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what is all this about bake off

15 Sep

london 7.19am 19.4C sunny thursday 2016

i wonder if i am the only one not interested in the bake off show. there is a lot of angst now about it being bought by channel 4, and the bbc losing it to that channel.

here is a article about the C4 boss saying why she bought it, to prevent the show , produced by love productions which is 70% owned by sky, from going off terrestial tv.

C4 is owned by the british govt but funded by advertising. so u might be asking what is this govt owned channel bidding against itself as it were, pushing up the price fighting against another arm of govt, the bbc… it is not meant to operate this way. unless it really is… that any show that gets too expensive for the bbc, can go to c4, where it can be self funded via adverts. after all, it was only when talks broke down over money with the bbc that c4 offered to buy it. 

so the bbc is like a nursery , nuture and cultivate talent and once the show gets too big and successful, hive it off to C4. it might be a good strategy actually. though as far as i am concerned, i dont care haha. i am not going to watch it at its new home. people making a competition out of bread and cake making will never swing my boat.

and what with 800mg bread being sold at 15p nowadays (like yesterday , so many warburtons loaves sold at reduced price)what is the point of making it yourself? i know, i  know… you can say but nothing tastes so good as bread you made yourself. not if i make it it is not. haha. i dont seem to have that knack of making it full of air so that it is light and airy. and bread i make gets mouldy real quick. 

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