… also, dont bite into the apple like that guy in the video, via his front top teeth, that is a sure way of breaking teeth, bite using the lower jaw teeth. pull the apple down over the lower teeth. instead of biting into the apple using the top teeth. 

link here