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new york bagel

27 May

london 2.16pm 24.1C sunny sunday 2018 paddington library

i have been to shoreditch, to get the free bagel that the new york bagel company is giving away today and yesterday.

i attempted to go to them yesterday but did not make note of their address, and so  i could not find their venue and so missed them. today i did not. this venue was a pop up venue for hire. at first i thought it was a new shop that they are opening, but steve, who  was there too told me it is not .this was a temporary pop up to publicise  their product which is bagels, done new york style, and it is all being sold in supermarkets. and that is what they hope to publicise it here, hoping we will ask for it in the supermarkets and buy it .

here in this shop they were illustrating how u can use the bagels, with pastrami , salmon and cream cheese, and even blueberries. and other variations.  but it is not a new restaurant that they are advertising, but the bagels.

the promotion is lovely, they even give away free coffee any style as well as free water, and flavoured drinks.

i myself could not see what difference between these bagels  from the usual supermarket bagels being sold by other brands. even after eating it on the premises.

i would have thought the unique selling point of the new york bagels as sold in new york is that they are all fresh made on the premises and sold throughout the day with the different fillings. the point is it is fresh. whilst if it is sold in supermarkets that is not going to be fresh really. i dont imagine they are all going to be made that day and thrown away at the end of the day, for a new batch to be made the next day… steve had eaten new york bagels in new york, and so should be able to tell me if these are like the ones in new york. but he could not say.

i could not see them making the bagels in the shop. all the bagels on view are allready there , no new ones being made.  so those bagels must be allready premade.

i think londoners or even most uk people dont really know what a new york bagel is like. i have been to new york, but cant say i can remember eating a bagel there. if i did, i have forgotten what it taste of.

and here in london we dont have the habit of new yorkers eating bagels as a breakfast thing. the only way i can see us being hooked by it is if u open a restaurant and cook the bagels fresh everyday and sell it with the new york style fillings, and let people eat it and realise it is very different from supermarket sealed bagels. but they are not doing that. but who knows, maybe the brand name is enough to make people ask for it or chose it at the supermarkets.

bagels are funny things, you boil them, instead and then cook them in a oven. but i must have very dead tastebuds, because i cannot tell any difference from bread or baked stuff.