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16 Oct

london 6.18am 11.7C friday 2015

i used to be with asda and quite happy with them, because they are also charging 8p/min for calls, and 4p/text. but for some reason, they sent me a text saying they are closing my sim (from april 2014) maybe because i did not make a call for ages. in those days my phone gives me free calls so i seldom have to use my mobile. and that might be the reason for them to shut me down.

anyway i lost that service which i had been with for years;  and went to lebara out off desperation, because i could not find another provider. i lost that too, because i forgot to top up, and even with £1 still left in the balance they shut me down completely, without any warning. they are very pricey, 15p/min and 19p /text. so maybe i am glad i lost that… even though i had a really nice easy number to remember. 

then my friend john told me of sainsburyformobile, and they were offering a double top up if i order online. i got it in march 2015;so i paid £10 and got £20 worth but now after 7months with them, they tell me they are closing down for good. and i googled asda mobile and found they still do it, and ordered a sim from them online. this morning i got an email from them saying the sim is on the way and …

As an extra thank you for joining, we’ve pre-loaded your SIM with 10 FREE minutes, 10 FREE texts and 10MB FREE data to help get you started. If you do have any questions before your SIM arrives, find useful information on our Welcome page or search our FAQs page for more support.

so i have gone full circle and gone back to asda. from their website, it looks really a very easy to use and to top up. they dont advertise even inside their supermarket stores. i wonder why, because with a captive customers in the store it would be real easy to let them know of this service. in the past they did, that is how i found out the first time i joined them, but after i lost that account, i never found anything in the asda stores about their mobile service.

i wonder if this mobile service is a new thing that they have revived from the previous one which they lost … maybe for the same reason that sainsbury lost it, vodaphone stopped carrying their service.

added 21.10.15 i see from my mobile that asda uses T-mobile, even though they say they are now with EE. so perhaps i lost my previous service with them when T mobile was bought over by EE. googling it i find EE bought Tmobile, and then Bt bought EE for £12.5billion.

asda uses EE, i cant remember if they used the same carrier when i was last with them. if it was a different carrier, it might explain why they terminated my account last time. they have 30 day bundles and it means u are not tied to a contract with them. i think that is really very useful. even though i dont have a smartphone so dont have need of it, but it is nice to know it is available.

the guardian got an article asking people how they live before they got a smartphone. well, i am still living that life. haha. i still access the internet via a chrome book, rather than a smartphone. i wonder if it is really that different.

added i saw this about payment using the mobile, and i think that will be a big feature in future. allready the tube and buses accept such payments, and we in london are used to it now. i myself of course is way behind the times. haha. but people like me will be the minority. we in the west think we are leaders in this, but i see from the chart that asia tops it all.

i am sure people reading this who are in asia must be wondering what the fuss is about, seeing they have been paying by mobile for ages and it is the normal thing to do there. is that so? or are there people like me in asia who still use cash? and it is only a few big spenders that are doing it and banging up the statistics. i mean for eg, do people in asia pay their public subways and metro lines with mobiles? or not? or is it not crucial, and they pay on ordinary purchases with their mobile so much that it dwarfs anything else. 

added1.02pm saturday 17.10.15 cloudy 12.8C. got my asda sim sent to me by post this morning. and i have activated it by sending a text to john who is also looking for a sim card as he is the one who told me of sainsburyformobile. i am glad they gave me some free minutes etc, so i can immediately use it. actually i dont know what my asda number is that they have given me,(oh wait, i see it, and it is a difficult number to remember.)  but it is not important because i shall be taking my old sainsbury number with me. i asked sainsbury to send me the PAC code and am waiting for it via text. it will take 2-24hrs to get it sent to me. it seems. 

basmati rice 5kg for £3.97

18 May

london 8.45pm 2015 monday.

I was chatting to my friend who lives in slough, and he asked me what i have been doing. i told him of a great find , asda has  basmati rice cheap. asda, the old kent road branch, the cheapest buy ever. and it is all basmati and not  mixed with long grain rice, which they sometimes do and sell it cheap. the brand is ashoka, never heard of it, but i never bother with the brands. as long as it is basmati, i have never got a bad batch no matter what the brand.

 he said he will go to his asda branch to see if they sell it and he will buy it as he too eat basmati rice instead of thai rice.

i stumbled across the rice bargain in asda by accident. i had intended to buy veg , having gone  earlier to aldi nearby but did not buy anything as there wasn’t any veg bargains. (unusual for them, but this weeks bargain buys was not what i like).

there were no veg bargains in asda either, but i went to the loo there, and re-entering the supermarket via their other entrance, i saw a pile of it. that is fortunate, as i would not have gone to the rice aisle to check.

sometimes i do wish they will send me an email telling me of it. but they never send us things we want to hear. we hear of them sending unsolicited emails and people complain of it, but i sure would not mind if they send me these. when u want them to send it to you , they dont… isn’t that just typical of life?

anyway i bought 3packs weighing 5kg each. it was as much as i could carry. luckily the bus drops me right by my flat so there is not much distance to walk. times like these i wish i got my trolley with me, but it is so bulky, it is just not practical to carry it around with me on the offchance i get to buy heavy stuff.

if u are in the market for cheap basmati rice, i am telling you of it now. haha. so go for it. though i suspect it is only that asda branch in the old kent road that is doing it. i feel like going again to buy another batch. i doubt it can be any cheaper. i can never get too much rice, as both simon and i are avid rice eaters. haha.